Peace College Goes Co-Ed

Peace College Goes Co-Ed

July, 21, 2011, by Acree

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Peace College announced in a press release today that, beginning in the Fall 2012 semester, it will admit male students to its day undergraduate programs for the first time in its over a century and a half existence. From the press release:


"Becoming William Peace University reflects our growth as an institution and will deepen and broaden our ability to help our students succeed," said Beth Cherry, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and a Peace alumna....

Cherry noted that the steps the Trustees announced today are the latest in a long series of changes for the institution.

Peace was founded in 1857 as Peace Institute, offering education for girls and women from kindergarten to college.  It later became a two-year college offering associate's degrees before becoming a four-year baccalaureate college in the early 1990s. "The needs of our students are always changing, and Peace is changing with them," Cherry said.  "This is a great day for our school."

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Peace College


  • RaleighRob
    07/22 09:22 AM

    Welcome to the 20th Century!

  • Jeff
    07/22 01:12 PM

    But now how will they learn to cope in the real world, populated entirely by women?!

  • Pancho
    07/22 01:44 PM

    I’m thinking about going for a second bachelor’s degree…

  • Raleigh Raised
    07/22 02:03 PM

    Yada yada… Where will the football team play?

  • NCSUGrad1975
    07/23 02:44 PM

    This is absolutely appalling. Women really should go to different schools. Its no secret that education was better before schools became co-ed, and the fact that there are close to no all-boy or all-girl schools just validates what everyone knows… higher education has gone down the tubes. Education is about discipline, not socializing. Now that schools are integrated all-around, college is less about learning and more about sex and partying. The fact that many people consider an awful liberal-minded “school” such as UNC to be great nowadays only proves that. When I grew up, that school was only for the touchy-feely people who were incapable of learning engineering. Men should attend rigorous technical institutions while women fit in better at schools focused on humanities and education. That system worked so well when I was growing up… is it any coincidence that the current system of higher education has created such an inefficient society? Is anyone really surprised that we’re in a recession? Do you also think its a coincidence that education and american society have declined at the same time?

  • Joe
    07/23 09:35 PM

    W T F are you talking about?

  • NCSUGrad1975
    07/23 10:50 PM

    You really can’t tell what I’m talking about? I’m saying that college is not taken seriously any more and, of course, quality of education is declining. Because of that, the country has also become less efficient in many ways.  You not being able to understand my point only validates what I am trying to say. When I was in school, people learned useful skills that could be applied in careers. Nowadays, liberal arts degrees from useless places like UNC are the standard. Because of that, underqualified people are employed everywhere (just look at the white house).

  • joe
    07/24 11:05 AM

    was this when you had to walk to school barefoot uphill in the snow….....both ways?

  • Raleigh Raised
    07/24 07:51 PM

    NCSUGrad1975 is definitely White House material!

  • albert
    07/24 07:57 PM

    Oh boy, people like NCSUGrad1975 almost make me ashamed to live in this state… and they make it impossible for me to like NC State.

  • jay_sikes
    07/25 01:26 AM

    NCSUGrad1975 your exactly the kind of person that is ruining the internet for me.

    You had a somewhat interesting point about co-ed schools being distracting learning environments. I’d probably agree with that and its too bad there is one less option out there for women in this state (there are even fewer, if any, for men). But its really not up to a school to enforce educational rigor or discipline. That should have happened at home. Kids who slack off and party too much won’t do well in school and those that work hard will succeed.

    Unfortunately, you over-extended your point and muddled it with both your political bias and your ACC B-ball allegiances. You’ve reduced the discussion to Tarheel bashing, conspiracy theories, and typical right wing crybabyness. Maybe if you had one of those silly liberal arts degrees (which btw don’t have anything to do with the democratic party or painting!) you would know something about defending an argument.

    “Women really should go to different schools. Its no secret that education was better before schools became co-ed . . . Men should attend rigorous technical institutions while women fit in better at schools focused on humanities and education” . . . This stuff would be offensive if it wasn’t so laughable. You’d need more than your personal opinion to make this stick. And almost every subsequent statement is not only ridiculous but very uninformed.

    “UNC is a useless and awful liberal-minded “school” . . . Why don’t you hang out at the business school and find out how liberal-minded they are? Or go to the breast cancer research lab at the Public Health school and see how useless it is? And I sure hope our inefficient society doesn’t need pharmacists, or dentists, doctors, or lawyers, or nurses, or social workers, or historians, etc.

    “UNC is for touchy-feely people who can’t learn engineering” . . . What does this even mean? Do you have any idea what the “liberal arts” are? Do you have any idea where the “university” came from? and how it is fundamentally different than a trade school? I’d suggest you do some research on that. There are plenty of places (community colleges, tech schools, etc.) to learn that “real world” stuff that you can’t learn at a university.

    “Liberal arts degrees are the standard and thats why under-qualified people are employed everywhere”. . . Where do you find this to be the case? I don’t disagree that any college degree (Lib-Arts included) can be useless if you don’t know what to do with it. But, I’d say in this economy its very hard to attain or retain a job for which you’re not qualified. And not every qualification is a educational credential!

    And THIS is your reasoning for the inefficiency in our society? the recession? the decline of America? CO-ed colleges and liberal arts degrees and UNC? come on dude.

    There are definitely problems with higher education, education at all levels, and our society as a whole. But that is not what you’ve described. Your narrative just doesn’t add up. Americans have access to a multitude of education options if they just know what they are looking for. Students come from all over the world to attend our schools because they do not have that ability at home. An interesting discussion would have a lot less to do with universities supplying degrees, which are in high demand (thats the free market, right?), and more to do with parents relinquishing their responsibilities to every institution available and allowing their kids to chase unrealistic, unattainable goals (thats personal responsibility, right?).

  • alber
    07/25 09:55 AM

    jay_sikes, don’t waste your time… let’s just chalk this up as another one of those angry, ignorant state fan who has nothing else to do this summer but vent his anti-unc/anti-liberal emotions. Its clear that the man is incapable of thinking objectively… so there is no convincing him that he is wrong.

  • frank
    07/25 01:54 PM


    Please go back under the rock from whence you came.


  • tom
    07/25 04:58 PM

    NCSUGrad1975, thank you very much for reminding me why I refused to even apply to state. Ignorant people like you are so good at making me feel better and better every passing day that I never had to set foot on that campus with a bunch of angry right-wingers like yourself. Its almost like they teach ignorance and intolerance at that place.

  • Brian
    07/25 05:13 PM

    I have a liberal arts degree from NC State.

    USA!  USA!  USA!

  • jennifer stewart
    07/25 06:11 PM

    the outrage stems more from the rapid changes (with little to no alumni input) than whether or not the school will admit men. the factors which attracted me to the school were the legacy, traditions, and sisterhood. with one fell swoop everything i loved about the school has been changed. the administration claims these changes will open peace up for growth but with half the majors cut, 1/3 of the faculty gone, and a tuition which is CONSIDERABLY higher than one down the street (NCSU) we alumni are wondering how sound these decisions really are.

  • panoz7
    07/25 06:42 PM

    @tom: Your comment is just as bad as NCSUGrad1975’s. Not everyone at UNC is a liberal touchy-feely person and not everyone at NCSU is a right-wing nut job. There are ignorant people everywhere, especially on the internet. 

    @NCSUGrad1975: I transfered from a science program at UNC to a liberal arts program at NCSU? Did I just blow your mind? I’m now putting that liberal arts degree to work for a large corporation. I have no doubt I would have been a productive member of society had I stayed at UNC. People get what they want out of college.


  • JP
    07/28 01:28 AM

    I get it - NCSUGrad1975 has a degree in creative writing from UNC. Clever work my friend.

    07/29 03:18 PM

    Yeah, I’m sure you’re right, JP. Only a jobless loser from a school like that would have time to troll this website. He’s probably depressed about the football team getting owned for the last four years before being investigated and forcing their cheating coach to be fired. Silly tarholes.

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