Phoenix Coming to Koka Booth in Cary in June

February, 11, 2010, by Jedidiah

Phoenix Coming to Koka Booth in Cary in June
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French pop quartet Phoenix will play Cary’s Koka Booth Amphitheatre on June 11th. After getting their start as Air’s backing band, the band broke out on their own and starting making fabulous pop rock records. Their fourth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was named one of the top 5 albums of 2009 by most national music publications. The band also won a Grammy this year for Best Alternative Music Album for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club will open the show. Their sound exists somewhere between Editors and Bloc Party. The band will release their new album Tourist History in March.

My Morning Jacket was also recently announced to their summer schedule at Koka Booth.

Triangle Music states that tickets will go on sale Friday March 5, at 10 a.m. via Ticketmaster and the Booth Amphitheatre box office.
Tickets are $32.50 in advance and $35 day of show.

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  • zack
    02/12 12:04 AM

    F*ck Yes!!!
    I think WAP is their 4th album.

  • Brian
    02/12 04:38 AM

    Zack is correct:  United, Alphabetical, It’s Never Been Like That, W.A.P.

  • Jedidiah
    02/12 08:19 AM

    Nice catch guys. I think the excitement of the announcement made me type much faster than I was thinking.

  • jbee
    02/12 11:33 AM

    wow, I am very excited!! want to know how/when to get tickets.

  • bcb
    02/14 07:43 PM

    Koka Booth???  I thought these guys were indie…someone should clue them in that anything outside of the 1/4 mile radius around Raleigh Times might as well be a 100 miles away. For my money I will wait until they play the Lightner and only if it contains appropriate public art.

  • JBS
    02/14 11:02 PM

    Good one Bob.  But in all seriousness, has anyone in Cary even heard of Phoenix?  Maybe 7 people tops.

  • blzebub
    02/16 01:35 PM

    I live in Cary and love Phoenix.  Maybe I’m more hip than most in Cary, or maybe you all aren’t as hip as you think.

  • ajbell2
    02/16 02:16 PM

    wow!  i could complain that’s it is in cary, but i will just be contempt that they’re coming at all.  let’s just hope that it wasn’t like last spring when kings of leon came to koko (hour wait for beer. . .really?).

  • Robby
    02/16 05:48 PM

    over a quarter mile from raleigh times? ha give me a break!!

    saw these guys at bonnaroo, they throw an AMAZING show and i am so excited to see them at booth!! that venue is so nice on a summer evening.

    they never tour here, this is great news!

  • Tift Merrit's Blood Fart
    02/17 09:40 AM

    Yeah…sure, because the Raleigh Times Bar IS the litmus for hipsterdom in Wake County.
      Maybe that would explain why Raleigh produces rubber dog shit like Ryan Adams, The Avett Brothers, Clay Aiken, and this blog.

    Let the games begin you ham and eggers.

  • Mandy
    02/17 03:42 PM

    Why so anti-Cary people?  Anyway…as a Cary-ite who USED to live in downtown Raleigh…I’m very psyched for this show!

  • Fraiser Lyon
    02/17 05:37 PM

    I hate to break it to you but Phoenix stopped being indie a long time ago.  That’s not to say I don’t like them, but I think the folks at the Raleigh Times would scoff a bit at the thought of Phoenix being considered a part of the scene.  Moms and Dads in Cary will likely have the newest Phoenix album on constant rotation just behind their Dave Matthews live at Red Rocks box set.

  • Brian
    02/18 05:14 AM

    Who knew that Bobby Heenan posted on NR?

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