Photos: Sharon van Etten and Junip at Cat’s Cradle

Photos: Sharon van Etten and Junip at Cat’s Cradle

November, 30, 2010, by Benjamin

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All photos by Benjamin Dunn

When I arrived early to Cat’s Cradle on the 22nd, there was already a decent crowd. People slowly began filling the small venue and getting drinks from the bar while they waited for the show to start. Once Junip’s opening act, Sharon Van Etten, came to the stage, the place was nearly full.

Sharon seemed right at home on stage. Her simple songs were each a treat, softened by her beautiful, melodic voice. She didn’t seem like she was trying to impress us, or that she thought she was too talented for North Carolina. She just wore her t-shirt and jeans and played beautiful music, and that was all.

As Junip began their first song and Jose Gonzalez started singing, the already happy crowd was instantly mesmerized. We watched with joy as Jose’s soft and soothing voice was nicely structured by his band. Each component of the music fit together into a single gorgeous sound.

Junip focused on their most recent album Fields, but they also pulled out favorites like “Black Refuge.” When their set concluded, the crowd, of course, begged for more, from genuine desire rather than mere obligation. Junip responded happily. It was a win-win situation, where band and crowd were equally satisfied. During the encore Sharon Van Etten returned to the stage in a wonderful collaboration of pure talent.

As the last song came to an end, Sharon and the band shared hugs and bid us farewell. The crowd’s murmur walking out was a compilation of positive reviews. As for this one, don’t miss Sharon Van Etten and Junip the next time around.

Full gallery of photos below.

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