Poll: Smoking Ban Amendment

April, 04, 2009, by Tim

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With readers and contributors, there has been a lot of back and forth about the proposed smoking ban. In light of the latest amendment, which would prohibit smoking in businesses that employ or serve anyone under the age of 18, we thought it was time for another poll.

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  • mgd
    04/04 03:02 PM

    LOL Another smoking pole?

    Who will come up with the wittiest remark to that?

  • chris
    04/04 03:37 PM

    For those of us who want the smoking ban, this amendment is worse than no ban at all.  Why?

    First, most restaurants (those establishments that would allow patrons under 18) already have a (mostly legitimate) non-smoking section.  In fact, I can only really think of Waffle House (or related places) that would offer me a better non-smoking experience.

    Second, now the NC Restaurant and Hotel Association is up in arms against the ban because they feel the bill sets up an unfair competitive advantage for bars and private clubs, which could permit smoking.  This provision, and the lobby from the NCRHA is what killed the last smoking ban.

    Does anyone know who made the amendment?  Who in the Senate can re-amend the bill to give it actual teeth again?

  • MMI
    04/04 06:37 PM

    Har!  He said “smoking pole.”  [insert Beavis laugh here]

  • Kevin
    04/04 07:38 PM

    What a joke.  This amendment ruins the bill.  In short, this will not ban smoking in any of the downtown “nightlife” type restaurant and bars.  It will only ban smoking at Chucky Cheese.  Well actually, it’ll ban it at Friday’s type establishments, and possibly damage their bar business by sending smokers to establishments without age restrictions.  Had they left the amendment out, we’d be protecting everyone, and all businesses would be on a fair playing field. 

    Chris is right, this amendment was a sneaky poison pill added to the bill to create outcry from the NCRHA, all in hopes of killing the entire bill.

  • Micah
    04/04 09:31 PM

    But that doesn’t make any sense!  To hear everyone here talk, less than 20% of the population smokes anyways, and a seemingly large portion of the non-smokers refuse to go to places that allow smoking.  Because of this, I don’t think a partial ban will cause businesses that must disallow all smoking to have a disadvantage due to smokers going elsewhere…If comments here are any indicator, business should go up 25% the day that a restaurant or bar goes smoke free!!!

  • JeffS
    04/06 01:26 AM

    From some of the comments, you would think that someone is forcing people to patronize a smoking establishment - or to work in one.

  • mgd
    04/06 01:46 AM

    Basically thats how it works

  • grandmasterflam
    04/06 12:39 PM

    if you don’t like smoke, then don’t patronize smoking establishments.too bad no one proposes a ban on whiny asses.

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