Poole’s on Dos Taquito Centro’s Saturday Brunch

July, 04, 2011, by David

Poole’s on Dos Taquito Centro’s Saturday Brunch
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In the spirit of promoting healthy relationships between the locally owned businesses downtown we are highlighting instances when we see that kind of co-celebration.  Last week Ashley Christensen of Poole's and forthcoming Beasley's wrote an ode to Dos Taquitos Centro's Saturday brunch. 

Poole's served a Saturday brunch early in the restaurant's life, eventually switching to Sunday. Now Christensen promises to send Saturday folks to Dos Taquitos instead.  The downtown mexican restaurant has always had celebrated lunch and dinner menus, and its new Saturday brunch is sure to become a local favorite. Christensen describes the experience:

We kicked off the meal with fresh squeezed margaritas, hand-crafted by DTC’s owner/operator Angela Salamanca.  Angela is a friend of mine, so I suspected that she might have snuck a little extra love into our beverages.  My amigo to my right assured me that the cocktails are, in fact, always that good.  We ordered a second round to confirm.  Diagnosis affirmative.

The meal was killer.  Super fresh in ingredients and preparation.  Everything was crisp, light, and clean, and perfectly weighted for the afternoon belly.  We took down the tacos, arepa, chilaquiles (a serious go-to dish for me), calentado, and finally pankecas de maiz.  I could wax poetic on all of these dishes for an hour, but for the pancakes… grant me a few lines.  Frickin’ brilliant.  Fine cornmeal cakes sandwiching melted mozz, served with syrup and sausage, and tugging politely at my salty-sweet tooth.  Dreamy.

Read the full tribute here. 

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  • hackles10
    07/04 11:51 AM

    Poole’s still has a great brunch…every Sunday.

  • Michael
    07/04 01:49 PM

    Had Dos Taquito’s Saturday brunch a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome! Definitely creative, fresh, and tasty.

  • RaleighRob
    07/04 04:14 PM

    Look forward to trying their brunch.
    Mexican brunches can be quite tasty…Jibarra’s Sunday brunch is a testament to that.

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