Porter’s City Tavern Switching Over to All North Carolina Draft Beers

February, 09, 2010, by Jedidiah

Porter’s City Tavern Switching Over to All North Carolina Draft Beers
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A lot of changes will occur at the Urban Food Group’s restaurants on Hillsborough Street by the end of this week. Frazier’s will close down after Sunday and refocus their energy on a new concept and by the end of this week, Porter’s City Tavern will have cleaned all of their draft beer lines and switched over to all North Carolina brews. Eric Cross, the General Manager of both Porter’s and Frazier’s says that their “goal is to give local brewers, big or small, a chance to showcase their beer, and launch new drafts” and their only restriction is that “the beer has to be great!”

This is an exciting change for the bar and for brewers across the state. 2009 was a big year for local breweries and there are already a handful of bars in the downtown area that carry lots of North Carolina beverages and others that carry ONLY NC brews and wines. This is a great move in an economic downtown to help our state’s own economy.

Below is a list of the North Carolina brews that will be available at Porter’s City Tavern by the weekend. Porter’s will still have their list of over 30 bottles and cans of beers from other places that aren’t North Carolina. Note to readers: Help the NC economy. Drink draft beer.

Mother Earth ‘Endless River’ - Kinston
Triangle ‘XPA’ - Durham
Lone Rider ‘Peacemaker Pale Ale’ - Raleigh
Foothills ‘Hoppyum IPA’ - Winston Salem
Red Oak ‘Amber Lager’- Whitsett
Aviator ‘Hot Rod Red’- Fuquay Varina
Big Boss ‘Hell’s Belle’- Raleigh
Carolina ‘Nut Brown Ale’- Holly Springs
Highland ‘Oatmeal Porter’- Asheville
Huske Hardware ‘Sledgehammer Stout’- Fayetteville

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  • Elliot Acosta
    02/09 08:26 AM

    Love the idea but no Bad Penny is fail.

  • BobbyMcDonald
    02/09 09:36 AM

    Delicious! NC breweries have been rockin it lately and now I’ve found a place that has most of them on draft! I wonder how much they’ll be charging for em…

  • PortersTavern
    02/09 10:58 AM

    Thanks for your comments, Elliot- the list you see above is by no means permanent… we plan on rotating our lines as often as we can. As long as its a good beer, and its from North Carolina, we’ll throw it on! Feel free to contact me personally anytime you like with suggestions for the taps, or with comments on Porter’s in .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
    (Bobby- all our draft beers are served in imperial pints… $3 for 10oz. $6 for 20oz. Thanks!)

  • PortersTavern
    02/09 11:00 AM

    Whoops… that should read…

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • JeffS
    02/09 11:06 AM

    10oz: $3 20oz: $6

  • B
    02/09 11:22 AM

    Any beer by Lonerider is great.  Triangle’s XPA is good, but I love their abbey dubbel.  Nice to see Aviator and Red Oak (both consistently good) and I’ve only tried Huske’s Sledgehammer and that is a good choice. 

    I hope this gets Porters more business - they have good food (great burgers) to go along with NC beers.  I know I’ll be there to show my support.

  • tc
    02/09 11:29 AM

    Good call.  If you can keep a rotation of Aviator, Duck Rabbit, Foothills, and Highland, I’ll definitely come more often.  (but mostly Aviator).

  • Caroline
    02/09 11:52 AM

    Add some simple seasonal plates made with local NC AG, maybe even partnering with AG school at NC State, and you got a great combo for growing the success I believe Porters already has experienced. Sounds like you are staging yourself for some great NC beer pairing dinners!  Add more of the vegetarian options, (not just a veg plate) and I am there at least once a month.

  • jeff
    02/09 11:53 AM

    we love porters (and all the UFG places, actually), but we always seem to go there for the delicious brunch.  maybe it’s time to start doing lunch and dinner, with all the great draft beer choices!

  • PortersTavern
    02/09 12:08 PM

    Thanks Caroline… we actually do have a vegetarian menu- ask the server or hostess next time you come in. We started one last spring, and it grows a little more as we go along. We’ll continue to work on it!

  • JeffS
    02/09 12:13 PM

    You should publicize that fact. As in, put it on the table.

  • Betsy
    02/09 01:28 PM

    Yes, definitely more local/seasonable/sustainable food on the menu.  There is nothing better in this world than grass-fed NC beef, pork, and chicken from a local farm. 
    If you can wash it down with some NC or VA cider, even better!

  • JP
    02/09 01:41 PM

    Imperial pints rule. I’d love to see more stuff from western NC (Pisgah, others around Asheville, etc.)

  • JeffS
    02/09 01:50 PM

    If you want to get technical, western NC isn’t local from a food standpoint.

    Nothing against those breweries, but “local food” means something. “NC food” means nothing - at least to me.

  • T-Plain
    02/09 02:06 PM

    NC food is local enough for me.

  • Cackalacka
    02/09 04:47 PM

    Eh; I would recommend you get some pilsners up there posthaste.

    My body can’t take ales. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of hops, its just that ales wreak havoc on my nervous system. Within the second gulp I can feel tomorrow’s hangover, today!

    Let us know when you start pouring some good Bavarian/Bohemian-style beer and not this Anglo-poison.

  • Kate
    02/09 05:14 PM

    I’ll happily drink your anglo-poison but would second the recommendation that the veg menu be available without having to ask for it—I had no idea it existed and that’s one of the main reasons I don’t go to Porter’s often!

  • Joe Bob
    02/10 12:13 AM

    Asheville is like beer capital.

  • Mc
    02/10 02:02 AM

    I’m looking forward to being able to get Hell’s Belle on draft again on Hillsborough St.

  • Phil
    02/10 10:07 AM

    If all those mentioned at Porter’s aren’t enough, I found The Alley (Western Lanes) serving a couple different Boylan Bridge brews on draft - the only place other than their pub that I know of.  $3 pints too.

  • gd
    02/10 10:19 AM

    somone thought BBBB beer was good enough to serve without the view?  wow.

  • Brocktoon
    02/10 11:53 AM

    Nice move Porter’s.  I don’t frequent your restaurant often. Nothing against it, always had good food and service, but the location deters me somewhat.  This decision to switch to NC drafts will get me back in the door.  Also, I second the recommendation to add Big Boss’ Bad Penny.

  • Kat
    02/10 07:51 PM

    Great idea! We will be by to grab some local beers. I have become a big fan of the Lonerider Shotgun Betty and the new Wit from Mother Earth. It would be great to see them on tap once in awhile….since I am huge fan of witbiers

  • Phil
    02/11 12:21 PM

    Switch that Red Oak to Hummingbird and I’ll be there daily. :]

  • Joe Seale
    02/11 03:01 PM

    Also in the news: Porter’s rooftop dining!

    Urban Food Group is also looking to make changes to its other Hillsborough Street restaurant, Porter’s. The menu will soon be updated, and plans have been filed with the city for a rooftop dining area that will seat at least 50 people.

    Depending on how long it takes to work out the details, both projects could be done by the fall. That’s about the time the construction project that has turned Hillsborough Street into a mess is supposed to be done.

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