Public Comment Period for Hillsborough Street Bike Lanes Now Open

Public Comment Period for Hillsborough Street Bike Lanes Now Open

August, 30, 2011, by Jedidiah

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So, Hillsborough Street finally has bike lanes, which were installed back in July. SInce their installation, everyone has voiced their opinion in a variety of places, including on New Raleigh. I ride these lanes a few times per week and can say that I feel much safer than two years ago on Hillsborough Street. While the lane between a parked car and moving car may not be the most ideal situation, being a very aware biker can help make sure that you that you aren't swiped by a car door.  That said, some bikers feel safer than others riding in this lane position and that's what the public comment period should be used for. 

You can submit comments to help the City and NCDOT determine the safety and effectiveness of the Hillsborough Street bicycle lanes. The comment period will be open until 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 7. Comments can be sent via e-mail to or by mail to the City of Raleigh Office of Transportation Planning, PO Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602.

So you're welcome to comment below, but we'd much rather you send all that feedback to the city. 

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  • Todd Morman
    09/01 08:06 AM

    I almost got smashed by an idiot suddenly opening a door and jumping out of his car on Blount Street near Remedy a few weeks ago, with no bike lane. I do feel I have a bit more space to maneuver to avoid stupidity like that with the bike lanes on Hillsborough, but am much more interested in the kind of separated bike lanes discussed here: “The Case for Separated Bike Lanes” That is, a bike lane placed *between* parked cars and the sidewalk. They work well all over the world and should be tried in Raleigh.

  • Wayne Pein
    09/22 04:20 PM

    Here is a shocking video of what to expect on Hillsborough St. This guy got “lucky,” but others have been killed this way.

  • wayne Pein
    09/22 05:28 PM

    I’ve never gotten close to being Doored because I ride far enough left of parked cars to be out of the Door Zone.

  • Wayne Pein
    09/22 06:44 PM

    The youtube video was removed because it violated their shocking policy. But copies were saved and I will provide a link when I get one.

  • Wayne Pein
    09/22 09:10 PM

    Here’s an active link.

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