Purple Armchair Closes, Get Dressed Opens

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February, 03, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Back in July, we announced the opening of Purple Armchair on West Street, just off of Glenwood South. Sadly, after only 6 months of being open, Purple Armchair has called it quits. The owner has moved to Wilmington and the space that was previously packed full of furniture, is now very empty.

Luckily, Mel Snyder, who sold consignment clothing in the back at Purple Armchair, has taken over the front half of the warehouse for her new business Get Dressed. Get Dressed will have consignment items for the whole family. There are a lot of baby items, clothing for women, shoes and menswear. Maternity consignment is coming soon as well. Consignment percentages range from 70-30 for designers making their own clothing to 60-40 if you sign a contract before opening. Other than that it is 50-50 for most clothing. More Information.

Get Dressed will have its official opening this Friday with food and drinks (more information coming in the First Friday Agenda).

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  • Lisa Jeffries
    02/04 01:24 PM

    Hopefully this venture will have a better (and longer-lasting) fate in this spot. I (sadly) never was able to get around to Purple Armchair, but the apparel major in me thinks consignment apparel might be an easier, less costly, sale than furniture. This would obviously lower the average sale price/transaction but could importantly increase the number of transactions dramatically.

  • Shones
    07/11 12:34 PM

    The Purple Armchair had such a great feel - cozy and light with furniture and designs organized by period into mock rooms.  The new Get Dressed has that same vibe.  I found a gorgeous vintage 40s/50s black dress, sz 14, in great condition for around $40.  Bought a beautiful patterned silk scarf for $4 bucks.  And Laura is fabulous.  This is still one of my favorite stores and I will visit regularly.

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