Q&A - Concerts We’d Like to See at the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater

Q&A - Concerts We’d Like to See at the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater

April, 23, 2010

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UPDATE: This article was originally published last month but considering the Downtown Amphitheater, whatever it’s name may be, opens this Friday and we thought revisiting these suggestions would be good conversation as the city’s residents flock to the first show.

It is well known by now that Live Nation has been booking lots of summer shows for the new 5,000 seat Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater across from the Raleigh Convention Center. From The Black Crowes, Sevendust, Slightly Stoopid, to the Backstreet Boys, we can’t say that we are very excited about the quality of the selections that have been made thus far. We know that these are only the first few shows that have been announced and that there are A: more to come and B: there are many other dates that can be independently booked and could turn out to be fantastic. But, the fact that The Backstreet Boys will be the first act to grace the stage got us to thinking that there has to be many more quality options out there that could sell out this pavilion.

So, New Raleigh set out to ask our own writers as well as a handful of musicians, music writers, a city council member, a food writer and a few other folks around town the concerts they would like to see at the amphitheater. Many of these shows were written with a 5,000 ticket sell out but a few were not. Some are new bands, some are older. The genres are very broad. And then there are the silly ones. Some choices are based on sound reasoning, others are simply a list of bands that the author would like to see on stage. Some are single bands, other are orchestrated concerts with opening bands as well as headliners. Nevertheless, we see this as a start to the conversation of how the lineup could look if it wasn’t full of second-tier bands and reunions. Let the discussion begin:

Ladye Jane

If this was about which bands I would most want to see at the amphitheater, then at the top of my list would be one of two options: The Whitest Boy Alive with Röyksopp or The Cinematic Orchestra with Bonobo. Both combos of bands from the other side of the ocean would have no problem filling up the space in their respective regions (Norway/Germany for the former, England for the later), but it could be a stretch to say that either could fill a 5,000 capacity in Raleigh. It’s a shame, because I think I would pop a blood vessel if any of these groups came this way. Especially if Erlend Øye from The Whitest Boy Alive/Kings of Convenience did a solo DJ set to wrap the evening up.

On that note, maybe a lucrative option would be to have a “Scandamanian” festival billing including the best from the region: José González (Sweden), Kings of Convenience (Norway), Lykke Li (Sweden), Junior Senior (Denmark), The Knife (Sweden), Mew (Denmark), Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (Sweden), and Sigur Rós (if you include Iceland in Scandinavia). That’s something that people outside of the city would travel to Raleigh to come experience. Just like Hopscotch in September, the bill would be strong enough to have a large out-of-town draw.

All this being said, my vote for a one act easy book that would fill all 5,000 seats would be Van Morrison. Just like Stevie Wonder fans give him a pardon for “I Just Called to Say I Love You”, when you put aside “Brown-eyed Girl” and a few of his other most popular songs (ie. all the ones my parents like), Van Morrison remains my most listened to artist of all time. He has no problem selling out 7,000 seat venues, and would be a draw for all ages. He’s probably the only artist I can think of that both myself and my parents would want tickets.


It was a cruel April 1st joke when it was mentioned Vampire Weekend was going to headline Hopscotch. If Bonner Gaylord says he can get them to play here, then in Bonner I trust!

I definitely echo the calls for Rosebuds, Arcade Fire, Spoon and others, and I’m going to resist the urge to scream Avett Brothers. According to the Play Count on my iTunes, some of the bands I’d most like to see and ones I feel would make for a good outdoor show are:
- Megafaun and/or Love Language
- Cloud Cult
- Vampire Weekend

Cloud Cult is one of my personal favorites that I would love to see more of here on the East Coast, much less the South.


A dream hip hop show at the pavilion?  This exercise of dreaming up the perfect lineup is kind of like drawing your dream house, you want it all, but that’s not going to jive with reality.  Live Nation is a monster of a publicity group, if you aren’t familiar, they control most of the large concert venues in the nation, they are also the management for most of the major artists in the world, and finally they are merging with Ticketmaster - so they will control most of the ticket sales in the US. Well now, they control most of the big downtown Raleigh shows too, with the free Downtown Live now defunct, Live Nation is who we have to count on to bring any sizable national acts .  So we can dream, but the management/promoter/venue owner/ticket sales group is going to tell us what we can see regardless.  That said, heres my dream:  Big Boi ( a Live Nation Artist) will release a highly anticipated album this summer.  Kid Cudi also performs for Live Nation.  How about a show opened by Kooley High then followed by Kid Cudi and Big Boi?  That would be an amazing hip hop show that would pack that venue out.  Maybe I am overshooting capacity here with Big Boi- but we are talking about our dream show right? 

Paul Publisher of Giusto Gusto

The Strokes are unbelievable live, their mix of fast, energetic rock turns the crowd into one giant sing-along mob. Considering the mixed reviews of their last album and the success of Julian Casablancas solo album, the Strokes are due to come out with what should be a righteous new album this year.

Gnarls Barkley is like a modern super group. The jazzy beats and melodic keys of Danger Mouse mixed with the falsetto blues tones of Cee-Lo have turned the pop/hip hop world upside down, appealing to fans of punk, jazz, blues, r&b, and early rock n roll.

Interpol, a dark rock band from NYC, create hauntingly beautiful songs that you can’t help but love. Heavy bass lines, soothing lyrics, low-bottom drums, and reverb-laden guitar create an undistinguishable sound that has kept this band on the top of bills all over the nation.


The lineup I’d be most interested in seeing at the new downtown Raleigh amphitheater would include the Flaming Lips, MGMT, Spoon, and Modest Mouse. Wayne Coyne hosts a phenomenally fun concert, and the venue would be the perfect place to display his outrageous antics (it’s kind of hard to roll over the crowd in a giant inflated bubble at Disco Rodeo). Fresh on the heels of their sophomore release, MGMT could easily draw a large crowd ready to dance to some of the catchiest damned songs released in the last decade. Spoon just keeps getting better and more prolific with age, and their appeal with Merge fans would make them a definite audience pleaser, while Modest Mouse would round out the lineup with their well loved indie rock sound.


The Roots
Hot Chip
The Sounds

Holy Ghost Tent Revival
The Carolina Chocolate Drops
Béla Fleck

and another one…

Sunn O)))
Babe Ruth



Here are a few shows that I would love to see. Some old, some new. All fabulous live.

Neil Young (solo)
Dave Rawlings Machine

Daft Punk
Hot Chip
Fuck Buttons

Erykah Badu

Manu Chao
Amadou & Miriam or


Ali Farka Touré


Yoyoyo Acapulco

Sigur Ros
TV on the Radio

Dean McCord - Publisher of VarmintBites

There are two slates that I’d love to see at the downtown amphitheater.  The first would be a collection of artists from Merge Records.  We know that Arcade Fire would sell out easy, but they’re apparently doing only festivals this summer.  But how about Spoon, She & Him, Caribou and The Rosebuds?  That’s an easy sell out, and really, if you have Spoon, you’d only need one other band, I suspect.

Of course, we don’t have access to the attendance figures that the promoters do, so we’re blind a bit.

Another possibility that would be great is bands playing at Bonnaroo and have a gap in their tour schedule.  Bonnaroo runs from June 10-13. Who’s playing then that has a gap in their tour schedule afterwards? The National, The Black Keys, The xx.  I mean, Phoenix is playing at Koka Booth on their way to Bonnaroo!

Samuel McGuire - former WKNC DJ BigFatSac

The inaugural schedule of bands for the Downtown Amphitheater should be looked at like a menu from a first time restaurateur.  Trying to hit everyone’s tastes, but not being bold or confident enough to impress true gourmets.  Great location, nice décor, but what’s on the plate is not impressive.

To be fair, the slate of summer shows leads me to believe they won’t have a lot of trouble selling some tickets to folks looking to have a fun night downtown or relive some past memories.  However, I do hope that the booking starts turning toward bringing in acts that can both sell out a five thousand seat venue AND host artists that appeal to and reflect the tastes of the hordes of intelligent, involved music fans here in the Triangle.  Since you asked (no you didn’t) here are three acts that I think would be a huge step in the right direction.

Start with booking the Avett Brothers. North Carolina band, large and growing following, excellent musicians, and a band that can come back year after year and pack the house.  This is an easy call and one that will give the Downtown Amphitheater a good name going forward.

Next I would look at booking Ben Folds.  He’s shown a predilection toward playing here in his old stomping grounds (Meymandi, DPAC) and ALWAYS brings a big crowd.  I didn’t love his last album, but live?  In the words of JB, he blows doors down.

Finally and since I’m pulling the strings here, two words.  White Stripes.  In my oh so humble opinion, one of the best live acts out there and however you feel about it, they sell enough records to put five thousand butts in the seats.  And Jack and Meg’s feedback and pounding drums screaming out into hot North Carolina night?  That’s the stuff live albums are made of. 

Karen Mann - Publisher of Mann’s World

My Morning Jacket with Band of Horses (or vice versa)
Arcade Fire
Superchunk with Annuals and The Love Language
The Avett Brothers
Wilco (though they did just play here)
Queens of the Stone Age
Pink with MIA and/or The Gossip
Ryan Adams
The Mars Volta
Baroness with Valient Thorr and/or U.S. Christmas
She & Him with Tres Chicas

Raleigh City Councilman Bonner Gaylord

Mason Jennings, Matt Costa, The Eels, The Shins, Beach House, Owl City, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Deer Tick, Wyclef Jean, Steve Earle, Sufjan Stevens, Weezer, Leo Kottke, Tunng, Arcade Fire and of course, the almighty BIEBER…

Mo Thugs
Ben Harper
Jay Z
Sheryl Crow
Counting Crows
50 Cent

The Wiggles

Note that some of these are probably too big and some too small, but that doesn’t mean the show wouldn’t be sick…

Lin Peterson - Guitarist for Old Habits and Tonk

This venue would be perfect for a bluegrass festival with a downtown vibe. Cuegrass was a huge success, even with several Earth Day events going on downtown. It attracted several thousand folks and will likely need a larger venue next year.

Tift Merritt would be a great fit in the fall. CoBill with Alejandro Escavedo would kick ass. Throw in Chatham County Line for a solid Bluegrass/Americana package.

Raleigh needs some real country. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Charlie Pride. Bring it!

On the rock side, I could see The Black Crowes in there. And if he starts back touring, Ryan Adams.

Wilco obviously needs a larger venue after the record DPAC sellout.

David Menconi - Music Editor of the N&O

Hmm: Bettye LaVette, Solomon Burke, T-Bone Burnett & Joe Henry. Henry & T-Bone would both play solo sets, then also play in the backing band behind LaVette & Burke (reprising their roles as producers of comeback albums for both). It would be an *amazing* night of spectral, old-weird-America country-soul all the way around.

Just Crumb - local bakers of cups of cake

A modern jazz festival with:
Chicago Underground
The Claudia Quintet
Craig Taborn
Tyshawn Sorey
Vijay Iyer
Steve Lehman
Matana Roberts/Sticks and Stones
Henry Threadgill
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Dave Holland
Nels Cline
Rafiq Bhatia
Nina Moffitt
Elliott Sharp
Marty Ehrlich
Mary Halvorson
Jeb Bishop
and while we are dreaming, let’s add Ornette Coleman to the list.

The Ex
I am above on the left
Hi Red Center
Caetano Veloso
Kronos Quartet
Jackie-o Motherfucker
Carla Bozulich/Evangelista

and we second the motion on a lot of the bands listed by others:
TV on the Radio
Danger Mouse
Sun O)))
Fuck Buttons
TV on the Radio
Manu Chao
The National
Arcade Fire
Dan Deacon

Jake Seaton - Music.MyNC Producer

I’m a sucker for themes, so hopefully my picks won’t seem too hokey. I have several shows I’d love to see happen, but many of them I don’t think are suited for a 5,000-seat venue.

For example, I’d love to see a chillwave showcase with Neon Indian, Memory Tapes, Washed Out, Toro y Moi and ArnHao (just hosted these guys on Sessions at Studio B yesterday … awesome). While that show would no doubt be euphoric, other than maybe Neon Indian, there’s no way it could sell the Raleigh Amphitheatre.

Another show I’d love to see is an all Baltimore showcase with Beach House, Wye Oak, Dan Deacon, Celebration and Future Islands. That one could potentially fill the Amphitheatre, especially with Deacon, Wye Oak and Beach House … but it’s pretty indie-centric.

And then there’s the indie dance party I want to see happen with Phoenix, MGMT, Passion Pit, Yeasayer (don’t hate!), Dan Deacon and Motor Skills. That one would definitely sell, but Phoenix is already coming through this summer, Dan Deacon makes frequent stops in the area and Yeasayer was just here. So there’s that.

My last pitch is something I’ve been dreaming of for a while that I call Elevator Lounge – Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Air, Justice, Thievery Corporation, Cut Chemist, hosted by 9th Wonder. Other than of course 9th, none of those band ever come through this area. I think the closest has been Thievery Corporation in D.C. and Cut Chemist in Atlanta.

and last but certainly not least…..

Grayson Currin - Music Editor, Independent Weekly

“I’ve been told a lot of single-band bills couldn’t sell this place out. So that got me THINKING: Could these fairly badass double bills do it, I wonder? I’ve also included a handy batch of marketing slogans for each.
A: Fenn O’Berg & AMM: Experimental Biscuits
B: Dragonforce and Darkthrone: The Double D’s Tour
C: Merzbow & Keiji Haino (alternate Japanese bro: Ryoji Ikeda): If by Shimmer Wall, You Mean Totally Fucking Loud.
D: Damn Yankees and Fucked Up: Hell Yes! 2011
E: The cats of Avatar and Waterworld: Webbed Feet and Weird Sex.

P.S. Thanks to the downtown amphitheater for reminding me that O.A.R. existed. Lately, I’ve noticed that something was missing in the pit of my stomach and at the core of my heart. I thought maybe it was time to find Jesus or eat a pop tart or call my banker. But then O.A.R. announced they were coming to town. All better now. Life: What a craaaaazy game of poker.


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  • corey3rd
    04/23 12:46 AM

    Iggy and the Stooges

  • TacoTodd
    04/23 09:09 AM

    The Punch Brothers
    Orchestra Baobob
    Willie Nelson (thumbs up Lin, never go wrong with any of the Highwaymen)
    Thievery Corporation
    A good summer jazz show (w/ Nnenna Freelon for some hometown flavor)
    Band of Heathens
    Dropkick Murphys w/ Gaelic Storm
    Any Jack White band
    Taj Mahal

  • David
    04/23 09:16 AM

    Some great bands listed above (way better than the crap fest that has been booked already). Bands I’d like to add to the list:

    The Ex
    Maps and Atlases
    The Claudia Quintet
    Chicago Underground
    Dave Holland
    Sticks and Stones/Matana Roberts
    Caetano Veloso
    Kayo Dot
    Kronos Quartet
    Nels Cline Singers or Nels Cline Trio
    The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact
    Tortoise (even though they’ll be here for Hopscotchfest)
    and a lot of others

  • Yes! sputnik
    04/23 09:20 AM

    ...Crystal Castles

  • Little Timmy
    04/23 09:24 AM

    Not a fanboy for all of them, but I think they’d do well at this shed:  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The New Pornographers, Neko Case, Cat Power, Arctic Monkeys.

  • joe
    04/23 09:50 AM


  • lala
    04/23 10:05 AM

    Weezer would be so awesome! And I hope they follow through with Heart too!!

  • GEB
    04/23 10:14 AM

    Why just music?!

    I’d love to see an Alfred Hitchcock outdoor film fest!!!

  • Vince
    04/23 10:40 AM

    I have echo the comment above about an outdoor film festival.  Bergman, Hitchcock, Allen, Melville, Bresson, Anderson, Coen Bros….that would be a great idea.  Maybe NCMA could facilitate a downtown cinemafest.  THE BIG LEBOWSKI is playing at the NCMA this summer, so that’s a start.

    As far as bands, I think a MIA/Crystal Castles bill could sell that out in a heartbeat.  OS MUTANTES and DAVID BRYNE would be great. Maybe IRON MAIDEN?  They are playing in DC July 20th…just sayin’. 

    The whole point of any of all this talk is to provide free research for those who book this new place.  So, whoever’s in charge….make something happen.

  • stockard channing
    04/23 10:47 AM

    YES, All of this! All of these suggestions are a million times better than the reality so far.

  • Mike Adams
    04/23 10:57 AM

    Steel Pulse! Foreign Exchange!

  • arthurb3
    04/23 11:00 AM

    Itr should be reserved for small bands and local groups. Walnut Creek is a few miles away and that is where the big guys will continue to go but I guess this means no more free concerts like there use to be in Moores Square.

  • Walk
    04/23 11:02 AM

    Local Natives
    Let’s Wrestle

  • Phil
    04/23 11:04 AM

    Cannibal Corpse

  • andi
    04/23 11:15 AM

    the “wish list” is long and has been fairly well covered by others above…and pretty much anything sounds better than the backstreet boys…really? backstreet boys?

  • John
    04/23 11:16 AM


  • Bob Geary
    04/23 11:28 AM

    Better chance: U3.

    New motto: In Bonner Gaylord we trust.

  • Strokin'
    04/23 11:35 AM

    Blues Showcase:
    Clarence Carter
    Artie White
    would be so boss

    Ditto on
    Willie Nelson
    Amadou and Miriam
    Motor Skills

  • mmc
    04/23 11:57 AM

    I’m with Lady Jayne. Bring on ScandaFest! Especially KOC. I’d like to also add Caesars, The Hives, Kent, Annie and Nina Pearson/Cardigans to that.

  • f
    04/23 12:14 PM

    Sade and The Shins. Together. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it would, too.

  • Bunnyman
    04/23 12:30 PM

    It’s the new thing to be a bigger band and have a more “intimate” show. That being said here are some things i’d hop to:

    -Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
    -The Funk Brothers (a Motown review??)
    -Broken Bells (lead singer of Shins & Dangermouse)
    -Andrew Bird

    ...this could go on forever. One thing is for sure, they don’t care about what all of us local music fans like. They just care about selling “Politically Correct” tickets and hotdogs.

  • Sage
    04/23 12:56 PM

    This all makes too much sense…

    Doesn’t Live Nation know April Fool’s is over??? I mean, it’s a JOKE that they haven’t booked Clay Aiken yet!

    Seriously, I would love to see any of these suggestions… except U2 - I mean, U3 MAYBE, but I think a safer bet would be U2…2 - the cover band.

  • christie
    04/23 12:59 PM

    I’m with David Menconi and Lin. We need timeless music, not just poser bands.

  • Jon
    04/23 01:16 PM

    Marc Broussard. Would be a great venue for his awesome live show.

  • Taylor Traversari
    04/23 02:24 PM

    Wow.  Everyone involved with the new amphitheater is blown away by the great ideas and enthusiasm here.  We’re looking forward to working on bringing all kinds of great shows to town.

  • Chico
    04/23 03:36 PM

    The fact that Cinematic Orchestra, Charlie Pride, and Rafiq Bhatia were mentioned above reaffirms my love for my hometown. I vote for Tortured Soul and Cordero, both out of Brooklyn.


  • Chris
    04/23 09:41 PM


  • ninstaller
    04/24 12:08 AM

    Andrew Bird
    Tom Waits
    k.d. lang

  • AlleyOop
    04/24 07:59 AM

    1. A 70s style laser light show. You know, like Laser Zep, Laser Floyd.
    2. I think the jazz festival idea is great.
    3. A Beach Music festival that is back to back with a Rap show, just imagine all the ladies clutching their purses!
    4.Sabado Gigante!
    5. And seriously, a film fest would be great.  I hate children, but show some kiddie movies in the the early evening and then have the best kids band ever, Mommie, play.
    6. Massive showing of Skip Elsheimer’s A/V geeks flicks.
    7. In addition, I’d enjoy a mass burning of Ed Hardy t-shirts and other visually offensive clothing, public flogging of Clay Aiken.

    Actually, I am more interested in keeping the following acts from performing: The Indigo Girls, Carrot Top, Gallagher, Clay Aiken, and Sinbad.

  • corey3rd
    04/24 11:44 AM

    Clay Aiken ought to be the opening act for the venue since his old lady following love to eat before shows and they will park in the designated lots. Crazy Cat ladies seem to be the one demographic not destroyed by the recession.

  • Aaron
    04/24 06:04 PM

    Where’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on this list?

  • Carey
    04/25 11:58 AM

    Mumford and Sons, Frightened Rabbits….

  • hbomb
    04/25 11:28 PM

    melvins, qotsa, sade, willie, hell yeah those would make me get of work for the weekend.

  • brian_M
    04/26 12:35 AM

    Cosign on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, k.d. lang, and Sade, separately. While we’re at it, Dwight Yoakam.

    04/26 12:41 AM

    I would love to see a lot of the bands above but very few could even sell out the cats cradle.  5k is a lot more than people think and indie bands do not draw crowds anywhere near that size.  Mainstream crap does.

  • Matt
    04/26 12:57 PM

    Arctic Monkeys - They just crushed Disco Rodeo
    The Strokes
    Slightly Stoopid - coming!
    The Fratellis
    The Roots
    Mos Def
    Amy Winehouse

  • Karen
    04/26 04:22 PM

    Looks like most of us agree on Arcade Fire. What can we do to get them here? And hells yeah on the Slayer and Iron Maiden suggestions.

  • Synaesthesiac
    04/28 05:51 AM

    Don’t most bands book designated tour dates months and months in advance?  The only time I ever see acts come out for a one-off is when there’s a big festival, and even then, most of them are also on a scheduled tour (which is why Phoenix is playing Cary, then Charlotte, then Bonnaroo).  Most of these bands mentioned above are headliners, and bring some much lesser-known bands along, and are typically at Cat’s Cradle.  So if you’re trying to sell out 5000, it’s just a matter of selecting a combination of larger bands to play a festival.  So, let’s plan a mid-size festival featuring 2-3 larger acts, a couple medium acts, and some locals.  Themes like “Scandamanian” might be ambitious simply because it’s all foreigners, but it shouldn’t be too unreasonable to work out a festival with a nice mix of acts.
    Festivals are very grassroots, so YOU have to get it started.  Get some sponsors (SAS, Glaxo, Raleigh restaurants, grocery stores, Pepsi, whatever).  Then, find some bands who are setting up tours and see if you can’t get them to serendipitously swing by Raleigh.  Choose some other high-profile bands and contact their people, and basically pay them to come (why sponsorship is necessary).  Just gonna take a little elbow grease, business acumen, and movin-and-shakin.  Form a committee, ya’ll.

  • lilpistolstarta
    04/28 01:30 PM

    Andrew WK…Party Party Party

    No really…
    Bloc Party
    Fleet Foxes
    Silversun Pickups
    LCD Soundsystem
    MOdest Mouse
    Flogging Molly

  • Charlie
    04/28 05:11 PM

    LCD Soundsystem
    Thom Yorke
    Arcade Fire
    The Strokes
    The National
    The Chemical Brothers
    Massive Attack

  • oakcity
    04/29 09:57 AM

    BEASTIE BOYS!!!!!!!

  • Ola Bruvik
    05/02 12:45 PM

    Sometimes Google search makes me crack a smile. Thanks Jedidiah (whoever you are) for mentioning us.  -Ola, Yoyoyo Acapulco

  • Chris
    05/02 07:10 PM

    Seriously…imagine this, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds & P.J.Harvey on a slightly chilly late Sept or early Oct evening in downtown Raleigh? Tasty!

  • Rostel
    05/04 04:39 PM

    josh rouse

  • MAR
    05/21 05:54 PM

    Jed, although i’d love to see him too, Ali Farka Touré has been dead for 4 years.

  • Graham
    06/01 10:40 AM

    Trey Anastasio
    LCD Soundystem
    Andrew Bird
    The National

    This list could go on and on.

  • Greg
    06/01 11:04 AM

    The Black Seeds - if they were to come here it would be the furthest south in the US this New Zealand band has travelled. It would bring in crowds from all over the Southeast and get this new Amphitheatre recognized around the region.

  • Brian McDonald
    06/01 11:31 AM

    How bout a true local showcase:

    Corrosion of Conformity
    Cry of Love
    6 String Drag

    Of course some of these bands have broken up so it would be awesome to see the original lineups!!

  • DJ fan
    06/01 02:15 PM

    Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves.

  • Record Store Clerk
    06/01 02:39 PM

    Are we just making up band names at this point?

    Polka Pete and the Petersons.

  • Powell
    06/01 05:22 PM

    Marina and the Diamonds
    Florence + the Machine
    Ting Tings
    Scissor Sisters
    Robyn and Kellis
    Groove Armada
    Tracy Chapman

  • Caroline
    06/01 07:00 PM

    Some music I would love to see here:

    Radiohead or Thom Yorke
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Erin McCarley
    Flogging Molly
    The Roots
    Big Boi
    V V Brown
    Laura Izibor
    The Strokes
    White Stripes
    Nada Surf
    Sufjan Stevens
    Kings of Convenience
    Ryan Adams
    Ben Folds
    Local Natives
    Cinematic Orchestra
    The Format
    Avett Brothers
    She & Him
    Scissor Sisters
    The Sounds
    Sam Sparro
    Sigur Ros

    This list really could go on forever.  I would also love to hear some Jazz, and more Orchestra type music as well.  There are so many options of great music, and I just don’t understand why some of the acts that have been picked were chosen at all.

    I really hope this season’s list shapes up better.

  • BenR
    06/01 08:15 PM

    Tom Waits
    Thad Cockrell
    Sigur Ros
    Patty Griffin
    David Mead
    Ten out of Tenn

  • Powell
    06/01 08:46 PM


    Robyn and Kelis All Hearts tour!

  • Laura
    06/01 11:06 PM

    Indigo GIRLS!

  • Insufferable Hipster Douchebag
    06/03 05:03 PM

    Slightly related to the Downtown Amphitheatre


  • YaBoy!
    06/04 08:44 PM

    Some good acts mentioned. Especially Big Boi, The Strokes, The Roots and somebody in the comment section mentioned the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs… yeah…definitely! 

    I’d also like to see:

    Gucci Mane (Burrr!!)
    De La Soul
    The Black Keys
    Robert Randolph & the Family Band
    The Carolina Chocolate Drops (should open for some act)
    Old Skool Hip Hop acts on one bill (Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, etc.)
    Darius Rucker
    Lady Antebellum
    Lil’ Wayne (post jail)
    Drake ???
    ...also a show dedicated to R&B & Soul would be nice

  • chippa
    06/13 09:34 AM

    This post should have been titled “Hay, Annoying Hipsters, Show How Hip You Think You Are by Naming Some Bullshit Bands No One Cares About”.....Honestly, 75% of the people listed could not sell out the Brewery on Friday night, much less a 5000 seat arena. Yeah right…..I am sure people are gonna drop $29.50 to go Caetano Veloso or Let’s Wrestle or Frightened Rabbit. Ya see…......hipsters are why we can never have anything nice.

  • matt
    06/13 01:23 PM

    People like YOU wouldn’t, maybe. REAL people might, though.

    That’s why we exist, all right. You don’t DESERVE anything nice.

    06/13 01:32 PM

    Ha!  Real people.  Typical hipster elitism.  Like only 10% of the population are real because they like stuff that’s not mainstream.  I guess the rest of the productive members of society can go fuck themselves.  Seriously though, some indies would sell it out…

    Vampire Weekend
    Grizzly Bear
    Flaming Lips
    Mars Volta
    Sigur Ros(maybe)
    Beastie Boys
    The Strokes
    Animal Collective

    That’s about it though.

  • chippa
    06/16 09:26 PM

    Hey Matt….........blow me.

  • YaBoy!
    06/28 06:04 PM

    Though harsh in presentation and a bit of a generalization, chippa’s point has some merit.

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