Racist G105 DJ Outrages NC Native Americans

April, 10, 2008, by Tim

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Click the image to view the press release from Paul Brooks, chairman of the NC Commission of Indian Affairs

Tuesday morning self-proclaimed redneck G105 DJ Bob Dumas had a 15-minute diatribe degrading Native Americans, calling them lazy and mocking their traditional dress. The comments were directed to an intern for the show who is engaged to a member of the Lumbee tribe.

She was asked by Co-host Mike Morse, “After you guys get married, are you going to have a tepee-warming party?”—which of course is a shelter once used by the Plains Indians but never by any tribes in NC.

Dumas is host of Bob and the Showgram on G105, 105.1 FM WDCG-FM of Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill. His program is produced by media conglomerate Clear Channel Communications, which pays Dumas a six-figure salary for his weekday morning show. These remarks are the latest outrage from a DJ with a track record encouraging drivers to terrorize bicyclists, promoting a heterosexual parade in Chapel Hill to mock homosexuals, and making racist remarks regarding the American Idol winner in 2004.

Today the NC Commission of Indian Affairs hosted a protest on the capital grounds with speakers from the Lumbee tribe, NAACP, and other organizations to take a stand against the remarks made on G105. Approximately 250 people showed up to support the impromptu press conference. I encourage you to email the vice president and general manager of G105, Dick Harlow, and let him know that he has a duty to keep racist and bigoted remarks off the airwaves, despite his weak on-air apology and WDCG’s statement:

WDCG apologizes to any listener that may have found remarks or recordings played Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 during Bob and the Showgram to be offensive, derogatory or insensitive. WDCG does not condone inappropriate behavior, language or insensitive remarks.

Dumas was suspended until Monday, although I believe he should be removed from Raleigh’s airwaves.

Email complaints to G105 general manager dickharlow@clearchannel.com

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  • Abby
    04/10 10:22 AM

    Suspended until Monday?!! How completely inadequate!! They aren’t going to fire him? That’s completely unacceptable. Maybe Raleigh isn’t as evolved as I like to think it is. Unreal.

  • Beth
    04/10 11:32 AM

    It isn’t a matter of Raleigh being less evolved than we’d all like to think it is; it’s a matter of G105 and Clear Channel being in the business of getting higher ratings and making more money. It’s the nature of broadcasting, like it or not. Scandal sells and I bet you a dollar that G105’s ratings go up because people will want to hear what ‘outrageous’ thing Bob says next.

  • S McDonald
    04/10 12:24 PM

    As sad as this issue may be, it is good news for those of us who have endured “Bob and fill-in-the-blank” programs for years.  I stopped listening back when it was “Bob and Mike” (circa 1994), but that doesn’t stop the giggling 30-somethings quoting his show every morning at work.  Let’s hope that this is a close on an embarrassing public persona that reflects what all of Raleigh isn’t or shouldn’t be.

    And as far as the “weak on-air apology” statement: that’s giving it too much credit.  There is no apology in that statement at all.  I’m sorry if you took what we said to mean exactly what we said?  Give me a break.

    I don’t think G105 is big enough to pull in a large audience for any length of time because of this incident.  Outside of the RDU region, no one knows who they are.  I hope it is the end of “the showgram”; at least with Bob at the helm.  May we all breath a sigh of relief if/when that day comes.

  • freshsqueze
    04/10 12:28 PM

    Lowry Mays, Founder and CEO of Clear Channel:
    “If anyone said we were in the radio business, it wouldn’t be someone from our company,” says Mays, 67. “We’re not in the business of providing news and information. We’re not in the business of providing well-researched music. We’re simply in the business of selling our customers products.”


  • RaleighRob
    04/10 01:11 PM

    Wow…people still listen to mass-produced, commercial FM radio? 
    Of course, given this dude’s outdated views, I imagine his fans aren’t exactly the most modern people either.

  • 150
    04/10 01:27 PM

    Bob is painful to listen to, but as S. McDonald said, there are plenty of people who love the Showgram (what, exactly, is a showgram, btw?). 

    This show should be embarrasing to anyone who doesn’t want Raleigh associated with the southern redneck sterotype. 

    That said, I think calling for him to be fired is a bit much.  His comments are distasteful, but if G105 wants to pay him, fine. It’s their business.  I don’t have to listen to it.

  • Hank
    04/10 02:28 PM

    What if Carlos Mencia said this?  Would anyone be pissed?  But anyways yeah its corporate radio they are there to sell you and all this just gets more promotion to G105.  They make a half hearted apologies ratings go up.  Advertisers get more bang for there buck. 
    Fuck’em listen to WKNC!

  • Jedidiah
    04/10 03:54 PM

    Hey guys if you didn’t hear the broadcast, a friend from my hometown (Lumberton) just forwarded me a link with an mp3 stream of the show.

    MP3 HERE

  • Lisa Jeffries
    04/10 04:09 PM

    I don’t know why everyone continues to keep getting so huffy over G105.

    (I can only guess it’s people who are new to this area because Bob has been on the air FOR YEARS with all sorts of shenanigans and I would imagine that the ratings are continuing to rise if he’s still on, so he’s not going anywhere but up on the pay scale. I still remember the days of when they’d get the big boy on the show arrested regularly for doing ridiculous stuff.)

    Point is, consumers have a choice (we have tons of radio stations, xm, sirius, hd, CDs, and iPods, etc. to choose from in the Triangle), and the best way to make a stand is not to rally at the capital or demand that he be taken off air it is simply to give another station your business!

    For people to want this area to represent itself as so evolved and modern no one is really proving to be very educated about how to deal with corporate stations broadcasting people who say things they don’t like.

    Radio stations make money from advertising sales. The size of your audience dictates how much you can charge for ad spots. If the listener base continues to grow, so will the pockets of Clear Channel and Bob Dumas.

  • Jenna
    04/10 07:18 PM

    Lisa, you are absolutely right. The best way to make express your opinion about Bob Dumas or G105 is to not listen. They’re not going to pay any attention to protests, but they will pay attention to advertising dollars.

  • David
    04/11 12:12 AM

    I don’t see anything wrong with someone defending their culture.  To say that Dumas is allowed to say what he wants while those that disagree should be silenced, is ridiculous. Protest brings media attention and that spreads the word to more customers that G105 makes money off hate speech. This way, they too can take their business somewhere else.  G105 makes money off hate speech. G105 makes money off promoting ignorance.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    04/11 12:53 AM

    ^ I don’t see anything wrong with that either. My point is that making a big deal of Clear Channel allowing it to happen isn’t the way to defend a culture. NOT listening to the station and reducing their listener base IS. It’s not like protests, etc. are making consumers aware of the ignorance… anyone who personally hears those comments SHOULD already be aware of that. If they choose to continue to listen to them, that’s their deal.

    Also, I think it’s interesting that in a press release from the North Carolina Dept. of Adminitration they wrote on-air personality Kristin as “Kentucky Kristin” instead of “Kristin (whatever her last name is)”...

  • Forge
    04/11 07:00 AM

    It’s good to see others are thinking the same way I am about this. Since I posted about this on my site, I’ve gotten quite a few emails bashing me, and saying that I am the closed-minded one because I don’t listen to the showgram, or g105 for that matter.


  • PackGuy
    04/11 01:57 PM

    The sad thing too is I don’t believe the Lumbee Indians are even a federally recognized Native American tribe.  From growing up in Scotland County I know that North Carolina recognizes the group, however they do not receive full recognization or funds from the Fed. Gov. as other national tribes do.  If you’re interested in the story read more in the article or many others online. http://www.newsobserver.com/641/story/252640.html

    Regardless, I disagree with about half the stuff Bob & the showgram say and just change the channel if I hear something offensive.

  • Rusty
    04/12 02:19 AM

    Their federal recognition was passed in 1956, but they refused federal aid. They’ve been officially recognized by the State of North Carolina since the late 1800s.

    It’s ridiculous, and if it were my station I’d find new ‘talent’.

  • Rusty
    04/12 02:21 AM

    Let me rephrase that, the federal recognition bill that was passed, denied that aid… and at the same time disqualifies them fore reapplying for recognition.

  • Joseph
    04/21 01:27 PM

    fire them fire them…raleigh is tried of them.

  • morris
    04/21 03:54 PM

    get over it. so it’s ok to make fun of people as long as it’s white people. change the channel and fine something else to do with your time.

  • Tammy
    04/21 11:51 PM

    Thank you Morris!  I couldn’t agree more!  It is ok for a white person to get picked on all day long and NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!  Get over it and find something more important to talk about like the HIGH GAS PRICES!

  • katina
    04/29 02:20 PM

    I is about time that something has been done to him. When you are a professional at what u you do u should keep it that way.You should never put anyone down.He needs to be fired.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    04/29 02:38 PM

    ^ Not happening.

    I wonder if anyone here heard the commercial of Bob saying “We’re not changing policy here folks. It’s just my opinion and if you don’t like it just say ‘geez - what an ass’ and keep listening”.... or something to that extent.

    I love it. They make some PC statements to appease those complaining then they go and air afernoon commercials with Bob basically saying he has nothing to apologize for.

    AND PEOPLE ARE STILL LISTENING. I’d bet they’ve actually seen a slight increase.

    So moral of the story… what good has all this complaining done? Clearly, not much.

  • Shannan M
    05/03 07:25 PM

    I have been listening to Raleigh area radio since I was 7 years old.  I am now 27 and the fact that G105 still hasn’t fired Bob digusts me, but doesn’t surprise me.  He is the lowest common denominator appealing to the ignorant masses who still think fart jokes are high end comedy.  The best thing to do is what one would do to an obnoxiously unfunny stand up and get up and leave. Not stand around and talk about what an idiot he is at the watercooler the next day. There are other morning shows in the area (none of them are particularly funny,  but at least they’re not crude) where you can get local news weather and traffic.  A few of them even play music on occaision.  The best way to get rid of this filth in our community is to boycott, not protest.  Protesting only brings attention to him and that’s what brings him the six-figures on his paycheck.

  • Wasesido
    05/09 07:54 AM

    favorited this one, brother

  • Tom M
    08/06 08:52 PM

    I don’t like Bob Dumas either. I used to work at that station, and when I was wrongfully terminated, he talked bad about me on the air, accusing me of a LOT of things that just were not true. So I have been personally attacked on the air… Not my race, or gender, or religious belief, or a leisure activity like bicycling.

    Did I sue him? Did I gather up 10 of my friends and go picket the station? Did I start a website about what an ass Bob Dumas is? Nope.


    First, Sticks and stones… remember that? Who cares what people say. it makes NO difference in the grand scheme of things. Nobody is going to alter their opinion about the Lumbee Tribe, Black people, or bicyclists just because some radio dj has expressed his opinion.

    Second, Bob knows that nobody can touch him because he makes too much money for the company by maintaining ratings.

    Bob is an ENTERTAINER. “Audio Wallpaper” of sorts. he is on the air because YOU listen to him and hear the commercials he plays which makes the station capable of making over a million dollars per year in sales revenue. If you are not entertained by Mr. Dumas, then you should adjust the station selector knob on your radio to a station that is more suitable to your tastes. One that has a DJ who is all “Rainbows and butterflies”, and NEVER says ANYTHING that could offend anyone.

    You want Bob out of the “Air Chair”? Then stop listening to him. His ratings go down and he becomes instant road pizza. Believe me… there are MANY people who work in Smoketree Tower who would LOVE to help throw his crap out on the lawn.

    Protests, picket lines, boycotts… NONE of that is going to get you anywhere… infact, it all makes HIM STRONGER! It attracts attention in the news media, and then all of the sudden there are LOTS of people listening the next day to see what happened. By making all of this noise, you are strengthening his cause!

    Suspension off the air? This is the OLDEST publicity stunt in the radio industry!

    Bob makes a crapload of money for Clear Channel. He is nothing more than a cash cow for them. they will not fire him, take him off the air or take any other measure that will affect “the bottom line”. He has generated MILLIONS of dollars in revenues since his debut on G-105. they know that if they take him off the air that they will become just like every other crap radio station in the market, and really, don’t we have enough of THAT?

    It doesn’t matter how many letters you write, how many of you converge on the lawn of the radio station, and how much you threaten to boycott them. When the Arbitrons come out and he still has ratings, it is another year of Bob heckling you and poking fun at you.

    This is America. The place where you can form your own opinions and are guaranteed free speech. there is no guarantee that you will like everything you see or hear, and you do not have the right to dictate and/or force your viewpoint onto anyone. In this case, however, you DO have the option to turn it off.

  • Joe
    10/16 07:41 PM

    Wow, what a bunch of babies we have on here. Bob was making a joke, thats what he does. If some of you people got your way there wouldn’t be anything such thing as entertainment. Just like someone else said, if they were joking about white people, nothing would be said.

  • J. Reyes
    02/24 05:02 AM

    Man up people. Everyone get degraded at some point. There is no special treatment. I’m hispanic and if Native Americans think people view them as lazy, how do you think we feel? But it’s all in jest. I give you the benefit of the doubt in that I believe you all are smart enough to understand the difference between a joke, no matter how tasteless, and true feelings. It’s a great place we live in, in that we can say what we want, when we want. If people can be influenced by others so easily, they are idiots. As are those who cannot differentiate a joke and a real point of view.

  • matt
    02/24 08:30 AM

    “Everyone gets degraded at some point”


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