Raleigh as Post Recession Boom Town?

Raleigh as Post Recession Boom Town?

July, 12, 2011, by Rusty

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Landing at number two on a list of fifty-two metro areas in the US expected to grow and prosper in the decade ahead, Raleigh is so named as a result of past job market performance, demographics, and other economic factors. Joel Kotlin of Forbes Magazine says:

Many of our top performers are not surprising. No. 1 Austin, Texas, and No. 2 Raleigh, N.C., have it all demographically: high rates of immigration and migration of educated workers and healthy increases in population and number of children. They are also economic superstars, with job-creation records among the best in the nation.

Raleigh has been showing up in a lot of 'Top' lists as of late. What say you? Are you and yours still reeling from the Great Recession or are the good times already here?

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  • Jamie
    07/12 05:28 PM

    I’m trying to sell a downtown house I’ve owned for 6 years without taking a 20% loss in a lousy real estate market. From where I sit in Raleigh, a lot of “booming” needs to happen to even catch up with past prosperity.

    And since Forbes said my completely unlivable hometown was one of the top 3 small towns for families in America, I’ll take their lists with a big helping of salt.

  • MikeP
    07/12 11:32 PM

    Sounds like someone paid too much for their house six years ago. Also, I find Raleigh to be the opposite of an “unlivable hometown” as I live and prosper here just fine. Sour grapes anyone?

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