Raleigh Beer Week Starts Sunday August 28

Raleigh Beer Week Starts Sunday August 28

August, 24, 2011, by David

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Last year's inaugural Raleigh Beer week was a huge success with brewers from around the country convening in Raleigh to share some of their rarest offerings and talk about their passion.  The brainchild of the Busy Bee guys, Chris and Woody- Raleigh Beer Week was a true beer lover's week- one where the city comes together to appreciate the finer points of brewing, history and enjoying beer.

This year will be bigger with more rare beer, more brewers and more events. The Busy Bee starts the week with a gathering of 20 breweries offering a "cellar clearing" event and a "ceremonial cask tapping by Mayor Charles Meeker,"  possibly one of the last casks that they Mayor will tap while still in office.   The week will bring together brewers from 20 breweries, 8 states and Belgium and Germany.   The whole thing is a big attempt at gaining Raleigh the modest title: "America's Smartest Beer Drinking City."

The Beer Forum this year will include "aging master Eric Salazar for a tasting of super-rare Felix Love & an informal round-table discussion on sour beers & barrel aging" so come prepared to learn everything you could want on sours.  Other invents include pre fixe beer dinners, food pairings, cask openings, the launch of the Beer Prophet phone app and tasting events with the pros.

The website is still in development, but will be up in time for the first event this Saturday with the full schedule: Raleighbeerweek.com.

Other venues participating:

Tir Na Nog
The Burough
Flying Saucer
Tir Na Nog
Landmark Tavern
Bremasters Bar & Grill


New Raleigh is a Raleigh Beer Week sponsor. 

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  • Pepe Silvia
    08/25 03:12 PM

    The beer fest at Busy Bee kicks off on Sunday and there are VIP and GA tickets available at http://www.etix.com/ticket/venue-Busy-Bee-Cafe-tickets/8225.html.

    VIP tickets get you in an hour earlier (at 12 PM) than GA folks who will be let in at 1 PM. Lots of brewery reps will be on hand pouring their beer and light appetizers are included!

    A full beer list can be found here:

  • OldeSchool
    08/25 08:07 PM

    Ok, so I was gonna bitch about $40 to get in, but then I read the list. Oh hellz. Good work BB crew. What would go really well is to bring back some of the Saucer waitresses circa 2000. But only if they were still killing it.

  • SJB
    09/01 01:43 PM

    And to continue the tasting rounds, check out this local beer and music festival in nearby Silk Hope, the NC Hops and Roots Fest:


  • Irem
    08/07 10:13 PM

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