Raleigh Brewery Tours and Beer Sampling

January, 11, 2008, by Chad

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Big Boss Brewing Company in Raleigh is giving a free tour of its facilities as well as free beer tastings on Saturday.

The tour begins at 2 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month. Big Boss Brewing Company is located at 1249-A Wicker Drive. The brewery will offer free beer to those 21 and up to drink during the tour.

Visit Big Boss Brewery’s website

Some of their beers include HELL’S BELLE Belgian Blond, BAD PENNY Brown Ale, ANGRY ANGEL Kölsch Style Ale, and HIGH ROLLER India Pale Ale.

In the past Big Boss Brewery has sold beer at their Hornyblows tavern and to bars and restaurants. The brewery is now offering six packs at local Harris Teeters, Whole Foods, Lowe’s Foods, and at Peace St. Market.

Tours are the second Saturday of each month. Word is that you should arrive early.

The Carolina Brewing Company also gives a tour on every Saturday at 1 p.m. You must be 21 or over to attend the tour. The Carolina Brewing Company is located at 140 Thomas Mill Road, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Visit The Carolina Brewing Company’s website

Year-round brews include Carolina Pale Ale, Carolina Nut Brown Ale, and Carolina India Pale.

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  • S. Beaumont
    01/11 03:40 PM

    I’ve been on the CBC tour before. After about a 30 min tour of the facility and some info on their processes and the beers, they opened up the taps for a few strong hours of “sampling.” I’d highly recommended it and would get there a little early - it can fill up quickly.

  • erg
    01/11 04:04 PM

    i was pleased to see the 6 packs at peace st beverage AND a lowes food store way up in wake forest. im glad they are getting their product out all over the triangle

  • CarnifeX
    01/11 05:14 PM

    Big Boss Brewing ftw.

    CBC does a good job too. Would highly recommend them. But seriously…Big Boss has surpassed them in beer quality, customer service and beer selection (more seasonal brews)

  • tim
    09/01 02:19 PM


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