Raleigh Crime Map Hits the Web

August, 23, 2007, by Jedidiah

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Raleigh seems to be a very safe city, at least in my opinion.  Walking the streets of downtown is very rarely a problem.  But if you do want to know where or when (in the past 30 days) a certain crime has been committed, just click HERE for a newly unveiled Crime Map from the IT department of The Raleigh Police Department

Various layers can be turned on and off relative to the corresponding crime, from arson to homicide with data being updated twice a week.  At first the tool seems a bit slow and somewhat confusing to navigate (zooming tending to be a tedious task, which should be one of the easiest).  I am not sure what this will help in the city, it may even create more segregation of neighborhoods, which is something any growing American city does not need more, especially Raleigh.  Let’s hope it proves to be a useful tool for the city but to me, it feeds a similar fire/fear that the Family Watchdog approach does again causing fear led segregation.
View Video of the Map HERE

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  • Barden
    08/24 01:00 PM

    When used a research tool, this is probably a great application. But my overactive imagination also sees a Twilight Zone-esque lynch mob forming on the street to go take part in some vigilante justice.

  • RaleighRob
    08/24 01:26 PM

    The only downside I see to it is that it doesn’t really take density into consideration.  It makes the urban/downtown areas look more dangerous that the outer suburban areas.  But it doesn’t take into account that those areas have higher density…both residents and daytime workers/students/etc.

  • Barden
    08/24 02:15 PM

    Ah, good point.

  • Margie
    07/28 05:38 AM

    This magazine is a cheap way for entertainment!!!! You post people pictures not knowing if they are innocent or not. A lot of these cops here target our young black men just to give them a record in hopes to damage their future. This magazine should be taken off the market and their asses should be sued for slander. They are also posting pictures of children that are minors and not even thinking of how this will effect the childs life. Yes it is good to know if there is serious crimes going on but when you use your magazine to slander people and they haven’t even been covicted that’s another story. They better be careful because their asses will soon get what they are looking for and that is to be SUED. Just because you are taken down town by a cop dosen’t mean you are guilty. Trust me on this! They ruin the reputations of people sometime that haven’t done a thing. I hope they shut this fucking magazine down and people stop playing into the low life shit they are putting out there.

  • helene smith
    07/17 01:15 AM

    I would like to know where I can pick up this paper, in the Wendell and Zebulon area…thanx

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