Raleigh Denim Opening Retail Store and Workshop on Martin Street

Raleigh Denim Opening Retail Store and Workshop on Martin Street

August, 12, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Images by Nick Pironio

Raleigh Denim has revealed plans to move its operations from South Bloodworth Street to Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District. The duo will be moving into the Empire Properties West Martin Street building next to Designbox. The space was occupied years ago by Serentec and has also hosted a few First Friday art shows and the Design Expo Raleigh (DXR). It’s a fantastic wide open space for Raleigh Denim.

Raleigh Denim will use the space as the headquarters for its workshop for denim construction and for the first time in the company’s young history, have a retail component built in. More to come on all of this and we’ll keep you updated.

This is a very exciting addition to the Warehouse District and West Martin Street. Retail is still the biggest gap in the Downtown Raleigh experience. While we wish that Shotbox was still around, we look forward to Raleigh Denim and CAM moving in over the next year.

There are also still two empty storefronts (formerly Stuff Consignment and White Rabbit Books) on West Martin. We can only hope that retail will move into these spaces soon. Slowly, but surely, the Warehouse District is coming up. If only we could get that music venue that’s been rumored for years.

Check out the UNC-TV spot on Raleigh Denim here.

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  • jonn
    08/12 10:28 AM

    Nice! now if only I could afford them, but i’ve heard of some good sample sales?

  • RaleighRob
    08/12 10:48 AM

    Sounds good.  Maybe with Raleigh Denim moving in, and that new restaurant opening up in the old Joes Place, more retail will come to the remaining spots eventually.

  • Seann
    08/12 10:58 AM

    I wish I could afford their Texas$ jeans

  • TehHater
    08/12 02:46 PM

    Great. Bet they jack up the prices now that they are moving to hipsterville.

  • Michael Hubbard
    08/12 03:28 PM

    Welcome to the neighborhood…  Media Two Interactive is your upstairs neighbor - let us know if you need marketing :).

  • Harry Seaward
    08/12 05:21 PM

    $300 jeans!!!!  Yes!!!!

  • Todd
    08/12 05:34 PM

    If their jeans were closer to the $100 mark I would consider them.  I am all for “Made In USA” but I’m not going to spend more than I think is reasonable for USA made products.

  • JT
    08/13 10:33 AM

    If people are buying them you aren’t the target market :)

  • JT#2
    08/13 10:59 AM

    Welcome to the west side RD!  Don’t listen to all the haters above.  They’re just pissed that they can’t be as cool as you.

  • Todd
    08/13 12:59 PM

    Good point JT!

  • Ames
    08/13 01:17 PM

    Congratulations to Raleigh Denim - and welcome to the neighborhood! Thank you for your commitment to use as many of NC products as you can in your jean-making process. In the premium denim market your price point is right on. Just watched the video short from UNC-TV and am inspired.

  • smitty
    08/13 02:17 PM

    Raleigh Denim: Alienating the middle class since 2008.

  • chuuuch
    08/13 03:18 PM

    Smitty: poisoning the blogosphere since…always.

  • domarvin
    08/13 07:23 PM

    is that dov charney from american apparel at the end of the video, nice double bar glasses, ha!  I love hipsters, they make me smile!  Go $1 PBR and your expensive jeans!!

  • ec2k
    08/13 08:48 PM

    Can you buy the goods at their current location?

  • aquarough
    08/14 02:34 PM

    where can I buy these?!! I must have a pair so I can walk by homeless people on the streets in some $300 jeans.

  • Phillo
    08/14 06:55 PM

    Sweet. A retail location where I can buy some hipster status symbol jeans.  It’s like the ‘80s again, except with uglier models.

  • TSnow27604
    08/15 10:10 PM

    Why don’t some of you guys just go ahead and issue your list of rules so we can know what is socially and economically acceptable in your esteemed and learned eyes.  Oh wait.  No one cares what you think when you do nothing but nag and complain.

  • Rex
    08/16 08:21 AM

    This is just honest capitalism; until RD outsources their workers to China, the price is of course going to be a good bit higher than the mega-produced Levis. The fact that they are opening a store downtown, as opposed to you having to fly up to Barney’s 5th Ave, means you don’t have to pollute the environment with your air-travel. Maybe you shoulda just said “thank you” for opening up a local outlet instead of bitching about the price, and hopefully the price will naturally fall out of good markets and good necessity.

    God, I pray Holly Aiken and Big Boss don’t get this much stick on a daily basis.

  • Phillo
    08/16 02:51 PM

    If Big Boss charged $350 for a beer that I could get for $3.50, I’d be bitching too. 
    RD won’t have to outsource until a union moves in and drives up wages and benefits for the unskilled portion of their labor force.  True, RD does not mass produce, but for $300, I hope I’d be able to frame houses all day and still get a couple years of wear out of them.  I’m not willing to spend the money to find out.

  • fofinch
    08/16 05:58 PM

    Nice work Sarah and Victor, wishing you the best in your new location. FYI, your documentary piece was featured on Devour in the past few days: http://devour.com/video/raleigh-denim/

  • Blzebub
    08/16 10:23 PM

    If you’re not willing to spend the money, then STFU.

  • Tuff Jew
    08/17 03:41 AM

    Victor and Sarah are some of the most down-to-earth, hard working folks that I know.  Can’t figure out why anyone wants to paint them with the brush of “hipsterdom” whatever that even means.  They care about the garment industry in NC and are helping to revitalize it.  I personally don’t spend this much on jeans, but so what?  I go to work in Wranglers or Dickies but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what these guys are about.  They have a market for what they do and are bringing more life and business to downtown.

    Don’t like it?  Talk with you wallet and spend money elsewhere.  Or just keep blowing smoke.  I for one am rooting for them (not that they need the help!)

  • stacistarlight
    08/17 04:43 PM

    The folks at RD are doing great and interesting things. Hey, I can’t really afford them either but I totally appreciate that Raleigh has so many hard working, talented folks committed to their crafts!
    If some of you took the energy expended on shit-talking and labeling and instead channeled it into something more constructive, the world would be a much better place.

  • yourmom
    08/18 04:08 PM

    I was initially excited about the outlet but I wouldn’t be able to shop there if they’re jeans are that expensive.
    I look forward to more practically priced retailers.

  • erinford
    08/18 06:48 PM

    Seriously? People get some perspective. This is less than $1 a day. How much does your tobacco, redbox or coffee habit cost you?

    a) these jeans will probably last you 5-10 years
    b) how many pairs do you need?
    c) keeping businesses local costs - it’s called being a community - everyone supports everyone else - kind of like being social, part of a society . . . . but fine you want to go to WalMart or Old Navy or a ‘practically priced retailer’ and pay $10 for a pair of jeans that returns NOTHING to the local economy go ahead I guess it’s your right.

    Personally I’ll pay my $300 and take some pride in wearing quality apparel made in and by my community. It just kills me how many people bemoan the loss of American manufacturing and local jobs but insist that everything they buy has to be priced at WalMart prices.

    Own Less, Buy Local, Tread Lightly.

  • smitty
    08/18 07:48 PM

    a) These jeans won’t last you 10 years.  They are not made of magic, they are made of denim.  Will all of the PBR, you will outgrow them soon enough.  In 10 years, Raleigh Denim will be a distant memory, or a division of VF Corporation.
    b) People like having more than one pair of pants, unless they are homeless.
    c) Walmart and Old Navy employ hundreds if not thousands of Raleigh residents.  How many Raleigh residents does Raleigh Denim employ?

    You are never, ever going to convince a thoughtful person that $300 is a reasonable price for a pair of jeans.  If they were giving most to charity, then maybe.

  • TSnow27604
    08/18 08:27 PM

    I own a pair and I consider myself to be pretty reasonable.  I got them on sale (this tends to happen to clothes) and think they’re great.  I don’t wear jeans everyday but quite often and these are certainly going to last at least 5 years.  My motivation was to support a local company and the fact that I would love to see the textile industry come back to NC.  And I like ‘em.  People talk about something costing too much but honestly, does everyone here rent a one bedroom apartment, drive a used Geo Metro, and eat Cup o’ Soup 3 times a day?  Sure there’s a lot of people who are not going to spend this much for jeans but there are plenty of people that will.  Some people eat hamburger, some people eat steak.  Big deal.  And personally I would rather support a local company than to give my money to some corporation with vendors in China paying their workers some meager wage under poor working conditions.  But again, that’s just me.

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