Raleigh Has Lowest Crime Rate in NC

November, 24, 2008, by David

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Triangle Business Journal shares numbers from CQ Press’s 15th edition of City Crime Rankings. Good news for Raleigh, which has the lowest crime rate of any city in NC and 109th in the nation.

The figures reflect per-capita crime. The crimes tracked, which come from FBI data, include murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Raleigh-Cary, No. 109

Asheville, No. 126

Hickory, No. 150

Burlington, No. 183

Jacksonville, No. 206

Greenville, No. 278

Greensboro, No. 279

Goldsboro, No. 280

Fayetteville, No. 302

Rocky Mount, No. 309

Charlotte, No. 312

CQ Press says it had incomplete data and wasn’t able to rank the Wilmington or Durham areas.


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  • Greg
    11/24 04:46 PM

    Not true.

    Cary #15

  • Greg
    11/24 10:08 PM

    I guess the metro area does have a lower crime rate than others, but it’s still misleading, because Raleigh as a city ranks as having more crime than Cary.

  • T
    11/24 11:10 PM

    I’m just glad I don’t live in (S)Cary.

  • Greg
    11/24 11:58 PM

    FYI I do not live in Cary. I live in Durham. I saw the crime data, and just thought this article was a bit misleading.

  • T
    11/25 07:51 AM

    I was responding to the article, not to you…

  • prohiphop
    11/25 12:35 PM

    Such sensitive souls visit New Raleigh!

    Here’s my favorite web tool for comparing crime stats:

    In NC, Cary looks great.  Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Wilson, Asheville are the big winners from what I’ve explored.

    That seems to correlate with gang activity because these are also towns relatively low in gang activity comparatively speaking.

    Other big NC winners are tiny towns that are probably full of rich people with gated communities.

  • corey3rd
    11/29 09:50 AM

    a crime report without Durham ranked is like a baseball history that forgets to mention the New York Yankees.

  • Cary Housewife
    12/03 02:34 PM

    You are only in danger of being killed in Cary if you are a housewife!!

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