Raleigh Loses Downtown Icon Sho Nuff

Raleigh Loses Downtown Icon Sho Nuff

April, 02, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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Sad news began to circulate last night that downtown icon and bike pimper extraordinaire “Sho Nuff” had died following a scooter accident. Today, the folks over at Goodnight Raleigh spoke with his daughter, and confirmed that it is indeed true.

Well known for his leopard print bike and hand-sewn custom outfits, Russell Lee, better known as Sho Nuff, was a joy to talk to when crossing paths. He had recently purchased a new scooter with plans to do it up in style. He would take the time to stop and talk to anyone that wanted to learn about his bike, and was often seen riding around on First Fridays, usually stopping hang out with the crowds.

His family has been unable to locate a life insurance policy, and could use help covering the final expenses. Visit Goodnight Raleigh’s post on Sho Nuff to find out how you can help.

Images above courtesy of Bryan Regan

Image above courtesy of Goodnight Raleigh

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  • Richard Bacchus
    04/02 07:30 PM

    Man this is very sad news indeed. Deepest condolences from myself and the rest of the Landmark Tavern family

  • Abby
    04/02 08:30 PM

    When I heard, I had hoped so much it was in error. I just saw him. He’s naan saving for the scooter. He said he just needed enough for a lock and he’d be there. I’m so glad I said hello that day. What a loss. I will miss seeing him.

  • tkp
    04/03 12:34 AM

    damn, that dude had the illest bike.

  • klute
    04/03 04:03 AM

    I feel awful. I have no idea who this dude is and I been going downtown Raleigh for years. WTF?

  • Brian
    04/03 05:33 AM

    I don’t know anyone who came across Sho Nuff and wasn’t left with a smile on their face.  Truly a great loss.  RIP, sir.

  • Chase
    04/03 12:20 PM

    I can’t believe he’s dead.  I remember when he randomly helped our band load up after a show one night at the Farmhouse and from then we always saw him singing karaoke at Napper Tandy’s.  Truly will be missed. RIP

  • ruff_Raleigh Bicycle Squadron
    04/03 03:59 PM

    There will be a Memorial Ride + Fundraiser in honor of Sho Nuff this Tuesday. Meet at Cup a Joe (Hillsborough st) at 7:30pm and bring whatever cash you can, all proceeds will go to help Russell’s family.

  • Nick
    04/03 05:47 PM

    Man, this is really sad. Sho Nuff brightened everyone’s day that he came across.  The community will really miss him.

  • bobby.is.rad
    04/03 08:04 PM

    Definitely a great loss. Sho Nuff kept me entertained on numerous occasions and I can only imagine that he made others as happy as he made me. We’ll miss you at Landmark.

  • Arthur
    04/04 10:25 AM

    There will be a Memorial Ride + Fundraiser in honor of Sho Nuff this Tuesday. Meet at Cup a Joe (Hillsborough st) at 7:30pm and bring whatever cash you can, all proceeds will go to help Russell’s family.

  • Bill
    04/04 11:32 AM

    I am deeply saddened by this news. Sho Nuff was a really good guy. I saw him on Western blvd. a couple Friday’s ago, I wish I had been on my bike.

  • ruff_Raleigh Bicycle Squadron
    04/04 04:46 PM

    “Wheels in the Wind”
    spread the word + invite friends this Tuesday

  • gray Powell
    04/04 10:56 PM

    Such a nice guy and so fun to hang out with for first fridays, this really is a tragedy.
    Here’s a shot I got of him during a FF ride..

  • Kelly
    04/05 03:51 AM

    RIP Sho’ Nuff, and thank you for all of the eloquent life lessons. I know that everyone who has ever met you will miss you. Though you were taken from us far too soon, I’m sure that you preferred to go out on two wheels.


  • Jenn Gordon
    04/05 01:34 PM

    RIP Sho Nuff
    We missed you this Friday.

  • denise
    04/06 06:00 PM

    Will miss talking to him at Sadlacks..a great guy with a badass bike.  RIP Sho Nuff

  • kate
    04/06 09:35 PM

    Sho Nuff we will miss your smile and your style at the Farmhouse. You did you, and at the same time embraced all kinds. And I’ve never been so impressed with a karaoke rendition! Your memory will live on in all of our minds. Thanks for being you.

  • Mary Marg
    04/07 07:20 PM

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Sho Nuff just remember how my son’s face would light up when ever he talked about him. Seems that he had that effect on a lot of people.

  • laciannmcc
    04/08 09:55 PM

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  • teddy
    04/15 07:22 PM

    damn, that man sure knew how to make his bike look good

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