Raleigh Muslim Obama Outrage Protest Video

Guess We are Doomed

October, 31, 2008, by Jedidiah

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I’m sure you know that Obama was in town on Wednesday. Well, things got a little out of hand on the side of the grassy knoll at Halifax Mall.

McCain supporter Charles David Ficken descended upon an Obama rally in Raleigh, North Carolina with a 10-foot tall picture of Barack Obama in East African attire, shouting the United States doesn’t need a “Muslim-leaning” person for president. While exercising his free speech at the rally, so too did several dozen fiery Obama supporters.

source - Davin Hutchins at American News Project

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  • Wow
    10/31 09:59 PM

    Did you see the hate in those people after he revealed what he believed in.

  • Wendell
    10/31 10:06 PM

    Hey wow, are you too chicken to list your first name?  How do you determine what is hate in anyone’s eyes. Didn’t you hear the hate in McCain supporter Charles David Ficken words?

  • Scott
    11/01 02:02 AM

    I don’t hear him “shouting the United States doesn’t need a ‘Muslim-leaning’ person for president.” He actually seemed quite peaceful. Perhaps your reporting is a bit sensationalist.

  • Wow
    11/01 08:49 AM

    I’m I the only one that saw that young lady demand, no DEMAND that he explain himself in an open public venue. The tone of her voice was anything but nice and accepting of the freedom of speech. Not once did he raise his voice. In fact he had a defensive posture as if a young child who knows he is ready to be reprimanded. Did you see the officers there? They were there for HIS protection because something to was sure to start burning or some poor guy to be pulled from his truck and beat with a brick. It was a gang mob that surrounded him because he had a different, reasonably valid discussion point. Revisit the footage and take a look at Obama supports ready to lyn…...oh! you all most got me. Wendell ?????,  your right, use my real name….no, I get yelled at enough….and after I voted for Mr. Obama on tuesday Im sure there would be conflict of interest.

  • Scott P
    11/01 09:44 AM

    Even as an Obama supporter, I gotta say, the dude had every right to stand there and NOT “explain” his sign. Besides, it’s pretty clear what he was getting at. And shouting “Obama” at him doesn’t elevate anything. Pretty soon ignorant morons like him will be marginalized anyway. Best to just walk on by…and right into the voting booth!

  • Jeff S
    11/01 11:08 AM

    It is unfortunate that anyone felt the need to engage this guy at all.

    I’m not sure what the thought process is in even talking to him. You’re not going to change his mind, and I doubt anyone even cared to. It was just anger that prevented them from walking away.

    I would say that his day was a success.

  • Florida Voter
    11/01 11:26 AM

    Gee, another Obama surprise. His aunt is an illegal alien!!!  I’m sure that the “Chosen One” will protest his ignorance in short order, and try to blame this on the Republicans as well!

    Wake up America! If Obama wins this election, and starts raising taxes on businesses, what do you think is going to happen to your retirement income? Higher taxes means smaller dividend checks in the mailbox, and less money to live on. As far as “spreading the wealth” is concerned, if you hold down a job, more likely than not, you’ll see nothing extra in YOUR bank account. If you make less than 250K a year (or is it 150K, Mr. Biden?), and don’t think you’ll be affected, then think again. Higher taxes means less spending and higher unemployment. What’s a small business owner going to do? Hire more people, or save the money for himself and his family? People who “have money” are also going to cut back. They’ll shop less frequently at your store, and dine less often at your restaurant. If you work in a service industry, expect to lose customers. To pay higher taxes, your suppliers will have no choice but to raise prices. In the current economy, do you really think that you can pass these costs along without losing more business? Instead of calling a plumber, people will attempt to make repairs themselves. On the surface, Obama’s proposals seem appealing. Dig deeper and you’ll quickly realize that all of us will be losers. In this country, you have to have money to be a politician. After leaving office, Obama will write another book and go off on the lecture circuit, making tens of millions of dollars, and leaving us with the mess he created. The country would have been a lot better off if Hilary Clinton were the Democratic nominee. Bill and Hilary understand the needs of working families, and would have found a way to strike a balance. Isn’t it funny that President Clinton has nothing bad to say about John McCain?

  • Jeff S
    11/01 11:56 AM

    How do you propose to pay back a 75 trillion dollar debt without raising taxes?

    Honestly, I don’t want my taxes to go down, and I wish we would stop pandering to people who are asking for it.

    Yes, there is a balance between taxes and the economy, but years of pandering to corporations have only left the government powerless and broke. All of your McCain, big business, supporters really have nothing to worry about. The President, no matter who he is, simply doesn’t have the power to threaten the corporate stranglehold on this country.

    The only people wanting a Hilary nominee are the reds - because she could have never won.

  • John
    11/01 11:57 AM

    Funny, the police are there to protect a McCain supporter but at the RNC police were cracking the skulls of peaceful protesters.

  • Jeff S
    11/01 12:00 PM

    We should be thankful that local police were doing their jobs correctly.

    Of course, so were RNC security… you’re just forgetting who was paying them, and for what.

  • not hypnotized by OH Bomba
    11/01 01:34 PM

    you talk of HATE in his voice….that’s funny
    what I call HATE is the REV. WRIGHT speeches on GOD DAMNING AMERICA, and hate from those monsters that OH Bomba associates with that Bomb within their own country…Ayers comes to mind. 

    You will know HATE very soon if OH Bomba gets in. He brings HATE with him.  I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW ANYONE COULD VOTE FOR SOMEONE AS ANTI-AMERICAN AS OH BOMBA.  UNPATRIOTIC HE IS FOR SURE. HE REMOVED THE AMERICAN FLAG FROM HIS PLANE!  Well I hope you want to live in a communist country…because you are about to.

  • MT.Net
    11/01 08:49 PM

    I love it when the wingnuts start to cry.

  • TheCatalyst
    11/02 01:52 AM

    Who’s crying?
    I like your sig “not hypnotized by Obama”

  • Scott P
    11/02 07:48 AM

    And I liked your use of ALL CAPS. And clever nicknames like “Oh Bomba.” And sad, tired arguments like Wright and Ayers. And your unfunny Bin Laden joke. And what I hope was not a death threat there at the end (“HOPE YOU KNOW GOD”). Really turning me around here…

  • antifish
    11/02 01:08 PM




  • Sallie
    11/02 08:17 PM

    Sweet baby Jesus lying in a manger - there are some real, bonafide right-wing whackjobs out there…it never ceases to amaze me just how many utterly tragic fools there are around us. My generation wonders how Nazis came to power - how the Holocaust could happen - how SO many people could be so easily led and manipulated, like scared, ignorant, blind cattle, into believing such hateful, racist, fear-mongering lies. I think I can honestly say that I now see how it could happen, and how easy we could see it happen again.

  • revolu
    11/04 01:46 PM

    the guy had every right to stand out there.  im not a mccain supporter, but that is exactly what he wanted.  to stir up those supporters and he actually came off quite peaceful.  i didn’t really hear him shout back at those people.

    unfortunate from both sides.

  • ap
    11/04 06:17 PM

    AMEN, SCOTT P!  i agree - and i do wish people would realize that the Republican fear tactics about crazy taxes and lost American rights and rumors of terrorist association are just that - fear tactics. 

    i’m so tired of hearing people regurgitate those campaign ads over and over again.  taxes this, and spread the wealth that.  blah blah blah.  i very seriously doubt that many of you fall into the tax bracket that will even be affected by the inevitable expiration of the bush tax cuts.  i know i don’t.

    and it would also be nice if any of you screaming “muslim” or “terrorist” knew what the hell you were talking about.  yes, you - you’ve got a little egg on your face.

    wake up and do your own research, people - this IS America.

  • Mark
    11/05 09:25 AM

    99% of the people who had an issue with him were black.  Figures!

  • GOP Blair
    11/05 11:01 AM

    President Obama…get over it!  We all need 2 move forward.

  • David
    11/05 11:19 AM

    @Mark I am white and I take issue with it.

  • arthurb3
    11/05 12:02 PM

    Muslin does not equal terrorist. Just the same as Baptist does not equal racist!

  • carolinablue22
    11/05 01:39 PM

    Mark-your 99% is non-scientific and incorrect.  Plus the two men in his photo are men of color, which obviously struck a chord to the people of color who saw the photo.  If the photo had McCain and another white man with something written about the KKK or Nazis or what have you, you might feel a little stronger about, too.  I’m not hatin’ on you, just trying to get you to see from a different view.

  • rudy
    11/07 05:07 PM

    I know this guy and he is a bully and anyone I know who has done business with him (he owns Kerry Catherine Jewelry) has regretted it. I do support his right to expose his hate mongering and our right to never buy anything from him or hold our tongues. Obama-Obama-Obama!

    As for Republicans of the recent past(since Nixon), all they have done is privatize the profit while socializing the risk. Redistribute that truth!

  • Rusty
    11/11 10:27 AM

    This kind of asinine finger pointing and stereotyping is the very reason we’re in such a pathetic state of affairs politically in this country.

    The two main parties continue to feed on the fears of the American people, convincing one sect or another of society that if they don’t vote against the other party that something horrible will happen.

    If Obama’s election doesn’t light a fire under the Republican party, and dramatically change the content of political discourse in this country, I fear for the next generation…

  • T.J
    11/12 09:47 PM

    I see the brain washed Obama cult followers at work. I guess its ok for them to say what they want but no one else has the right to an opinion??????? And asking him to explain him self to them, he don’t have to explain crap to these wacky cult followers of Obama= another Jim Jones..look at how those people ended..need I say more?

  • T.J
    11/12 09:51 PM

    Yes to the guy that said once this guy said his opinion you can see the hatred in their eyes and their radical behavior. I mean he had an opinion damn what was he thinking how dare he have his own opinion, only the Obama cult followers are entitled to an opinion.

  • Jeff S
    11/12 11:10 PM

    “he don’t have to explain crap to these wacky cult followers of Obama= another Jim Jones..look at how those people ended..need I say more?”

    No TJ, you’ve clearly established yourself as the slow one of the group.

    You sound like someone who gets all their news from Coulter, Drudge, Limbaugh, et-al.

    Seriously, who likens a president to a cult leader?

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