Raleigh Ranked as America’s Best City by Bloomberg Businessweek

Raleigh Ranked as America’s Best City by Bloomberg Businessweek

September, 21, 2011, by Paul

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photo by Paul Tuorto

Raleigh continues to ride the top of the charts after being awarded Businessweek.com’s #1 Best Cities in America ranking. Based on such criteria as restaurants, sports teams, museums, public schools, unemployment, crime and the all important bar scene it’s just another notch on the ole’ belt of this evolving city.

After introducing the downtown area to a bandwagon of International’s in town for a wedding this past weekend, their immediate connection to the cultural graces and small-town mojo of our city only reiterates what Businessweek.com has celebrated. Keep cranking out the hits Raleighwood.

from BusinessWeek


To most residents of Raleigh, it may not come as a surprise that their city earned the title of America’s Best City. Raleigh shows the cultural graces that go along with anchoring the so-called Research Triangle, home to North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Among its many attributes the city sports 867 restaurants, 110 bars, and 51 museums, according to Onboard Informatics, as well as a thriving social scene, good schools, and 12,512 park acres, equal to several times the green space per capita in cities like New York and Los Angeles, according to the Trust for Public Land. It also offers a great deal on nights and weekends—from concerts and opera, to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and college sports, to the 30,000-square-foot State Farmers Market.


Raleigh may have a population of only about 400,000 and span about 144 square miles, yet data show it still offers a lot, if only in a smaller package. True, Raleigh may not be the center of the tech universe like San Francisco, a hub of higher education on the same scale as Boston, or a vibrant 24-hour metropolis like New York, but all those cities also offered higher unemployment, a dearth of parks, worse public education, and other negative factors that weighed against them.

“We’ve always said, you can find about every amenity that you want, even in a city of our size,” says James Sauls, director of Raleigh Economic Development, a partnership between the City of Raleigh and the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.


The city has been home to an array of celebs including Olympic champion Kristi Yamaguchi, Dexter star Michael C. Hall, and singer Clay Aiken (whose dog was even named Raleigh)

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  • Mike R
    09/21 04:19 PM


    -Ric Flair

  • Carl
    09/21 06:33 PM

    The last part of the article is nothing to be proud of.

  • Marky Mark
    09/21 06:49 PM

    When real celebrities start moving here is when we’ll know Raleigh has jumped the shark.

  • Behki
    09/21 10:12 PM

    They forgot Evan Rachel Wood

  • joe
    09/22 07:17 AM

    This is killing the ‘charlotte usa’ crowd…

  • Kevin
    09/22 11:08 AM

    Aw fuck. Every time we make it to one of these lists, more people move here.

  • Bill
    09/22 12:18 PM

    Luckily, the County Commissioners and State reps intend to do something about this (Less green space, less cultural diversity, modify the State Constitution to let a minority know they are not welcome here, reduce funding to education…) they intend to make us more like South Carolina.

  • Steelcity36
    09/22 02:52 PM

    Looks like this marketing video actually worked!


  • Jon
    09/22 04:01 PM


  • B Scribe
    09/22 04:30 PM

    I was blocked several times by those wedding people taking pictures during sparkcon on saturday. Why did those people get a mention in newraleigh?

    This city closes too early and it’s scenes are not diverse enough. So what is the city to do? Build downtown condos of course. I hope they don’t F up pullen park.

  • jt
    09/22 05:49 PM

    It will only deserve this title when there is a Ramen shop downtown.

  • Phillo
    09/22 07:29 PM

    “Less cultural diversity” 
    I don’t think Raleigh has enough rail capacity to pull that off.

  • Esteban Colberto v2
    09/22 11:33 PM

    Thanks to articles like this, we will soon be Atlanta 2.0.

    No mention of proximity to the best Kiteboarding spot in the world, thank god.

  • B Scribe
    09/23 11:23 AM

    How much does it cost to go kiteboarding?

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