Raleigh Startup deja Mi launches iPhone App

July, 14, 2011, by David

Raleigh Startup deja Mi launches iPhone App
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deja Mi is a new social network from two Raleigh residents and graduates of the NC State College of Design, Andy Heyman and Justin Miller.  For now, the network is experienced solely through your phone.  With the iPhone app out this week and the Android app launching next week with dejaFest the free music festival next weekend sponsored by deja Mi. Initially deja Mi is only launching in the Triangle, but the plan after testing is to rollout nation wide. 

The application is all about sharing your experience and tying that experience back to the time and location of when and where it happened. "Relive your future" is the app's tagline. If you are app savvy you may think of deja Mi as something like a mashup of Instagram and foursquare. Media sharing is the primary function, but deja Mi has introduced a sophisticated layer of metadata - where media is not just attached to a location, but individual events and then can be browsed using every dimension imaginable: Venue location, proximity by map, event name, friends, your own media, or a self selected time period.  No other tool I am familiar with has this kind of advanced flexibility for browsing shared content.  All of that capability needs rich data to bring value, so we can see why a music festival is a great event to launch the app around. It will provide that perfect rich content for new users.  That's why deja Mi is using two festivals to launch.

We first heard about deja Mi the same way we heard about Beasley's - through their sponsorship of Hopscotch Music Festival.  The startup is making a major push to reach the Hopscotch audience and take advantage of that concentrated population experiencing an exciting media-rich event in this area. 

It wasn't until last year that a report from the DRA came with the realization of how critical technology companies are in the downtown with over 70 individual companies in their boundaries. While deja Mi isn't headquartered downtown their local influence will most be felt their.  As more young tech startups sprout in the area we hope to see an incubator or two to foster success like Durham's American Underground.

You can download deja Mi for iPhone here with the Android app releasing next week in time for Deja Fest


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