Raleigh Times Top 50 Burgers in US?

Medium-Rare Please

May, 08, 2009, by Jedidiah

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I definitely think the Raleigh Times has one of the best burgers in Raleigh, but in the nation? Food Network thinks so in their 50 burgers, 50 states burger map.

Know a better burger in town? Let us know.

North Carolina is no place for a burger lover. State law demands that restaurants cook burgers to at least medium—no pink allowed. But at this bar in a century-old building, the chef grinds his own meat daily, so you can get deliciously simple half-pound patties medium-rare, just as nature intended.

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  • gd
    05/08 04:35 PM

    We are definitely getting a great rep for food in this city!

  • Alex
    05/08 04:37 PM

    I agreee that Raleigh Times does have a good burger but everyone should also try the Federal’s in Durham.  It is definitely up there as well.

  • Ray
    05/08 04:40 PM

    I do like a RT burger.  But I also really love Mo Joe’s!

  • T-Plain
    05/08 04:52 PM

    Well. . . wow! I have never even heard anyone say the Times has the best burgers in Raleigh, much less the State. I’d go for Char-Grill myself.

  • GD
    05/08 04:54 PM

    T Plain- thats a totally different style of burger.  No way is a char grill frozen patty burger beating a hand grinded, fresh burger.  Same thing with MoJoes..

    First time I had a RT burger I thought it was the best I had ever had to be honest.  I love their burgers.

    The Fed, James Joyce and Alivias all in Durham have great food Alex.  Maybe I’m biased though since I know the owners of em..

  • Nordy
    05/08 04:54 PM

    Gotta agree with Alex.  Federal has the best burger in North Carolina. 

    Not to take away from Raleigh Times, though.  They still serve a mighty fine burger.

  • Carver
    05/08 05:11 PM

    TASTY stuff 4 shore!

  • Kevin
    05/08 05:15 PM

    Acme in Carrboro has a pretty awesome burger.  Fresh ground American Kobe Beef.  It’s pretty amazing, although sometimes I have to take off some of the stuff they add.  I’ve dared myself all the way down to rare with this burger and still didn’t regret it.

  • Burger Man
    05/08 05:39 PM

    RT is good, but have to give props to Fat Daddy’s. They also grind their own meat onsite and bake their bread fresh.

  • raleighgirl
    05/08 06:11 PM

    Player’s Retreat is absolutely the best around.  They grind the meat there, so you can get it less done.  DELICIOUS!!!!

  • jzhz
    05/08 06:52 PM

    I don’t like the bread at Raleigh Times, but the Joyce in Durham (Gaelic burger) has it down perfectly.

  • roi
    05/08 07:05 PM

    I agree with Kevin about the Acme burger in Carrboro, but the burgers at Tylers in Carrboro are slso very good.  In Raleigh the PR (Players Retreat) and Crowleys off Dixie Trail at Medlin Drive are excellent….the best.

  • J V
    05/08 07:17 PM

    I love the Raleigh Times very much, but I’d have to say I think The Borough has a very amazing burger. Inside the beltline, this would be my vote…mmmm.

  • Seann
    05/08 08:38 PM

    Mo Joes!1!!  Can’t beat it.

  • MMI
    05/08 09:25 PM

    Consider this a 2nd for PR’s.  Mmm…

  • jean
    05/08 11:26 PM

    how about Porter’s?

  • JT
    05/08 11:31 PM

    Raleigh Times and Porters are both my favorites.  Good deal.

  • Miles
    05/08 11:39 PM

    Nothing makes me happier/more surprised than to see some Crowley’s love on NEW RALEIGH.
    Big ups to the OG Bar scene.
    Crowleys / Two T’s / Sir Dankenstein’s

  • editaur
    05/09 12:28 PM

    Thirding Players Retreat.

  • Jennifer
    05/09 12:28 PM

    Miles, Sir Dankenstein’s?  Explain please.

  • zack
    05/09 12:52 PM

    Dain’s in Durham on 9th street has awesome burgers

  • Ron
    05/09 02:50 PM

    Hmm, tough call here.  When I’m in a burger mood I typically end up at Char-grill or Five Guys, haven’t tried the RT burger yet.  Busy Bee’s burger is pretty tasty, don’t really even need condiments for it.  Raleigh is getting better at food but still has a ways to go!  Lots of decent places but need to get some GREAT places in the city.

  • Nate
    05/09 05:51 PM

    The Village Draft House/Six Forks Tap Room have have the best selection and tastiest burgers that I’ve had!  Black and Bleu anyone?

  • Victor
    05/09 06:43 PM

    I’ve always recommended the burger at Player’s Retreat, will have to give the one at Raleigh Times a shot.

  • The Jenius
    05/10 11:00 AM

    Silly Raleigh, Silly Food Network. The best burger in town is the Carolina burger at Cloos - fully equipped with chili and slaw. Dan personally includes that extra dash of love that every grill needs.

    The Greek dressing is also top-notch and homemade.

  • roi
    05/10 01:09 PM

    I have never heard of Cloos….where is the location?

  • Micah
    05/10 03:12 PM

    Cloos Coney Island is in the back part of Mission Valley in the building where the Kerr Drug is.  It has been there for over 20 years, and Dan Cloos the owner is working nearly every time I go there.

  • oh yeah
    05/10 03:55 PM

    Empire sure has a hard working publicist.

  • Brian
    05/10 05:07 PM

    Hell, I can name three better burgers within a mile of the Times:  PR, Burger Hut, and the Borough.

  • jay_sikes
    05/10 06:27 PM

    i’ve never had the burgers at RT but everything else i’ve had was AMAZING. so this is no surprise.

  • burgers
    05/11 09:55 AM

    I would have to say that although the times has ok food, and by ok I mean bottom of the rung products spruced up and served over priced.  Come on people just because Hadem and Empire own something and their publicist says its the best burger does not mean that it is.  What the hell does food network know anyway?  They have idiots like Rach. Ray, Emeril, and Bobby Flay.  I think if it was not for the empire name the best burger in town would in no way shape or form be at the raleigh times.  Come on, there are places that make much better burgers and at a better price.  Unless of course you like to spend alot of money on ground beef, but if your going to the times you must like to piss away money anyway.

  • Bill
    05/11 10:51 AM

    The Busy Bee has a solid burger. 
    Raleigh Times.
    The Angus Barn (burger NOT steak).

  • gd
    05/11 11:05 AM

    Lots of salty people in here…

  • D Nicholas
    05/11 11:45 AM

    PLayer’s Retreat! Best burger in the Triangle! And no fufu stuff you have to take off. And the largest selection of scotch in the state to wash it down!

  • Jeff
    05/11 12:46 PM

    Lists sell.

  • neal2zod
    05/11 01:11 PM

    hey ‘burgers’ -  1)if you say there’s “much better burgers and at a better price”, then please tell us where. That’s what this board is for. 2) exactly why are Rachael Ray, Emeril, and Bobby Flay “idiots”? They’re obviously doing something right. 3) So did you work for Empire back in the day or something?

  • wg
    05/11 02:05 PM

    players retreat.  hands down.
    secondly, fat daddys….

  • Sam
    05/11 02:39 PM

    It’s all about ingredients. I would be afraid to know how many RTBs are floating around in my arteries, probably in the three digits.. it’s the quality of beef, fresh veggies and side of Gaffel that make it so damn good.

  • Jess
    05/11 03:25 PM

    tir na nog has the best burger downtown…

  • Doug
    05/11 03:59 PM

    I know it’s not in the Raleigh city limits, but Abby Road in Cary has unbelievable burgers with cheeky Beetles names.  If you can bring yourself to slum it in Cary ;-)

  • Us
    05/11 05:06 PM

    Has no one tried the fried green tomato at the Busy Bee?  OMG it will knock your socks off, AND you get a side.  I used to love the RT (and porters and PR) burgers but I just can’t seem to get away from that fried green tomato burger, it’s delicious.  Plus I always get pissed off that I don’t get a side at the RT’s.

  • tc
    05/11 06:40 PM

    I’ve tried the Fried Green Tomato Burger. 

    It’s pretty good, but it didn’t knock my socks off.

  • curious
    05/11 07:12 PM

    How about Hayes Barton…?

  • Micah
    05/11 10:38 PM

    You get a side at the Times, it is just a little more than a tablespoon though.

  • Tom
    05/12 12:47 AM

    Agree with Micah, Cloos makes a great burger!

  • John
    05/12 01:48 PM

    I haven’t eaten a Players Retreat burger but I have had several at the Times, Mojos, Hi-5, Tir na nog, Hibernian and the Village Draft House chain. I also recently tried the Fried Green mater one at Busy Bee and a burger at Boylan Bridge. At the end of the day, I don’t find the Times to be any better than most of the others mentioned. I just think Empire Eats does a good job at promoting itself in the media hence the reason we have seen The Pit on TV and national shows several times already in their short existence. Don’t get me wrong - RT and The Pit do have great food but I find a cheap burger at Mojos or Five Guys just as enjoyable.

  • JD
    05/12 02:16 PM

    Abbey Road in Cary, end of story.  Trust me, I know every burger in the Triangle.

  • jessica
    05/12 04:55 PM

    Porter’s, the burger hut, and harrison’s in cary are all much better than the RT burger. As is Cloo’s. But remember the Food Network is responsible for Rachel Ray, so ‘nuff said.

  • jessica
    05/12 04:58 PM

    I forgot—yes the PR has a good burger.

  • Joshua
    05/13 12:49 AM

    i’m liking busy bee’s burger with the fried onions on it

  • Joshua
    05/13 12:54 AM

    and times’ burger is good too. but in its first couple of months, it included fries on the side. bring back the free fries!

  • arthurb3
    05/13 11:01 AM

    Yes,“Oh Yeah” Empire sure does have a hard working publicist. Most of these list are subsidized by advertising.

  • Anton
    05/13 06:26 PM

    My vote is for PR. Take the advice on the menu and get it rare!

    If you like bone chips in your burger then I recommend Char Grill. I, however, am not a big bone fan.

  • Maria
    05/14 01:52 PM

    They have the BEST avocado grilled cheese sandwich. I also love the vibe in there…very mellow. :)

  • tony spencer
    05/14 04:36 PM

    Side note: RT has the best veggie burger. I’m not a vegetarian, I like the bloody variety, but I tend to always get the veggie at the Times

  • BrkmB
    05/15 10:42 AM

    The best burger hands down in Raleigh is at The Globe on Glenwood Ave.  It’s so good you want to skip the mayo/mustard/ketchup.  It’s like the burgers you always hear about and think can their meat be that superior . . . oh yeah it is!  Someone from another downtown Raleigh restaurant recommended it (don’t want to name him b/c his boss wouldn’t be too happy).  Raleigh Times and Falls Tap Room would be my next choices.  I’ll eat at Five Guys, Char-Grill and MoJoe’s but then we’re talking about a different class of burger - those would be among the best of the not fast food but not gourmet.

  • Devin
    05/15 01:43 PM

    i’m surprised that only one person has mentioned hayes-barton pharmacy, that place is amazing… also i haven’t been there in a long time, but what about person street pharmacy?

  • busyindeed
    05/17 04:08 PM

    I think the Burough has an amazing burger, though the toppings are a bit much.

    I love mojoes too, of course, but the meat quality is on the same level.

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