Raleighwood Sign Pops Up on Hillsborough Street

Raleighwood Sign Pops Up on Hillsborough Street

November, 18, 2010, by Jedidiah

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photo by John Morris

John Morris over at Goodnight, Raleigh! spotted a new art piece on Hillsborough Street this week; Raleigh’s own version of the iconic Hollywood sign. We have a clue who the artist is but not sure how long it will last. Considered most guerilla art in Raleigh (and in cities in general), it’ll probably be gone by week’s end. Good thing John took some fabulous photos.

Check out the full post over at Goodnight, Raleigh!


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  • Jeff
    11/18 02:40 PM

    while this is funny and interesting, the real issue should be the stupid pile of dirt sitting on a street taxpayers just spent money (and inconvenience) to revitalize.

  • claire_h
    11/18 03:47 PM

    I am well aware who is responsible:) LOVE IT!

  • Arthurb3
    11/18 05:58 PM

    Noticed the solar lights the other day. It seems the sign just appear in the past day or so?

  • City-Zen
    11/18 06:44 PM

    THIS. IS. THE. BEST. THING. EVER. If they take it down i will not only be upset I’m gonna go on a murderous rampage through the triangle!

  • 150
    11/19 10:06 AM

    ^^ Whoa, whoa, whoa. “Best thing ever”???  Come on.  This “guerilla art”, as the kids today call it, is pretty lame if you ask me (this one isn’t even creative).  It doesn’t accomplish anything, and seems like a cry for attention.
    At least this one didn’t involve stealing or vandalism, like the previous “art” that gets praised by this website.
    Any guesses what the next thing will be?  My money is on a replica of the NCSU Belltower, made entirely of Four Loko cans.

  • Carl
    11/19 01:10 PM

    “Any guesses what the next thing will be? “

      A bicycle carriage ride piloted by Sir Walter Raleigh drinking a Cherry Bounce out of First Friday koozie.

  • Arthurb3
    11/19 01:40 PM

    Oh Carl! You are so randy!

  • tony
    11/19 01:51 PM

    @ 150

    “It doesn’t accomplish anything, and seems like a cry for attention.”

    So it should be functional and quiet. You sound like the lame one if you ask me. You realize it’s placed on top of a giant mound of dirt that’s been sitting there for years?

    More Four Loko jokes, go!

  • 'randy' Carl
    11/19 02:36 PM

    ” Any guess what the next thing will be ? “

    Aging Hipsters (think 42 year old in a Dillon Fence t-shirt) breakdancing out in front of Loco Pops to the
    mash up sounds of MegaFaun and Carolina Chocolate Drops.

  • DPK
    11/19 04:38 PM

    Drove by last night and the lights were all scattered around.  Saw someone up on the big hill.


  • Art
    11/19 09:46 PM

    “150?”  What does that even mean?  Lame?

  • coalwagon
    11/19 10:02 PM

    you guys are WACK. stop taking yourselves so damn seriously, holy smokes!!

    this “installment,” or whatever I can call it without everyone getting twisted knickers, is pure fun.

  • Hudson Haines
    11/20 01:34 AM

    I snagged a pretty good shot of it tonight. Enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/huddy331/5190743533/

  • moreArtPlease
    11/25 02:51 AM

    Drove by it today. It’s a terrific little piece; we’re lucky to live in a place that has folks that look at a big silly dirt pile and think “You know, I could…”

    It’s great.

  • Kevin
    11/25 12:17 PM

    What is the plan for this area of Hillsborough St.? They tore down some old buildings and replaced them with this big pile of dirt. Now I noticed that the comic book store has a closing sale. I had heard NCSU will be building University Towers 2 somewhere around here. Will Pantana Bob’s and the comic book store be going away to make room for the new dorms too?

  • ncmyk
    11/30 11:10 AM

    wow, rumor mill much?

    first, the taxpayer street revitization runs out blocks before you get to this site.

    second, whoever thinks this pile of dirt’s been here for years is mistaking it with the pile of dirt at the vet school.

    third, ncsu does not and has not owned university towers and therefore will not be building a universit towers 2.

    none of this revitization is going to occur with tax payer money or the university.  its going to be built with private money.  there will eventually be a new highrise student housing back near the rail road and the pile of dirt and old buildings will be replaced with mixed use buildings on the street with ground level retail and restaurants.

  • arthurb3
    12/08 11:52 AM

    The sign has MIA for about a week!

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