RDU International Airport Using Full-Body Scanners

RDU International Airport Using Full-Body Scanners

November, 21, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Planning on traveling put of RDU International Airport this week for Thanksgiving or over the Christmas holidays? Be sure to factor in a few more minutes into your travel time because RDU is one of 68 airports using some of the 385 advanced imaging full-body scanners which are already installed in airports across the country for the holiday season. We hear they are currently four scanners in Terminal 2 and one scanner in Terminal 1.

RDU has been using the full-body scanners for almost a year now, but expect more passengers to be subject to this type of security clearance before moving forward this year. You do have the option to deny the full-body scanners, but you will then receive a full-body pat down instead. So, once again, think about all of this when proceeding through airports across the country over the holidays because travel time will definitely be affected and delays are to be expected. Or, just share your pat-down with Loopt and you may win a free iPod.....iOdd.

Q. Is imaging technology optional?
A. Yes, imaging technology screening is optional for all passengers. Passengers who do not wish to receive imagining technology screening will receive alternative screening, including a physical pat-down.

Full info on the full-body scanners and the airports they are currently being used in here.


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  • A
    11/21 05:45 PM

    Do you seriously think linking to the TSA’s FAQ is the same thing as linking to “full info on the full-body scanners”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s fully sanitized info, scrubbed clean of all sorts of unsettling information the TSA doesn’t want the traveling public to know.

  • Jason!
    11/21 06:07 PM

    So, are these backscatter scanner (which use X-rays) or millimeter wave scanners (which don’t).  The photo used depicts the resulting image from a millimeter wave scanner, but that probably doesn’t mean anything.

    I take it the full body pat-down is also the “enhanced interrogation”... I mean “enhanced pat-down” where they grab your nuts (assuming you have them) and everything.

  • JK
    11/21 06:13 PM

    The most invasive search is neither automatically the most effective nor the most useful. I’d still love to know who got the kickback from these machines being installed, seeing as metal detectors and sniffer dogs have a better track record of success.

  • The other 249 passengers on your flight
    11/21 07:34 PM

    If you dont like it, dont fly.

  • RaleighMAC
    11/22 01:09 AM

    To the “other 249 passengers on your flight”... Umm… no, sir or ma’am. I’m afraid you’re missing the point. Not only is this “technology” overly invasive, it is also a proven waste of time, and a yet another unnecessary step in the TSA’s continued quest for the “world’s least-efficient, most time-consuming” award. These scanners really don’t find anything a metal detector already doesn’t. So please, before you speak for the “249 other passengers on your flight,” realize that I am one of those other passengers, and am smart enough to know that full body scans are not the answer to safer flying…

  • one of the other 248 passengers
    11/22 11:34 AM

    I’m with him/ her… if you’re not ok with airport security, take the train.

  • DPK
    11/22 02:06 PM

    @one of the other 248 passengers:

    What are you going to say when some terrorist smuggles a bomb up their butt and now we’re all required to get rectal exams before boarding?  Don’t like the anal probe so don’t fly?

    It’s all security theater.  Our rights are slowly being taken away from under us.

  • the guy in seat 15b
    11/22 02:29 PM

    ^^^^i’ll take the guys advice and simply not fly.

  • mgd
    11/23 10:14 AM

    Stop complaining about nut grabbing and walk through the damn scanner or go home.  Its that simple.

    @RaleighMAC the purpose of this scanner is to find all items hidden under your cloths, which includes non-ferrous objects.  Shivs, powder, gels, ect.  So please, before you speak for the ...

  • Bootlicker Extraordinaire
    11/23 04:40 PM

    A random TSA agent I will never see again in my life seeing a low-res, pseudo naked image of me for a few seconds is an affront to my dignity somewhere between pissing in a public urinal and getting picked for the skins team instead of shirts in high school gym class.

    Full Body Scanners don’t even make the top ten list of stupid Airline / TSA rules.

  • Mike Oxmall
    11/23 05:10 PM

    But they’ll see my pee pee!

  • The captain of the F'n plane
    11/23 09:01 PM

    beautiful bootlicker extraordinaire.  well said.

  • marcus
    11/24 04:14 PM


    Chertoff Group received payment to promote these machines to Chertoff’s former employer the Dept of Homeland Security.  He even did so after the underwear bomber without revealing that he was working for a company that were working for their implementation.

    further more,

    This year, L-3 Communications reported lobbying on nearly two dozen bills, ranging from homeland security appropriations to military construction. Among the bills targeted by L-3 lobbyists: legislation proposed by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, that would limit the use of the scanners at airports as a backup measure only.
    Chaffetz’s measure passed the House last year, but it stalled in the Senate after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s alleged attempt in December 2009 to ignite an explosive powder on a flight to Detroit.
    The attempted bombing contributed to the bill’s demise, Chaffetz said, “But I also routinely heard that ‘Secretary Chertoff believes this is the right thing to do. Who are you to challenge him?’ “

  • youngin
    11/29 12:10 PM

    having a full body scan can help save someone you know the world as we know it is changing you can either get with it are bitch about it   .

  • JeffS
    11/29 12:23 PM

    Sorry, but that’s weak. Putting a camera in everyone’s house and car would help save a life - but that doesn’t make it right.

    I’m disappointed at the number of sheep who will seemingly go along with anything if you mention terrorism.

    This is all a smokescreen to keep you scared and distracted. Just about everything you do has a greater risk of death than a terrorist attack.

  • K
    12/03 07:19 PM

    SO how many of you complainingabout losing a little privacy lost someone in the attacks?....

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