Rebecca Ward at CAM Raleigh

Rebecca Ward Opens at CAM

July, 29, 2011, by David

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CAM Raleigh's second round of installations begin as Brooklyn's Rebecca Ward takes over the Independent Weekly Gallery as the next artist featured in the Emerging Artist Series. The young artist has brought miles of tape along with found objects and patterned paintings to take over the basement to create an entirely new experience out of that space. As you walk through the museum and cross the perforated bridge you see big stripes of color running across the floor of the basement gallery. 

The heavy bands of tape feel more like paint as they spill across the floor and wrap up the walls. The figure ground relationship vibrates as Ward twists the walls with grids that imply unnatural perspectives and sloped floors.  It is only when the tape pulls off of the wall and crosses through open space that the viewer realizes this isn't paint on a surface but vectors of color cascading through the space.  The experience is one of TRON or laser light shows and the aesthetic only breaks that tradition when the larger pieces intersect smaller placed works that bring more organic textures into the foreground.


Ward is a gift from the CAM staff, selecting a young artist who, like her contemporary upstairs, is more interested in installation's effect on architecture and space than as object.  If this show is any indication, the non-collecting status for CAM is a gift in disguise as curators will be constantly forced to find new imports for Raleigh to sample. 

Rebecca Ward's show thickly sliced opens today with a reception from 4-6:30pm. The show will remain through October. 


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