Redress Raleigh Saturday at Flander’s Art Gallery

April, 13, 2010, by Katie Little

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Redress Raleigh is the Triangle’s premier ecologically-conscious fashion show, showcasing both established and up-and-coming designers.  The 2nd annual event will be held on Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 7p.m. until 9p.m. at Flander’s Art Gallery in Raleigh. Check out photos and more of 2009’s show over at Goodnight, Raleigh.

A stylish lineup of 15 forward-thinking designers will be unveiled at the Saturday evening happening:

Lindsay Kay -                                                                                                           
Lindsay Kay, an up-and-coming designer who was a participant in Raleigh’s Whole Foods “Bag Out In Style” event, looks forward to debuting her line of eco-conscious clothing fashioned from sustainable textiles for the Redress Raleigh event.

Crystal Pickard -                                                                                                               
Designer Crystal Pickard, who plans to hone her fashion skills in Paris this summer, says, “I look forward to Redress Raleigh as an opportunity to educate our community about environmentally responsible clothing and to showcase eco-friendly fashion.”

Nicole Falchi & Daniella Wartner -                                                                                        
Partners-in-crime Nicole Falchi & Daniella Wartner both spent time studying fashion in Florence, Italy, and have teamed up to create a line of eco-friendly fashions for the Redress show.  “I’m so excited to start the creation process (with Daniella) and be part of Redress Raleigh,” says Falchi, “I look forward to showcasing a line that transforms traditional and non-traditional items into chic, wearable art!”

Riverbasin Outfitters -
River Takada-Capel, creator and designer of Riverbasin Outfitters, sells her clothing at Roulette Vintage in Carrboro.  Takada-Capel focuses on creating fashion that she terms “Eco.Eco”—clothing that is both ecological and economical.  “Riverbasin strives to set a company standard of making wearable, expressive, handmade garments and accessories available to all who share an appreciation for the Earth and fashion,” describes Takada-Capel.  Her collection for Redress is based on dying and printing re-purposed bed sheets, and creating breezy wearables for spring.  “The women behind Redress Raleigh are such a treat to work with,” she says, “I’m so excited about seeing all the shows myself and hopefully doing some shopping afterward from local designers!”

Allison Szatek -                                                                                                               
Designer Allison Szatek discovered her love for fashion at a young age:  “Since I was a little girl,” she quips, “I have always loved being creative, unique, and willing to try new things.  It was only time before fashion design fell into my lap and it became a passion.”  As a veteran designer for the event, Szatek communicates, “I think Redress Raleigh is an excellent fashion show that has many opportunities for both the designers and the audience.  It allows us to be innovative with materials and design to create an eco-friendly collection, and show the audience how sustainable clothing can still be fashionable and exciting.”

Courtney Schaffer -                                                                                                         
Emerging designer Courtney Schaffer similarly voices, “Art and fashion play an enormous role in my life.  Since I could hold a crayon, marker, paint brush, and suchlike, I’ve been creating art.  I believe that fashion is about creating something new, fun, and exciting, and that is exactly what I plan to do in my line for the Redress Raleigh show.”

Jackie Almeter -                                                                                                              
Student designer Jackie Almeter (she’s only 16) sells her clothing on Etsy, and has been designing and selling jewelry since she was 10-years-old.  Almeter is excited to be exhibiting her talent for the first time on the runway at the upcoming happening:  “Redress Raleigh is my first clothing show, and eco-friendly design will be a challenge and an opportunity.  Environmentally friendly clothing is a concept grounded in protecting the earth, and I am thrilled I am taking part in the beginning stages of this movement.”

Rima L’Amir -
Politically-minded Rima L’Amir feels it is her mission as a designer to challenge the fashion industry’s exploitation of the environment.  “I would like to create (clothing) in a manner that is aesthetically stimulating and eco-friendly, rather than ubiquitous and unjust,” says L’Amir. “I am thrilled about participating in Redress Raleigh for the first time, and hope that my collection will reflect a collage of recycled past and sustainable beauty,” she comments.

Brittany Erb & Katy Robb -                                                                                                  
Award-winning design duo and veterans of the runway, Brittany Erb and Katy Robb are taking a fresh approach to fashion, appealing to a more mature demographic this time around.  “In our line we are going to recycle old furniture fabrics, brocades, suedes and vinyls, to create our garments.  With these fabrics we want to revolutionize what women ages 35-50 are wearing.  We are going to create better fitting clothes for these women with design elements, such as line and balance, that grab the attention of everyone they pass,” say the duo of their line for Redress.

Keira Flood -
Keira Flood has been designing clothing in the same blue notebook since the age of 12.  “It is the same blue notebook that I still have and use to this day,” says Flood.  On her collection for Redress:  “Fashion can come from anything around us with the right ideas and proper direction and execution.  It is my responsibility to use my creativity to come up with new ways in which I can help protect my planet by being less wasteful & environmentally conscious.”

Grace McFarland –                                                                                                           Grace McFarland is a returning designer to this year’s show.  She has designed a collection of dresses that use recycled fabrics & eco-friendly production processes to create the garments.  Her use of natural dyes gives her collection a uniquely organic, yet sophisticated feel.

Christy Michal – 
Christy Michal, a newcomer to Redress Raleigh, has been working hard to develop a line that she terms ‘fantasy on the runway.’ “One of my favorite aspects about fashion and art is making the surreal real,” says Michal, “I’m thrilled to showcase that beautiful clothing can be made from eco-friendly materials and methods.”

Payton-Alexis Brown –
Since founding her business two years ago, Raleigh native Payton-Alexis Brown has been dedicated to using pre-existing fabrics, unique vintage finds, and eco-friendly materials to create her clothing line.  She looks forward to debuting her first runway collection this year at Redress Raleigh.  “Many people don’t realize that it’s often cheaper to re-use (fabrics), and you can truly make anything from a t-shirt to your wedding gown out of recycled fibers.  This is the mission I set out to prove through Redress Raleigh, focusing on the artistic possibilities of recycled clothing to create a collection somewhere between ready-to-wear and avant garde,” says Brown.

Rocket Betty Designs –
Established designer Margo Scott, owner of Rocket Betty Designs, creates stunning one-of-a-kind vintage inspired fashions.  Her line, ‘Tiki Revisited by Margo Scott,’ will be showcased at the upcoming Redress show.  Her collection, inspired by the glorious tiki bars of yesteryear, will feature a mix of up cycled and eco-friendly fabrics.

Good Girls Studio –                                                                                                          
Raleigh design darling, Johanna Ely, refashions exquisite accessories from vintage jewelry and her own unique finds.  Each of her eco-friendly designs is one-of-a-kind.  “Working with Redress Raleigh has pushed me further in my creative process to see beyond the limits of functionality—in terms of what something was used for in its past life, & give it a new purpose as it is reincarnated into a unique piece of jewelry ,” says Ely of her soon to be revealed collection.

Redress is part of the Planet Earth Celebration, a day-long festival in downtown Raleigh April 17th that focuses on sustainability and the environment.  Proceeds from the charitable event go to benefit the 3 host organizations that produce the show:  MorLove, Revamp, & NC Triangle Emerging Green Builders.

Redress Raleigh activities include:  a Green Bazaar in Bicentennial Plaza in downtown Raleigh from 11a.m.-5p.m., a cocktail hour at Tantra from 5p.m.-6:30p.m., the Redress Raleigh fashion show at Flander’s Art Gallery from 7p.m.-9p.m., and an after party at Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern from 11p.m.–until.  Tickets for the show may be purchased in advance here. Tickets bought online will be available for pick-up at the door on the day of the event.

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