Remedy Diner Opening Monday March 2nd

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February, 21, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Although Raleigh is a metropolitan city, there are a handful of companies in downtown that still give it the small town feel. It’s quite nice to see a note on Stuff Consignment’s door saying “Be Back in 15 minutes” and other locally owned business informing the public on their plans through a simple handwritten sign rather than a large formal announcement or press conference. Remedy Diner has continued this by posting their opening date with a small sign on their front door written in green (and yellow) marker. Monday March 2nd is the date and good food looks to be the plan at the former Roly Poly space.

Back in January, Remedy Diner (owned by Double Negative guitarist Scott Williams and girlfriend, Angie Holder) posted their menu to rave reviews by lots of local vegetarians. Few places cater to the veggie crowd as Remedy looks to with Veggie Dogs, Veggie Meatball sub, a handful or salads and many more vegetarian selections. Meat lovers, don’t worry, there is a large selection for you too. And an all day breakfast menu?! I think this is the first restaurant in downtown to offer that (Flying Biscuit excluded). The one sad part is no Sunday brunch hours….yet.

See the menu here.

Monday-Thursday 11:00am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00am-12am

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  • wg
    02/21 11:01 PM

    does anyone know, are they hiring kitchen management?

  • Lisa Jeffries
    02/23 02:49 PM


    Wish they had been open this past Saturday when the girls and I needed a quick brunch/lunch option Downtown!

  • scoop
    02/23 06:15 PM

    I went by today and left a pen that works to cure their ailing sign-legibility problem, but I think a bum picked it up.

  • justice
    02/26 09:59 AM

    the menu looks ok.  I have no problem with veggies or veg heads.  But as I learned from working in a kitchen with a few there are a ton more options for sandwhiches then a bunch of raw veggies on a price of bread smothered with a mayo derivitive.  Which as we know has eggs in it.  I love the idea and location just seems as though you need to really open up and have more then just veggies for the veg heads cause they want more.  Options are so great from fake sausage to tempeh to fake duck.  I just feel if you are going to push to be known as a veg head location. You should open up to the possibility that just because they don’t eat meat doesn’t mean they don’t want the protien.  Otherwise it looks awesome can wait to head down and eat some lunch.  Hopefully the chef will allow the cook who is a vegan to make some of her amazing meat free dishes she turned me Into a beleiver.  Squeeze a beet it bleeds.

  • TS
    02/27 11:37 AM

    I just reviewed the menu and as a vegetarian, I am very happy with the choices they are offering.  They have far more than just the raw veggies on bread that Justice mentioned.  Did you read the whole menu??  They have Vegetarian chicken salad, Veggie meatballs, Fake bacon & sausage, and Veggie hot dogs.  All great options that no where else in Raleigh is offering.  For the record, what diner/casual restaurant is going to serve duck or fake duck?! 

    I haven’t read anywhere that the Remedy is pushing anything to vegetarians.  Are you basing your statement on what you read on the New Raleigh blog?  Also, why don’t you let the owners/chefs dictate what they want to serve, not what you feel should be served.  Not to mention, the place isn’t even open yet!  Give them a chance before you start critiquing every choice they have made.  I’m sure they have done plenty of research to determine what is the best fare to serve. 

    And Scoop, is that even necessary to post?

    All I know is that I am thrilled to have a new casual, reasonably priced restaurant to go to.  And the fact that they offer a lot of vegetarians options is a bonus.

  • Cardello
    02/27 12:11 PM

    Can’t wait for this to open. I wish the bar was open later than 12:00.

  • amanda
    02/27 03:20 PM

    They have fake bacon and fake sausage and also they are using Veganaise which is mayo without animal products. Read more closely before you make comments.

  • PurpleRain
    02/27 03:41 PM

    Just a note..I think it is very important to remember the past articles that this diner did not install hoods in the location due to exorbitant costs.  Per the health department, this limits their choices in kitchen equipment installations. In turn, this trickles down to menu limitations. I think the owners (not speaking for them, just going from what I have observed) are trying to provide an atmosphere that is smoke free, wallet friendly, and inclusive. Considering the limitations, I think this menu is a good starting point. Hopefully Raleigh locals will appreciate local businesses giving a nod to current economic situations and being practical and reasonable.
    Si se puede.

  • eagle
    02/27 03:44 PM


    there is a fryer now!

  • Carrie
    02/27 03:45 PM

    Opening day is Monday 3/2!  Hope to see you all there trying out all the items on the menu!

  • Erin
    03/01 04:03 AM

    They might end up staying open til 2am. It depends on how busy they are. The owners told me that if enough people show up, they’ll keep serving food and alcohol til 2!

  • Joel
    03/01 02:59 PM

    It’s easy to be a critic.

    I wish them the best and can’t wait to give them a try. Working in downtown almost every day, I’m very excited about grabbing a quick lunch at The Remedy.

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