Remembrance Ceremony for Peter Eichenberger Saturday

Remembrance Ceremony for Peter Eichenberger Saturday

November, 29, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Photo by Natalie Ross

The sad news of Peter’s death is still settling here at New Raleigh and we thought we’d pass on the news that a Remembrance Ceremony will be held on Saturday December 4th at 11am at Burning Coal Theatre in Downtown Raleigh. A fitting setting for a tribute to such a passionate man but I’m not sure the space will be able to handle the crowd.

Burning Coal Theatre
224 Polk Street
Raleigh, NC 27604-1260
(919) 834-4001

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  • Adrian Hands
    11/30 05:14 AM

    (Great photo!)

  • Anne Russell
    11/30 10:08 AM

    Betty, down here in Wilmington I feel a loss reading of Peter’s death.  When we would happen upon each other, iconoclastic Peter made political Raleigh palatable for me, since both of us had one foot in the “establishment” and the other foot in freedom of expression, however politically incorrect.  I was born in Raleigh but always felt like a marginal person there, and Peter gave me a sense of camaraderie.  He was born into a unique family, with unique sensibilities, and his shoes can never be filled.  (Anne (formerly Twiggs) Russell)

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