‘Retail Pavilions’ Approved for City Plaza

August, 08, 2007, by David

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The pulse of downtown has quickened and one can predict the positives of yesterday’s council approval of the design phase for four glass retail pavilions. These spaces are somewhat reminiscent of the NYC Apple cube as they rise from the ground within an open square. We look forward to seeing more as the plans develop.  The Simpson Organization is responsible for the space- owning the proximal Bank of America building.

Click the image above to see the whole scene.

There is a 5 million dollar gap in the money the city council has approved (16 million) and the budget (21 million) for this project.  The council has asked Russell Allen, City Manager, to find a way to meet that budgetary gap. One of the recommended solutions is cutting the extent of this plan, the first thing we would see removed would be the lighting, concert facilities, and water/fountain features.  Don’t let this happen, contact your council member and let them know you need the project fully financed. The council meets to make its decision on September 5th, so now is the time to let them know. If this project gets partially funded it seems the first thing the city will loose are the portions that the public will enjoy most.

The City Plaza will be a public gathering place designed to reinforce Raleigh’s image as being one of the most livable, high-tech cities in the country. It will be configured to accommodate a number of public events, including parades, markets and shows, while preserving the view along Fayetteville Street between the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts and the Capitol. Under a preliminary timetable, the City expects to begin construction of the City Plaza this fall. Completion of the plaza will coincide with the opening of the new 500,000-square-foot downtown convention center in the fall of 2008.

Design elements of the plaza include flexible seating, water features, trees and shade structures, high-quality paving and dramatic lighting. The design includes four light towers and bollards with underside lighting that will be placed on both sides of the Fayetteville Street rights-of-way. The light towers will be designed to allow for projection equipment that can provide varying levels of light for a variety of events. Details of the light towers and bollards are being designed in collaboration with North Carolina artist Jim Gallucci, a member of the design team for the City Plaza.

Basic Plan:


Click the images above to see the big picture.
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  • Chad
    08/08 06:36 PM

    I’m very interested in seeing the plans for these as they become available. Does anyone know the size of each of the pavilions?

  • David
    08/08 06:43 PM

    the second image blows up for the whole plan

  • Barden
    08/08 07:33 PM

    David Bracken from the N&O; blogged about this as it relates to the City Council’s pechant for architecture and design. Who knew?

  • Barden
    08/08 08:15 PM

    I’ve contacted mine…and a few that weren’t mine.

  • Mark
    08/09 04:20 AM

    Dave, bravo on the image interface.  These pavilions will do well to come out like Apple’s NYC store, but I doubt Peter Bohlin will take up this one.  Judging by the rendering they look more like Arby’s right now. 

    The idea for the overall scheme here does not excite me terribly, but I suppose it is good that the city is sticking with their rejection of Plensa’s proposal and not doing some watered down version of that idea.

    The real issue here is whether to extend Fayetteville Street (this scheme,) or terminate it somehow (Plensa’s scheme.)  I could see an argument for either.

    What I like about this scheme is that you can open the space for automobile traffic, or easily block it off for pedestrian event (and it won’t feel like you are standing in the street.)

    Also, is that Rocky IV?

  • erin
    08/09 01:20 PM

    reminds me of that street in santa monica where the road sort of widens int he middle to go around a small cafe or newspaper/magazine stand.  id like the pavillions to be more like stands than free-standing stores.

  • Mark
    08/09 02:07 PM

    Like this?  There is a lot of competition going on in this proposal between the various elements; pavilions, light towers, fountains, terraces, bollards, and different ‘spillings’ from the buildings bordering the plaza.  I have to agree that these pavilions want to feel more temporary.  I can appreciate the notion for them to be all glass and to disappear architecturally, but from these renderings it looks instead like they will be quite top-heavy, with canopies popping off the sides.  I wonder if this plaza at night will look like Coney Island in the winter because of these permanent structures.

  • jz
    08/09 02:20 PM

    Maybe they should get John Kane involved if they need funding.  Looks on par with North Hills anyway.  Raleighhasnogonads…...

  • Jedidiah
    08/09 05:30 PM

    yay watercolor!

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