Rickshaw Confessions Week One Video

December, 26, 2008, by Jedidiah

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We reported recently about the new collaboration between NBC-17/MyNC and Raleigh Rickshaw, Rickshaw Confessions. Below is the first week of videos that highlights the best and worst Christmas presents from a handful of Rickshaw riders. There’s also some silly video of a couple of Rickshaw drivers on the streets of Downtown Raleigh.

Take a look and tell us what you think about the first installment…

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  • dillyb43
    12/26 09:11 PM

    snoooooze.  i don’t think i’ll bother with that again.

  • DPK
    12/27 02:23 AM

    Alrighty then…

  • Lisa Jeffries
    12/29 12:32 PM

    That was the best content? Hmm… I need to convince some of my funnier Downtowners to take a rickshaw ride some time!

  • JLV
    12/30 03:08 PM

    That was painful.

  • Davis
    01/05 06:14 PM

    I thought this was funny to all you other negative people above….and those merry christmas girls were pretty sexy

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