Robert Plant Coming Back to Raleigh

Robert Plant Coming Back to Raleigh

November, 16, 2010, by Jedidiah

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It looks like former Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant will be coming back to Raleigh to perform at Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday, February 2nd. Plant will be touring to support his new album Band of Joy, which was released in September. Plant and Allison Krauss came to Raleigh back in 2008 and performed at the RBC Center.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday, November 19 at 10am here. Ticket prices will be $45 and $65 (plus fees…WOW!).

Now, if only we could convince him to let Birds of Avalon open the show.

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Robert Plant

  • Kristen
    11/16 02:24 PM

    “Plant and Allison Krauss came to Raleigh back in 2008 and performed at the RBC Center on Wednesday, February 2.”

    Just some constructive feedback here…the way this sentence is currently written, it sounds like they performed on Wednesday, February 2 back in 2008. Not that this is the new date…which I realize is the case. You might want to clarify this.

    Also, yay Robert Plant!

  • Jedidiah
    11/16 02:31 PM

    Thanks Kristen. The date somehow ended up at the end of the wrong sentence. Fixed.

  • Steve
    11/17 11:18 AM

    Does anyone know the venue password?

  • mgd
    11/20 03:53 PM

    His new album is kind of boring.  The best part of him coming is North Mississippi Allstars are coming too. 

    I saw NMA at the Brewery in 2001.  The place was pack for the opener.  Must of been a local guy b/c everyone left after that leaving a hand full of people for NMA.

  • Dave Brainard
    11/30 10:54 AM

    Robert Plant ruined a perfectly good rock and roll band in the ‘70s and now he’s doing the same for country.

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