Rooster and The Design Get Music Gear Stolen - UPDATED x2

Rooster and The Design Get Music Gear Stolen - UPDATED x2

January, 21, 2010, by Jedidiah

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It seems that the local band bandits are back. Both Annuals and Double Negative had gear stolen from them back in December of ‘09 and now A Rooster for the Masses, The Design and about four other bands/DJs have been robbed.

All of the bands that have had gear stolen practiced in buildings that are owned by Joyner Realty Company. The buildings are off Capital Boulevard near The Cotton Mill. Word is that there has been talk of putting security cameras up and other security measures but none of this has happened or even moved forward since the last break-ins. One thing is for sure, very few bands will be using these spaces in the future.

The following gear was stolen from The Design:

Roland Fantom X-6 Keyboard
Roland SH-201 Synthesizer
80-gig iPod

And stolen from A Rooster for the Masses was:

Boss TU-3 Pedal
Boss DD-20 Pedal
Boss OD-20 Pedal
Line 6 MM4 Pedal
Line 6 Verbzilla Pedal
Boss GT3 Guitar Effects Processor
American Audio self-powered PA speakers
Alesis SR-16 drum machine with power adapter
SM-58 microphone

And 2 cold beers…no joke.

Both bands have upcoming shows (The Design at Lincoln Theatre on February 20 and A Rooster for the Masses a benefit for Haiti at the Pour House on February 4th) and may have to borrow a little gear, so if anyone can help let the bands know.

If you have any more information, contact us at or Adam from Rooster at

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  • Jess
    01/21 03:41 PM


  • sixfootmidget
    01/21 04:50 PM

    What dickbag steals a band"s gear?

  • Kevin
    01/21 05:27 PM

    I hope it turns up.

    I’m usually suspicious of friends of the band and landlords. 

    I think bands should take a lesson from the construction industry.  Buy some strong boxes and put your equipment in there when you’re not using it.  I understand your largest amp and drums may not fit.  A secured strong box is not easy to walk away with.

  • dud
    01/21 05:48 PM

    Yep blame the victims.  She was asking for it.

  • wes ar4tm
    01/21 05:51 PM

    6-7 bands total got hit not just Rooster and The Design.
    The thieves were arrogant enough to leave us a calling card as well.
    They obviously have a van or covered truck to haul a lot of gear away.

    Thanks for posting this Jed!!

  • Allison
    01/21 06:05 PM

    This is so wildly pathetic. Especially with Rooster being scheduled to play the Haiti benefit in a couple weeks. How heartless can a person be?

  • Andrew Munger
    01/21 07:18 PM

    I’m wondering if all these bands rent space in the same facility. I had a space years ago downtown (next door to the Roosters, at the time) and had some small but expensive items taken. The door was not broken, so I could only assume it was a maintenance worker. Of course, “There’s no way that could happen, I’d trust these guys with my life.”

    Yeah, sure.

  • Katherine Whitaker
    01/21 07:45 PM

    Yes, it’s the same facility. And if anyone has suggestions as to where The Design and Rooster for the Masses can move onto, please let us know. We’re all ears. I can’t believe this has happened so many times. First Annuals, now this. Grrrr.

  • Kevin
    01/21 07:52 PM


    Who’s blaming the victims?

  • Bob Holdcamp
    01/21 09:19 PM

    Inside Job ...

  • gd
    01/22 09:16 AM

    Theres the rehearsal spaces/studio spaces off of West St -(the peace st. side) 2 buildings full of em.

  • Katherine Whitaker
    01/22 09:40 AM

    Do you have the address or phone number to that, gd?

  • REL
    01/22 09:55 AM

    Is it just a coincidence that David Joyner’s Black Sabbath cover band, Masters of Realty, is playing at Volume 11 on the same night as the Rooster For The Masses show?

  • gd
    01/22 11:48 AM

    Katherine:  If you have an email address I can send you the guys name and number to who runs the spaces - I can send it to you.  Its his personal cell so I don’t want to post the information up on here for everyone to see…

  • Karen
    01/22 12:42 PM

    @REL, are you insinuating that the landlord is stealing equipment to use in his own band? That’s pretty low. Joyner probably could have done more to beef up security at the place, but I doubt seriously he’s the actual thief.

    As for practices spaces, I’ve known bands to rent space at storage facilities. The security is great, and there’s never anyone around to disturb.

  • Jake
    01/22 02:55 PM

    @wes ar4tm - Was it an All Black Van?

  • katdesign83
    01/25 01:04 PM

    gd- You can contact me on facebook (Katherine Whitaker). I don’t want to put my email address online. Also- are the practice spaces secure?

  • gd
    01/25 01:14 PM

    Ok. ill see if i can find you on there.
    They are secure as in - in a building you must use a code for and there are alarm systems.
    I can say we never had any issues.

  • Canadianblaken
    01/26 01:59 PM

    RCR used to practice there and someone gained entrance to our neighbors room via the air duct. crazy shit.

  • gd
    01/26 02:40 PM

    Katdesign: email me @ .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and ill send you that info.  will be easier than going through facebook trying to find you.

  • Hank
    01/26 04:03 PM

    I will hit you up for that info too if you don’t mind.  We gotta get outta this place.

  • gd
    01/26 04:49 PM


  • Dominic
    01/26 07:02 PM

    We (Suki-T) practice at Volume 11.  It IS secure and plus, we (all the bands) know each other to some extent or another.  I have not heard of any gear getting stolen from anyone there.  Up until recently, we have been sharing our rehearsal room with another band to cut down the cost.  Unfortunately, they broke up so it’s just us on our own and it’s too pricey ($320/month) for us alone.  If there is a trustworthy band that would like to consider sharing our room… please contact me ASAP!  I actually was shopping around for a new place for us and ended up talking to that dude in the video on this page.  He did mention some break-ins but it didn’t seem as bad as what is discussed here!  Anyways, whether Rooster for the Masses or any other band might be interested, please do contact me to discuss things and come by to check out the room!  My cell is 919-414-6505.


  • joel
    01/27 09:38 AM

    Dominic, I sent you a text.

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