Rosebuds Song Featured in Heroes

March, 31, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Local rockers The Rosebuds were unknowingly featured in a scene last night on the NBC show Heroes.

A very synthesized remix of “I Better Run” plays when Silar (the bad dude) is talking to some other dude in a club and proceeds to kill him, or not (whoops, probably wasn’t supposed to say that). I mean it is a killer song, but didn’t think literally.

I haven’t seen the current season of the show, so don’t know the plot details and this may spoil something for fans who didn’t see last night’s tv show….but the video below shows the Buds getting some national airplay. Check please!

The version of I Better Run on the show was actually the Fire Hazard remix from their Night of the Furies remix album, Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep. You can download it all here.

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The Rosebuds


  • Eric Smith
    04/02 10:27 AM

    Hope you guys have an agent collecting royalties, and a publicist, doing writeups about it.

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