Ryan Adams Publishing Infinity Blues Book

August, 26, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Speaking of Ryan Adams, it looks like the ultra productive North Carolina folk/hip hop star can now add author to his resume.  Adams posted on his blog yesterday that a book of prose entitled, Infinity Blues, will be published through “his bosses” at Akashic Books. He sounds pretty excited, kinda like when he launched his rap website.

Too bad he still hasn’t released a North Carolina date on his latest tour.

here’s something - it’s selfish, but inter-cardinal related so……

i woke up today to a great email from my bosses at AKASHIC BOOKS……

INFINITY BLUES- (“domestic-release” working cover)….wow….i guess this dream is coming true…..my grandparents, who taught me to write, and type and dream, i am so proud of all your hard work today, even if this is a long long sad bookbut some funny too, just like those black and white movies in the heat of the eastern seaboard- rolling through the windows of our home…..i am so humbled and so PROUD to be an AKASHIC BOOKS author……

man, this is just crazy, like when i saw the first test pressing of the first 7inch record i was on…..

i feel like i will be able to say i left a little of my heart here, for when i am gone, maybe there will be comfort or safety in there, for people i will never know, for our generations never passing……

i have to maybe go take a nap now. bye. xx

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  • Carl
    08/27 01:27 AM

    There is so much wrong with the above post.

    Ryan Adams name used within the same sentence as hip-hop, BLUES, or Raleigh is only a small start.

    Take a nap ?
    That would explain a lot.

  • Jon
    08/27 02:26 PM


    What exactly is wrong with mentioning Ryan Adams with any of those things??

    He posted several hip-hop songs on his website last year & their is a strong blues influence (in addition to country, bluegrass, Britpop, etc)in his catalog.  As for him relating to Raleigh, the guy lived here for years, and even worked at Sadlock’s, so I’m not really seeing your point.

  • Carl
    08/27 07:27 PM

    Strong blues Influence ? What ? He has a record collection ?

    No your right. He and Tift Merritt are whom I want representing my local music reservoir.

  • lm
    08/28 04:12 PM

    no clue what this carl guy is talking about.

  • shy
    08/28 06:21 PM

    wow, carl- you really just don’t know anything about ryan adams, do you?

    do some research before you post ignorant comments.

  • Carl
    08/31 03:30 AM

    No. I don’t know a LOT about R.A.
    I don’t know a LOT about professional wrestling either.
    Both are equally transparent though.
    I suppose if I was a ham & egger fan of cliché rubber dog sh@# I would be tripping all over myself to get a load of Ryan’s warmed over singer songwriter soulless b.s.

    But actually, I HAVE been forced to hear this mouthbreathers work played incessantly in starbucks, bad teen romance films, and from other philistine’s car stereos.
    And from that - not to mention Ryan’s ridiculously well-hyped relationship with the press and his public, I think it is more than safe to say…..
    This guy - is a douche.

  • Mister Winkles
    08/31 09:42 PM

    Someone needs to punch Carl in the face.  Seriously.  And that’s being nice.  The rest of you out there…all of you Halloweenheads…you’re cool. But not Carl.  His momma doesn’t love him.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  But that’s okay, because as CAVE DWELLERS, we know better and also we know how to love. He is just misguided.  And he probably would rather listen to Toby Keith or maybe Nickleback.  But still, Carl should be punched in the face or kicked in the groin.  That’s it, I’ve decided. See you in GA.

  • Carl
    08/31 10:04 PM

    “...he probably would rather listen to Toby Keith or maybe Nickleback. “

    No, I wouldn’t. Good reference from 2001 though. Glad to see your being so timely.
    But, hey, you ARE defending Ryan Adams.

    But on the subject of Nickelback and Toby Keith. I would dare imagine that at least those two hacks don’t share the same misguided sense of self that the poet-laureate Mr. Adams does.

    Go take a swim in Lake F.

  • alex
    08/31 10:53 PM

    ryan adams is AMAZING.

  • CJ
    09/01 01:00 AM

    Carl, does this make you feel good about yourself and your sad life? Please quit taking out your frustration on people trying to express excitement about one of their favorite artists releasing a book. Ryan Adams is an amazing songwriter and his book will be just as good.

    The man survived an insane amount of addiction and loss and I for one am excited that I might get the chance at some insight of how he felt.

    Please just stop posting. I for one would be proud if Ryan Adams were representing my city’s (Calgary) music scene

  • Ryan Adams
    09/21 12:45 AM

    i worked very very hard on my new book of prose. three years exactly, three years during the wonderful time, the eye-opening and heartwarming time I have experienced since I started helping myself try and be a litte more realistic about my goals, my life, and what does and DOES NOT work for me.
    my relationship to the press and media by the way is not a TWO WAY STREET-
    i do not get up and court the press. i suppose i work my ass off and i continue to KEEP THE FAITH in making art, sharing idea’s and yes, even attempting to become a better person in spite of what I know now is a rather sometimes bitter, always awkward public who nameless and faceless will trash me no matter what my efforts.
    what is so wrong for me to work hard to realize my dreams and make art- ZERO
    as a human being on earth should i also be entitled to look for a real and long standing love that nurtures me with someone who feels i also support and nurture them-
    onward and into new days with bright lovely things to discover, and a mindful eye on those who also need to know,
    ‘despite so much negativity in the world,
    we should all be fearless against doubt and nay-sayers if we want to share our lives, so that we might know each other better here on earth, in our brief time together.
    it is a WONDERFUL place if you let it.
    Ryan Adams,
    currently mystified by Harvard Square and the wonders of Cambridge

  • Oberlin
    09/22 02:04 AM

    Come back through town for a bit. Stop by Slims, play a set, head down to Sadlacks and have a sandwich. We’d love to see you swing back by on your way though.

    I could use a good Cardinals fix,can’t wait for the book, or the new Cardinals disc.

    And hey, your dreams belong to you, so live them, don’t worry about people who take their shots at ya, cause they probably aren’t living their own dreams. I’m guilty of that myself, but I appreciate the people who do.



  • shy
    09/23 08:26 PM

    now that is why i adore you, mr. adams.

  • Alexis
    11/26 11:25 PM

    I just want to say Ryan Adams is the most amazing person I have ever known about. Everthing he does is brilliant, he is a genius. Enyone who doesn’t like him is just jealous of his good looks and coolness. Rock on Ryan…. and I can’t wait to read your book

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