SAS Solar Farm

June, 25, 2008, by Mark

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Our local 500 pound software gorilla is building a five acre, one megawatt photovoltaic solar farm. After much talk, the company has finally given the go ahead to build this environmentally friendly solar electric system.

This kinetic system, which moves with the path of the sun to maximize exposure to its photovoltaic panels, will generate about 1.7 million kWh in a year. That’s a lot of energy. SunPower Corp. will build the array, and Progress Energy will buy the energy from SAS for use on the public grid. This bill requires utility companies to become more environmentally friendly by 2021.

The project is the result of a study done in conjunction with the North Carolina State University Solar Center.

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  • Magnus
    06/26 11:26 AM

    If the 500 pound gorilla can do it, wouldn’t it be nice to see the 800 pound gorilla step up?

  • Shannon Smith
    12/17 12:49 PM

    The solar farm went live on December 15, 2008, per this article.

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