Shawn Rocco’s Cellular Obscura in New York Times

Behind the Phone

June, 24, 2009

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Shawn Rocco’s Hot Air

Shawn Rocco has an eye for the beauty of immediacy.  His days are spent shooting stories for the News and Observer, many times running multiple professional SLR cameras at once, Rocco is the consummate professional, literally catching multiple sides of the stories and different perspectives in the kind of strategic dance that comes from many years of experience.  But casually, just whenever, he has constructed a rich aesthetic archive of the times using his Motorola cellphone.  Today Shawn Rocco is featured on the New York Times photoblog, Lens.

Mr Rocco has shown his cellphone work at Helios and the Raleigh City Musuem.  With pieces in the current portraits of Raleigh show.  Rocco is reluctant to embrace the attention he is getting, but we are proud to see a Raleigh artist rewarded for his attention to the world around him.

Above, the Cellular Obscura presentation for the LOOK3 festival.  Rocco waxes on the ideas behind new media its digital tools and modern networked communication.

See Rocco’s blog at

Update: Shawn is the correct spelling of his name

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  • S
    06/24 11:56 AM

    I just noticed they spelled his name differently in the New York Times article, is it spelled Sean or Shawn?

  • David
    06/24 12:17 PM

    Thx for the heads up, S.

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