Second Empire to Open New Cafe & Market

June, 17, 2009, by Christian

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The News & Observer recently reported that Second Empire plans to open a small cafe & market in the adjacent space next door to its current location. Kim Reynolds, owner/manager of Second Empire, says that the primary motivation for the new project is to attract students from Campbell Law School, which will open this fall directly across the street. As a graduate of Campbell Law School myself, I must say that current students can expect a major change in food quality from the previous dining options down in Buies Creek and Harnett County!

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  • Tim
    06/17 08:18 PM

    A slight step up from Marshbanks I would say!

  • RaleighRob
    06/18 09:12 AM

    Smart move.  Not only would it be convenient to the Law School, but could also get business from the Clarion next door as well as the nearby condos going up. 
    Good to see something new on that stretch of Hillsborough!

  • jbee
    06/18 10:52 AM

    nice to see second empire be able to more than just a special occasion place now. The dining room and tavern will still be special, but high quality daily food is always welcome.

  • Jeb
    06/18 01:00 PM

    i will be opening a ‘tucker carlson neckwear’ shop next door to meet other campbell student needs.

  • E
    06/18 03:19 PM

    HAHAHAHAHA jeb. hilarious.

  • kg
    06/18 03:38 PM

    a market…?  like a taz’s market or a ii empire market selling off the wall $$$ stuff like truffels and pellegrino?

  • roi
    06/19 10:01 AM

    Good question kg.  What is 2nd Empire’s concept of a “market”.  One can assume what is meant by a “cafe”  Are there any more details about the market?

  • MMI
    06/19 03:11 PM

    I thought Second Empire already had a smaller Cafe’ operating in the space adjacent & below their main restaurant.  I think it was just called “The Tavern.”

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