Shimmer Wall Update

June, 18, 2008, by Mark

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As we announced last week, the Shimmer Wall at the Raleigh Convention Center in Downtown Raleigh has started installation.  Almost a week later and the pace has picked up on the construction of one of the largest public art projects in the area. 

Construction workers installing the shimmer wall initially stated that they would be putting up a half of a bay per day. The pace started this way and was actually a bit slower than this but after the weekend they have been putting up almost a full bay per day.  Four bays installed so far, 10 more to go.  You can start to see the black chips on many of the panels that will be a pixelated image formed when the installation is finished.  You can see it from various points around downtown Raleigh including South Saunders and the Boylan Bridge.

Does anyone remember a public art installation of this scale? The Barbara Kruger PICTURE THIS aerial installation at the NC Museum of Art comes to mind…




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Shimmer Wall


  • Rusty
    06/19 03:02 PM

    That’s pretty darn cool.

  • lane
    06/19 03:15 PM

    ok, i have to admit, i was pretty skeptical of this shimmer wall at first, especially given the concept of oak leaves and raleigh’s love of literal interpretation. but i think the image is abstract enough to be viewed as another example of “building as art” similar to the marble wall at exploris (i know it’s called “marbles” now, but i still like the old name better). the only unfortunate thing is that the shimmer wall blocks the best view from inside the convention center…

  • larry
    06/19 10:25 PM

    Blocking what view?  there is nothing there but cooling and electrical systems for the convention center

  • Christopher Triplett
    06/23 03:24 PM

    I’m diggin’ it.

    This is an awesome piece of public art.


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