Shotbox Featuring Crumb Opening at Designbox Friday

Shotbox Featuring Crumb Opening at Designbox Friday

November, 30, 2009, by Jedidiah

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photo by Beth Khalifa

As hinted last week, Crumb and Coffee is indeed coming to downtown. The location will be in the front office space of Designbox and the opening date is this coming Friday evening.Starting on Friday December 4th, the front gallery space of Designbox will be transformed into Brand Fandango #8 and Shotbox.

Brand Fandango will, like every year, showcase local brands and talent for the holiday season. This year, the addition of coffee and dessert will definitely add a bit more warmth in the cold. While the front gallery becomes Brand Fandango, the front office is converted into a take-away coffee and cake stand, serving the gallery and street. Locals will be able to come into Designbox and buy a coffee while perusing the gifts OR simply pop by the to-go window on the street for their caffeine and cake fix.

Carbomb cups of cake: (Chocolate stout cake with Bailey’s Irish Creme buttercream and ganache filling)

Crumb are calling their desserts, ‘cups of cake’ because “they will be way beyond cupcakes you have seen in other shops” boasts David Menestres, head cake biter. As well, the shop will carry a Shotbox exclusive The Doughnut Muffin. “Its hotter than ‘hot now’” says Carrie Gephart, top caker.

As for coffee, Shotbox will serve ‘one size fits all’ drinks based on traditional sizes and proportions in espresso and single origin drip coffees made to order on a manual brew rail, featuring Counter Culture coffee. Also, there will be special origin drinking chocolate from Paul Mosca of Chocolate Seed fame.

Chupacabras: (chocolate stout cake with Patron XO buttercream and raspberry filling)

The Brand Fandango Shop along with Shotbox will be open the month of December with an opening on Friday the 4th and a second evening opening on Friday the 18th. Opening hours: Weekdays 12-7p, Saturdays 10a-2p, evening openings 7-10p. Shotbox will have extended hours on Friday and Saturdays nights for the warehouse district nightlife and starting Monday Dec. 7, morning hours to help downtown get to work. Look for take out served right to the street. Just another reason that the Warehouse District is the future of Downtown Raleigh.

first fri (dec 4): 7p–10p
saturdays: 9a–2p

Chocolate with ganache.

All Crumb cake photos by David Menestres

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  • CF
    12/02 01:25 PM

    Right in my neighborhood.  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Micah
    12/02 04:02 PM

    It really amazes me on so many local blogs, especially this one, when the author assumes that everyone reading knows the address of the places mentioned in the article.  Designbox is on West Martin St. between Harrington and Dawson St..

  • Sonny and Chair
    12/02 04:18 PM

    And not one picture of the chairs.  What is this amateur hour?

  • bcb
    12/03 08:21 PM

    I look forward to giving these things a taste.  However, I find the whole “cups of cake” to be pretty pretentious.  Especially considering the cupcake craze of last decade and the multitude of ‘new takes’ on the cupcake.  If your calling it something different it better be way better than the original.

  • jeff
    12/04 07:03 PM

    you people with these chair comments are idiots.  sorry.  i know it’s this hilarious inside joke that just keeps getting funnier every time you make a comment.  but do you actually expect people to laugh at it, or just roll their eyes?

  • Ryan
    12/06 09:09 PM

    I was excited about trying a cup of coffee and a cupcake (I agree with bcb, call it what it is) on Friday night.  Much to my disappointment, not only was the ‘cup of cake’ pretentious, but so were the prices and one of the owners.  Six dollars for cupcake that would fit in my muffin pan at home was too rich for my taste.  While the mixing of flavors were interesting on paper, the delivery left something to be desired.  Yet, I may have considered venturing back there again if one of the owners had not been so arrogant and rude to his employees and customers.  Word to the wise, Cupcake Nazi, interrupting and belittling people is not good for business.

  • Micah
    12/07 01:12 AM

    It isn’t a business, it is ART!

  • gus
    12/07 06:32 PM

    it’s cups & cakes
    not cups of cake…

  • Micah
    12/07 08:13 PM

    “Crumb are calling their desserts, ‘cups of cake’ because “they will be way beyond cupcakes you have seen in other shops” boasts David Menestres, head cake biter.”
    / quote

  • gd
    12/14 02:29 PM

    I can say I wish we didn’t buy any cupcakes.  Damn i feel ripped off after getting two of those.  Knowing the lady whos name is attached to the cupcakes is the one who makes the great desserts at Hayes Barton, one would think these cupcakes would be worth the money.  WRONG.
    The Cupcake Shoppe and Whole Foods are MUCH better choices and I’d even buy a damn Foodlion cupcake over these extremely dry and hard cupcakes. I swear the ones I bought must have been at least a week old as hard as they were.  On another note, the coffee was good.

  • brooklynne
    05/04 05:54 PM

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