Snoop Dogg Coming To Raleigh

March, 16, 2009, by Tim

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No word on the opening acts yet, but Tha Doggfather himself plans to drop it like its hot at downtown Raleigh’s Lincoln Theater on Wednesday, May 13th. But is Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus still hot? Sure he has a new show on MTV, Dogg After Dark, but his last album from March 2008, Ego Trippin’, received mixed reviews. Can you teach an old dogg new tricks? His last hit, Sexual Eruption, aka Sensual Seduction for radio and tv, hinted at a new direction but came off as an exploitation of electro more than a sincere exploration of the genre. Perhaps Snoop will step it up on his forthcoming album, Malice in Wonderland, like he started to do on Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.

One thing is fo shizzle, $40 in advance scores you a ticket (on sale Friday) to see the same bag of stoner-pimp antics that has kept fans intrigued since his big MTV debut in 1992. If he hasn’t been too distracted by porno shoots and Hollywood cameos, you may even get a solid performance. Either way, it reflects well on Raleigh to land a megastar in a small downtown venue. Ruff Rawlee represent.

Sexual Eruption from PressWhore on Vimeo.
photo by djdroga

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  • wg
    03/16 09:23 AM

    it aint no fun if the homies cant have none…. cant wait for my nizzle to bust up at the lizzle thizzle.

  • Carver
    03/16 12:52 PM

    HaHa! This should be an interesting show at The Lincoln! Ya’ hur…!

  • Flashynista
    03/18 03:39 AM

    lmao @ wg!  I think he will sell some tickets!

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