SporkThis: The Raleigh Wine Shop

SporkThis: The Raleigh Wine Shop

July, 20, 2011, by Paul

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All photos by Paul Tuorto for New Raleigh

126 Glenwood Avenue has recently become home to The Raleigh Wine Shop (which we previewed for you in April), a playful and instructive vino palace dedicated to fermented booze of all sorts. The purveyors, Jeff, Seth, and Ryan have transformed the space into a relaxed, instructive marketplace full of everything from international wines to hand-crafted cheeses, artisinal salumi, oils, sake, cordials, bitters, and rare beers.

The interior mimics Raleigh's growing industrial-meets-contemporary theme with rich wood and exposed ventilation. Landmarks set the tone while country-bearing arrows direct the browser to world-wide wine selections. The array of wines is diverse and well balanced, an ode to the owners' years as retail wine salesmen.


What impressed me most was the large supply of economic choices within the $8-$12 range. The shop's wine tasting starts with a card to which you add money, then feel free to sample the day's options based on the size of pour. This allows the consumer to taste more or less of the 16 wines on tap depending on their personal preference at any time. 

The shop also hosts educational wine tastings every Saturday from 1-4 PM featuring acclaimed wine makers or purveyors from around the world. The bottles featured are also reduced 10%. The Raleigh Wine Shop is a welcome, and well-executed, addition to the Glenwood area which has stumbled over the past year with lack-luster clubs, restaurants, and sports bars to name a few. The owner's expertise coupled with their great hospitality and convenient location is a winning combination.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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  • David
    07/20 01:12 PM

    Nice post Paul.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    07/26 03:51 PM

    I was also really impressed with the supply of very affordable choices. One of my gal pals was surprised with TWO bottles of wine for her birthday rather than just one ;-)

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