Summer Nights Return at the Third Place

May, 04, 2009, by Acree

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Beginning Friday, May 22nd, The Third Place coffee house will extend its hours to 11:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday nights during the summer. This marks a long-awaited return for those who enjoyed many summer nights on the Third Place patio, and a reassuring sign of life for the Five Points neighborhood.

The Third Place will celebrate its new hours with a party May 22nd. More details to emerge. Come one, come all!

Photo by Ben McKeown

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  • Ben Rauscher
    05/04 02:14 PM

    That is great news! 

    On the topic of Five Points, does anyone else question the wisdom of having those two large bushes in the median in front of Third Place blocking visibility for the entire median?  There’s fast traffic coming in either direction, and I could easily imagine someone (especially a child) crossing the median next to the bushes, heading towards Third Place/Lilly’s etc., and crossing the road without thinking to look.  An oncoming car would have no time at all to brake. 
    Of course that is all hypothetical, but especially if Five Points is likely to get more pedestrian traffic, it seems like either removing the bushes or making this safer in another way would be a good thing.

  • Arthur
    05/04 04:01 PM

    Well, you should be crossing at crosswalks and not in the middle of the street but it would look better if they moved those Japanese Maples.

  • Jake
    05/04 04:58 PM

    This is great news!  Unless parents drag in their precious snowflakes as they do on Saturday and Sunday mornings and let the kids run wild.  This is a business, not a kid’s playroom.  Thanks!

  • Jennifer
    05/04 05:19 PM

    Yep, we’ll also show up a few summer coffee evenings—sans kids.

  • phillip
    05/04 08:29 PM

    i’m with jake. i understand that children make noise and babies cry. i get that. i understand that parenting is hard work. fine.  but some of these parents really think that their children have free reign.  and it’s particularly bad on sundays, when some parents think their children are especially adorable because they’re dressed in their nasty church clothes.  and now they’re coming to helios.

  • Brock
    05/04 08:59 PM

    I’ll be happy to serve parents and their kids at Cup A Joe. Bring them all.

  • ninstaller
    05/04 10:00 PM

    phillip and jake.  lighten up. it ain’t just your coffee place. no kids when they first open, either.

  • RaleighRob
    05/05 09:27 AM

    Smart move on their part.  It’s always good to have options other than bars for weekend nights out.

  • james r
    02/01 12:46 AM

    ther is one costumer his name afif he came to third place almost evry day i just wana tell him igres ou galla ya miboun i hope he get this message please   thanks very much

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