Tasty Beverage Company Now Open in the Depot Building

Tasty Beverage Company Now Open in the Depot Building

August, 27, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Tasty Beverage Company opened in style this week in the Depot Building with a line that wrapped from their front door all the way through the parking lot and to Davie Street in front of The Pit. The line was so long that the crew brough out bottles of water and beer samples to folks in line. Downtown Raleigh obviously has good beer taste and is looking forward to having a new retail location for cold beverages in the Warehouse District.

The store is loosely arrange by location, with English, Belgian, German and more sections. There's a small tasting bar in the back with about six rotating beers on tap, a cooler of beers on one wall and otherwise there are hundreds of types of beers (singles, six packs, growlers and more) from all over the world located on industrial metal shelves around the small retail shop. Tall ceilings with wooden trusses float overhead allowing the space to feel much larger and making it the perfect location for a craft beer store. 

With hours extending until 9 and 10pm throughout the week, Tasty Beverage is sure to be a great place, day or night to grab a beer at the tasting bar and leave with a six pack or two. Go in with no expectations of what you would like to leave with and you are sure to bring home something fabulous. Oh, and soon you'll be able to grab some chocolate around the corner as well. 

Tasty also has some great shirts for sale in multiple colors and styles, printed by local designer Adam Peele. The large Tasty graphic on the wall is also the work of Peele. 

Tasty Beverage Co.

327 W. Davie St.
Suite 106
Raleigh, NC
919 828 2789

Business Hours
Tuesday - Thursday
11am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday
11am - 10pm

12pm - 6pm

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Tasty Beverage


  • ford
    08/29 03:40 PM

    Tasty logo and letters designed by Jaime Van Wart, printed and painted on the wall by Adam Peele.

  • Raleigh Bishop
    08/30 12:27 PM

    I went there on Saturday.  Great selection, good looking store and very friendly staff.  Free tastings will be the key to their success as it is at the Raleigh Wine Shop.  Good luck!

  • r8dohead
    08/31 11:10 AM

    They need a weekly newsletter to send out. Growler Specials 1 day a week. I am sure they have somethings to work out besides all that. Nice looking T’s!! now for some stickers.

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