Taz’s Fifth Store in Downtown Now Open

March, 25, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Taz and Gigi are at it again. Over the past three years, they have expanded from only a single store in the downtown core to five. In 2008 they added the Wilmington Street store which was the one of the only places to buy a six pack of beer in the downtown grid. Then they converted the Western Union on Martin Street into a convenience store/bill pay center. And now, a fifth store that at 17 East Martin Street (between Square Rabbit and Mecca) will carry a vast amount of wine, cigars, beer, tobacco and greeting cards.

The store will open on Friday at 1pm with Mayor Meeker cutting the ribbon. This may sound odd that the Mayor is involved, but he also ushered in the opening of the Wilmington Street store in 2008.

Now, where’s our butcher shop?

17 E Martin St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 838-9440

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  • dtrite
    03/25 08:01 PM

    Yoohoo! We can get alcohol, tobacco and processed pork products on every block and leave the store reeking of incense!  How does this help those who aren’t out to destroy themselves?

  • Aaron
    03/25 09:23 PM

    It doesn’t. Just don’t go to the store.

  • Lee Folwer
    03/26 02:01 AM

    dtrite is a liar.  I looked all over the store today for a YooHoo and Taz doesn’t sell them.

  • hbomb
    03/26 03:31 AM

    taz has been trying to expand the convenience of downtown for the past few years while making a few dollars in the process. as a downtown resident i have asked him often what his intentions were. i personally prefer to support him over some corporate bullshit any day. why are so many of you afraid to spend a few extra dollars a week to keep an independent place alive? go shop at wal-mart. continue to contribute to the decline of our civilization. you certainly do not care.

  • gd
    03/26 08:24 AM

    Taz is one of the best things happening to DT for the simple fact he sells some basic items.  Glad to see hes been successful enough to continue expanding.

  • Jess
    03/26 10:20 AM

    I want Sprite…not Sierra Mist…

    it doesn’t mix too well with Stoli Raspberry.

  • Downtowner
    03/26 12:49 PM

    If you ever talk with the owner, he’s a trip. He has a great, hard-working attitude that is infectious. I hope he is successful.

  • CX
    03/26 11:52 PM

    I’m glad Taz has been successful as well. As I’m a current student at ECU, I don’t frequent his shops often but he’s clearly feeling a niche that others still haven’t as he opens another store. His stores are clean and have basics for visitors as well as residents. The more we support, the better his business does, and hopefully creates a big enough demand for more items.

  • Todd Morman
    03/29 06:05 PM

    Let me know when he starts including even a single item of produce.

  • Phillo
    03/29 10:12 PM

    You could get produce at the City Market Farmer’s Market or the Moore Square/City Plaza Wednesday market. 
    Although I think I’ve seen oranges and bananas every so often.  Oh, and Nu-Grape. Delicious, mouth-staining Nu-Grape.

  • Carter Farter
    03/30 07:25 PM


    The Taz store near the intersection of Wilmington and Davie has produce.  A small selection, but its more than a single item. Maybe you should visit a store before making assumptions.

  • smitty
    03/31 12:06 AM

    What is in that locked white box in front of the N Wilmington St store?

  • NCguy32
    04/01 04:30 PM

    I’m glad downtown is getting some stores for the local population to pick up some every day items, but to be honest I find the TAZ stores depressing. They have this sterile look that makes me feel like I’m shopping in a basement.

    Maybe they could spruce the places up and make them a tad more inviting. I mean their brand new stores yet they feel very old.

  • KK
    04/07 04:58 AM

    It’d be nice if a real supermarket would open downtown rather than just convenience store type places.  Hell, even a Trader Joe’s down there would be better than nothing.

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