Taz’s Downtown Market Opens

June, 29, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Taz has an idea about the future of Downtown Raleigh and a great one at that. “What if I took your modern suburban supermarket, broke it into four different stores and spread them around in Downtown Raleigh” he stated Friday. He already has one of the four pieces in place. The second one had its soft opening this weekend and will officially open, this Friday, July 4th.

From a convenience store, to a butcher shop to the essential drinks and snacks, Taz thinks that having various markets, each with its own specialty, is what Downtown Raleigh needs.  “I want someone who wants to buy cigarettes or beer to be in and out, no waiting,” Taz stated. Why try to pack everything into one store, it seems logical, split up the duties between stores and maximize profit and speed. Taz currently owns the convenient store that is located around the corner from Cooper’s BBQ on the future site of The Edison. This store sells everything from cigarettes to toilet paper. The new location will focus mostly on beer, drinks and snacks. Most of the beers will be gourmet but will have some quick in and out beers because as Taz stated, “It’s like being between East and West Germany and trying to satisfy both crowds.” He has a point there. The night time crowd will be the main audience and I’m sure it will be a hit. Try finding a six pack of beer in Downtown Raleigh. Before Taz’s it wasn’t possible (unless you included Glenwood Avenue and Peace Street). Taz will give Peace Street a run for its money as he has a great selection of local and foreign beers from Duck Rabbit, Carolina Brewing Company to Shiner Black, Lambic and other high gravity beers.

Taz tried to paint the outside of the building with American Flag red and white but the city council told him the white was too white and the red as too bright. Go figure. So he repainted the facade and the evidence is there in the doorway. The interior of the facade is much brighter than the outside. An outspoken, yet very personable man, Taz welcomes critique on his beer and wine selection but there was something about the facade constrictions that didn’t settle as well. Nevertheless, Taz is here to stay and help transform Downtown Raleigh.

Next on Taz’s list is a downtown Butcher shop with fresh meat and vegetables. It will also be on South Wilmington Street. He recalled how important it was for something like this to be in the urban downtown structure.  “I remember as a boy knowing my butcher’s by name” he stated. This is something few can recall in our area and it reminds me only of my time living in London and having to carry a 20 pound turkey 15 blocks home for Thanksgiving dinner. There’s something nice about small shops being added into our downtown this late in the game. Although we have erased a good amount of our historical infrastructure downtown, there’s always room for a new history, a new raleigh, especially with Taz in town. Taz for City Council!

Taz’s Supermarket
205 S Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 856-1962

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  • Nicole
    06/30 01:19 PM

    The downtown Market on Wilmington Street seems to be open to the public this (Monday) morning! Woohoo!

  • Klar
    06/30 06:19 PM

    i accidentally wandered in during their ‘soft opening’ on saturday afternoon and the place was humming with activity.  looks like he has a great selection and it is a MUCH needed addition to the downtown area.  thanks taz!!!

  • Barden
    07/01 02:40 PM

    Simply put: it’s about time.

    Now if we can just get rid of CVS on Fayetteville Street with its inconsistent and nonsensical hours of operation. Ugh.

  • Magnus
    07/01 06:58 PM

    In a few years, future readers of this blog will cry for this “antiquated” store’s removal in the name of progress for some new pet project of the city council and the developers that are paying them.

  • Sam
    07/01 07:38 PM

    Yeah Taz! I am so excited about this store and its future cousins. It’s gonna take off. It is probably the best thing to hit downtown Raleigh since I’ve lived here. A store open after 5pm in downtown! “Fancy-smancy” new condos are one thing, but being able to live in a condo or apartment and walk to get food/beer like those skinny Europeans… now that is genius! I mean what’s the point of living downtown if you have to drive like a suburbanite to get the simplest stuff. Take that car! I may never have to drive again. - Thank You Taz for investing in our city from the ground up! I will lay down in the street before I let Harris Teeter in here…they had their chance to invest in this city, even though the risk for them would have been so little. Men make cities, not corporations. This is Taz’s market.

  • Christopher Triplett
    07/04 02:20 PM

    This means I no longer have to detour to Harris Teeter for beer stock (at the office). 

    I can walk!  WOW!  I can walk to get ‘em!

    We’ve all been waiting for this!!!



  • Magnus
    07/04 02:58 PM

    There are several stores marked as “TAZ” on the same street.  The older ones look like they would be right at home nestled between an adult book store and a “gentlemen’s club”.  The newer one is very very sparse looking, like they haven’t figured out how to make maximum use of their square footage the way such a shop in New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia would.  I walk around downtown a lot just taking photographs so next time I’m down that way I’ll slow down and look more closely at what’s going on in there.  But as a native Philadelphian, this didn’t strike me at all as a well-stocked store.

    The managers would do well to do a bit of traveling to a major east coast city and see how it is done in older big cities.

  • cat
    07/04 06:01 PM

    So, viridari, what would you do differently?

  • Magnus
    07/04 08:06 PM

    cat - Like I said, field trip to a big thriving city, check out the successful neighborhood convenience/grocery stores, and copy what they do.  It would be a very good place to start.

  • cat
    07/05 03:06 PM

    I guess my question is should he make it impossible to move and have everything crammed?  If you look at the store he has down the street, he has it pretty well stocked so I think he knows what he is doing.

  • TAZ
    07/06 10:56 AM

    hello friends ,

    thank you for your support , i love and respect positive critisizm ,let me clearify what i am doing for you .

    every store is loaded with certain products that ment to be for that spacific location based on the planned product meneu ..you will have clear picture when i finish the# 2     ( PERSONAL & HOUSE SUPPLY ) SOON , # 4     ( MEAT , fresh produce and groceries ) .

    i don’t feel it’s agood idea having a fully loaded store where the SALAMI & GARLIC need to be next to the TOBACCO & SLUSH MACHINE and the corn cyrup .. while RATS are under the shelves .  i have been to those city stores in the US and international .

    also , i have seen 3rd genaration family stores
    so nice , stil run by the same family , but to built that product menu it took 50-60 years .
    and that’s where i need ur help , tell me what more products you like .. tks

    i like space , load every store with it’s own product describtion .  try to think of each store as a department of a large grocery store .

    i refuse to pay at this stage of downtown
      $ 20,000 for rent / month( add   $ 30,000 for labour $ utilities) to lease approx 6,000 sqf ( we usualy loose 2,000 sqf for storage ) so we end up with 4,ooo sqf of retail ... bad business .

    with me cutting a large grocery store to departments ,each store at older buildings
    ( love to keep old buildings anyway ) i will end up with 14,000 sqf ,paying almost 30% of the rent expense , specialized stores , more lights to my street , more advertizing , minimized element of risk ... and more .

    every downtown has that old man who owns that old GROCERIA arround the corner .. i wanna be that one in my town .

    I am here for you .

    all my respect


  • Rusty
    07/07 12:35 PM

    I was certain that we were talking about a Temporary Autonomous Zone in the middle of downtown Raleigh… Nonetheless, I’d like to check this place out.

  • Christopher Triplett
    08/11 03:04 PM


    Those are pretty serious allegations.  By using the word “conartist” you’re implying Taz has broken some laws.  If that is the case, you should inform the DA or at the very least back up your claims with some evidence.

    I’m not really sure why “who” can open a convenience store is relevant.  For that matter, you do have to supply start up funds for any business endeavor, especially a store.  If Taz has the financial resources and where-with-all to do that, then he is most certainly not “anybody.”  And your comment about homeless people is completely irrelevant.

    No one should be passing along idle and unfounded gossip.

    And everyone should remember, anything maliciously damaging (devoid of fact) said about another person or business is unlawful.  And if you make the choice to say things without citing evidence, you’re asking for a lawsuit.


  • MMI
    01/29 06:29 PM

    Bring on the Butcher Shop!!

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