Texting While Driving Banned in North Carolina

Texting While Driving Banned in North Carolina


August, 11, 2009, by Jedidiah

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North Carolina has become only 1 of 15 states in the nation to ban texting while driving. While this will hopefully avoid some of what the above cartoon implies, the N&O points out that there are still a few potentially flawed holes in the legislature. $100 sounds like a slap on the wrist and is essentially equal to running a red light, which drivers do daily.  #legislaturefail

Violation of the texting ban is a $100 infraction, but with no insurance points and nothing on your driving record. The new laws include exceptions and make clear that it is still legal for drivers to engage in plenty of dangerous, distracting practices.

Drivers are explicitly allowed to check numbers and Caller ID names on cell phones. It’s legal to play with GPS navigation gizmos, consult traffic and weather update gadgets, check audio-system displays and gaze at video screens “that enhance the driver’s view in any direction, inside or outside of the vehicle.”

What else can we drivers get away with, besides yakking on the phone?

There’s nothing in the law that says we can’t read a magazine or stir our coffee. If we feel like it, we’re free to make a shopping list, tie our shoes and adjust our makeup as we career down the highway.

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  • Rusty
    08/11 07:44 AM

    It’s okay, you can text to your heart’s content until December.

    Also, I’m not entirely sure, but the verbiage they have there makes it look like there’s nothing wrong with going to the iPhone Appstore while driving… After all, it’s neither texting *nor* checking your email.

  • BG
    08/11 08:27 AM

    Now if we can get slow folks out of the left lane while they are texting and talking.  My middle finger would get a rest!

  • 150
    08/11 09:02 AM

    Well, it’s a good first step.  One day soon, hopefully, ALL cell phone use in cars will be banned.

  • Jim
    08/11 10:19 AM

    Hooray!  The other day I saw a woman not only texting, but smoking a cigarette and driving a stick.  She ran into the person infront of her and beside me. 

    I find it disgusting that people find a text message or a call more important than the person they are with.

  • Carver
    08/11 11:02 AM

    Damn Technology…..

  • Jeff
    08/11 11:21 AM

    I’m all for this, and I hope the federal law passes, too. I just don’t see how this is going to be enforceable.  I doubt the cop has the right to take your phone and look through the sent messages log.  Even if he does, you can easily delete it from the log while you’re getting pulled over.  Then just tell the cop you were looking for a ph. # or address on your phone.  Or just text while holding the phone below window level.  I just don’t see how this is supposed to work.  Why don’t reporters ever ask these kinds of questions before writing a story?

  • Jess
    08/12 06:19 AM

    After a long day in the office, I start my evening commute from Harrison Ave to 40 to Wade Ave to my humble abode in downtown Raleigh by updating my Facebook status, texting, checking messages and any other thing I can do on my Blackberry… - watch out… :o)

  • Jennifer
    08/12 02:16 PM

    I would love to know how the officer can tell if I am texting or typing in something to the GPS on my cell phone, or scrolling through my address book. I will continue to text whenever I am at a stop light. While we are on that subject, I have a blackberry so is it ok for me to email? Qwerty makes it pretty difficult to do while driving altho we all can manage to do it.
    Most of the crappy drivers I see are talking on their phone and going 20 mph.
    No doubt texting can cause accidents, but I think it is way too hard to enforce and I hope that cops have better things to do. BTW..don’t cops have laptops in patrol cars that they type license tags into before pulling people over? Kind of seems the same as texting!

  • Amy G.
    08/13 04:16 AM

    Impossible to enforce, yet another useless law.

  • arthurb3
    08/13 07:16 AM

    What’s wrong with text while driving 80 mph? If women can put on make up and do it why can’t I drive and text?

  • jacob
    04/19 03:53 PM

    i dont like the texting ban cause i havent gotten the chance to text and drive yet

  • dat kid
    04/19 04:00 PM

    hi i like choclate

  • kell on earth
    04/19 04:01 PM

    what kind of chocolate the kind a dog dropps from its ass

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