Texting While Driving Law Takes Effect Tuesday

November, 30, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Back in August, North Carolina became 1 of 19 states (and District of Columbia) to ban texting while driving. Twelve states have signed it into law in 2009. Tomorrow (Tuesday December 1st) this ban goes into law. If caught texting while driving on a public road or in a public parking lot, drivers will be fined $25 for minors and up to $100 for school bus drivers.

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  • arthurb3
    11/30 06:37 PM

    You can still read websites, surf the web, talk on the phone, and update you facebook all while driving. They should ban all cell phone use while driving.

  • Dan from Detroit
    12/01 03:45 AM

    Ban all eating, drinking, radio-tuning, air conditioning fan adjusting, conversation, breathing and thinking (cover all the bases)  Keep your hands at 10 and 2 - use your turn signals and love your mother.  Thanks NC!  Want to tell me how to wipe too?  This law is widely unenforceable when most of the illegal activity is out of site (ie. below the sight line of a patrol car).  In most studies I’ve read a ticket is issued after an accident has already occurred.  How about enforcing aggressive driving or road rage or lack of turn signal usage.  This is a “message” law and nothing else.

  • Dan from Detroit
    12/01 03:45 AM

    site = sight (too early)

  • Jess
    12/01 09:30 AM

    according to the law it’s any means of communicating with others through any form of text…so, broadly, that would cover facebook….


  • John Rob
    12/02 09:57 AM

    It is important to be concentrating on the road while sitting behind the wheel. I have the free version of drivesafe.ly mobile application on my mobile and it reads out text messages for me.

  • Joel
    12/02 01:48 PM

    Can someone let me know whether the following actions taken by the new school board members last night were illegal?  My understanding is that they are illegal but I am not sure.

    1. Adding items to agenda less than 48 hours before board meeting.  The 48 hour time period is to allow for public review.  Items were added during the meeting.

    2. The new chair not abstaining from voting when his friends law firm was voted on to review county legal issues.  When there is a conflict of interest, members are required to remove themselves from voting.

    3. The new members holding private meetings before the meeting.  It is my understanding that the members are not allowed to discuss board issues in private meetings before or during the meetings.  Crowder, Koopman, Stephensen, and McFarlane got in trouble for this last year on the Raleigh City Council. 

    If these actions were illegal, will Wral, the News and Observer, the teachers union, or New Raleigh sue the new school board members for illegal use of power? 

    Most of us want change but we want it to happen legally. 

    Comments/Legal advice?

  • Seriously
    12/03 12:40 AM

    Seriously?  We’re mad that people can no longer text or e-mail while DRIVING?  I’m glad.  Maybe 4 or 5 fewer people will almost run me off the road this week.

  • textingwhiledriving
    12/09 09:23 AM

    Texting while driving is not a good habit I believe, because it causes many accidents unknowingly as the person’s concentration diverts from driving if he/she comes across any happy or unhappy message.

  • ALopez438
    05/11 01:31 PM

    Texting while driving is irresponsible and we need to educate people more on the dangers associated with the practice.  There are so many alternatives these days for texting drivers, like TextnDrive (http://www.textndrive.com/textingwhiledriving.php), to reduce the risks of getting involved in a car crash, that an email or text message is no worth someone‚Äôs life.

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