Thank You for Voting Us a Finalist in Indy Week Best of Local Blog

Thank You for Voting Us a Finalist in Indy Week Best of Local Blog

June, 09, 2010, by Jedidiah

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In the middle of what seems like a pretty slow week in Raleigh life, it’s nice to open up today’s issue of the Independent Weekly and see that our readers have voted us as a Finalist in the Local Blog category of the Best of the Triangle 2010 Awards. The Durham blog Bull City Rising won the category and New Raleigh finished as one of three finalists with Carpe Durham and Goodnight, Raleigh!

We are humbled and would like to thank all of our readers for voting for us without us marketing it. To tell you the truth, we didn’t even know the Indy had a Local Blog category until last minute (it’s the first year for the category), but glad that you guys noticed! We hope you continue to enjoy the site throughout the year and we’ll be sure to try and win the category (with your help) next year.

Congrats to all of the other finalists and winner, we have a great network of grassroots blogs in this area that looks to only get better in the next few years. Again, thanks a lot for the honor.

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  • David
    06/10 12:26 PM

    I wish you guys hadn’t killed the Jackpot. Too much gossip.

  • Micah
    06/10 01:39 PM

    David, please TELL US how New Raleigh killed the Jackpot?  Tell me how New Raleigh convinced the owner of the Jackpot to tell ALL the Jackpot’s actual employees (and the ex-Rockford employees as well) that they were closing the bar?  New Raleigh was simply reporting what they got from reliable sources, the employees of the establishment.  Besides, the Jackpot has been slow for over about 2 years now.  New Raleigh didn’t have anything to do with that either.

    06/14 08:54 AM

    ok…so I understand the pride of finishing 3rd place in an off-category sponsored by one of several local free AD-papers that no one reads….but does that REALLY warrant pulling out a photo of a bad drag queen?

  • gd
    06/14 10:03 AM

    thats whats on the cover of INDY instigator.

  • Instigator Fan
    06/16 09:37 AM

    Don’t you get it?  He’s the INSTIGATOR.  He stirs things up with his devil may care attitude and disregard for society’s “rules.”  He isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions and doesn’t care what the squares think about him.  He’ll pop the collar on his leather jacket and run a comb through his pompadour all while laughing at you, because he’s the INSTIGATOR.

    06/17 09:34 AM

    ...and don’t get in my way or I’ll run you down with my motorcycle.

    For fun.

    Then I will laugh at you.

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