The Avett Brothers Playing Time Warner Pavilion in October

The Avett Brothers Playing Time Warner Pavilion in October

May, 20, 2010, by Jedidiah

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A couple of days ago The Avett Brothers announced a handful of upcoming shows, three of which are slated for the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. North Carolina fans cried “Anarchy in the NC!”, demanding the band stop through the Old North State on their way South. Then came the announcement that another BIG announcement would happen this week. Rumors started flying in the Raleigh area, fans hoping it would be the Capital City that grabbed the brothers and crew.

Some thought they might play the Downtown New Raleigh Bud Light Boutique Cree Convention Center Walt Amphitheater. Others thought that since the dates of the upcoming shows were so close to Hopscotch (their tour seemingly ending on 9/10) that the band might play a show during The Hopscotch Music Festival.

Nope, neither. The downtown amphitheater only holds 5,500 and that’s a little too small for them now. The brothers are going big this time, they will be playing their very first headlining gig at the Time Warner Pavilion on October 8th. No wonder they aren’t playing Austin City Limits this year. No openers or any ticket information is available yet.

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  • bmcclain
    05/20 01:29 PM

    obligatory “It should be at The Walt!” post.

  • Jake
    05/20 02:25 PM

    “It should be at The Walt!”

  • JohnBrownsBooty
    05/20 02:51 PM

    In the last 5 years, Raleigh’s gone from being the best place around to see an Avett show to being the worst.

  • JohnBrownsBooty
    05/20 02:54 PM

    promises to be the world’s largest Karaoke party…too bad.

    One used to be able to go to an Avett show and actually hear the band—not anymore.

    Glad that the boys have found such success; not glad that they seem to have attracted an increasingly annoying fanbase.

  • Bill M
    05/20 03:44 PM

    Why can’t this be at the Horniblow’s Amphitheater downtown?

  • kg
    05/20 03:49 PM

    whoa, when did time warner pick up the naming rights from bud light?

  • Ben
    05/20 04:33 PM

    Acoustic anything is going to suck at Walnut Creek.

  • gordon
    05/20 05:52 PM

    what the hell is the time warner pavilion??

  • bradley Cook
    05/20 06:35 PM

    Yes, John Brown, lets all get SUPER pissed about the fact that the Avett Brothers have succeeded to a degree that no one can actually fathom.  God forbid they outgrow the the Pourhouse, then the Cradle, then the Lincoln, then sell out Koka Booth (in advance).  What a waste, right?

    I mean, you are essentially stating that their business model is flawed because their fan base grew? You also realize that the downtown space that is opening up holds 2600 LESS people that Koka Booth? Does that make sense to you to put them there? Is there really a difference? At least you’ll hear them at Walnut Creek.

    Apparently the only growing outside the Avett’s fanbase is John Brown’s ego.  Hell, I bet they would love to play a more intimate venue too, but can we not just completely recognize that the supposed best place to see the Avetts years ago, is still the BEST POSSIBLE PLACE FOR THEM TO PLAY! They don’t draw a cool 18000 in Madison, WI.  Just because you can’t touch their sleeve, doesn’t mean this sucks.

    Get over yourself bro. 

    Way to go Avett Brothers!

  • Brian
    05/20 06:50 PM

    JBB just got GAYNGSraped.

  • TSnow27604
    05/20 07:06 PM

    Did almost everyone who comes to this site recently retire and become crotchety old people?  Geez!  So many people just bitch and moan!  I wish they were big enough to play Carter-Finley.  I’ll be there and I’ll be loving it!

  • JohnBrownsBooty
    05/21 08:08 AM

    right on Bradley…as I said: I’m glad for the brothers and all of their well-earned success.

    I’m not glad about what their shows have devolved into—regardless of size—by attracting crowds of selfish drunks who are convinced that the Bros are there as their personal Karaoke band and that their right to scream along with the music trumps anyone else’s right to hear it.

    Still: go and enjoy the show; I’m sure we’ll be glad not to run into each other there.

  • currincy
    05/21 02:46 PM

    “I’m sure we’ll be glad not to run into each other there [because I would kick the shit out of you if you dared to sing along to a band you like, you pedestrian asshole. Indie rock or die.]”

  • JohnBrownsBooty
    05/21 02:57 PM

    Not at all currin.

    Just sayin’ that he’ll enjoy being at the show as much as I’ll enjoy not being at the show. Win-win.


    I do find it odd, tho, how many fans of some bands (including the Avetts, unfortunately) think that their right to bellow along and obscure the music trumps the right of other paying customers to hear the band that they came to see (and not a squawking, drunk sorority girl). Gots nothing to do with indie, friend.

  • richardfoc
    05/24 12:00 PM

    Sounds like JBB would be much happier watching a concert DVD at home rather than actually being there live and enjoying the interaction between a band and it’s audience. To each their own I suppose.

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