The Busy Bee Goes Youtube

June, 23, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The Busy Bee on Wilmington Street has a great idea. Create their own Youtube channel and allow prospective clientele to see what’s going on at the Bee before even setting foot in the restaurant. On this week’s episode of BeeTV (yes Busy Bee, you can use this name….or maybe Beevision?) - Tap Beers and a new Gluten Free brew in bottle.

Now all they need is that bee pen that Bill Cosby had on Picture Pages.

Chris Powers, co-owner of the Busy Bee, discusses the beers on draft at the Busy Bee Cafe.

Meanwhile Santogold plays overhead….

Ashley Edwards, manager and bartender at the Busy Bee Cafe in Raleigh, NC, discusses the new gluten free beer option.

Meanwhile the Stokes play overhead…

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  • Andrea
    06/23 03:29 PM

    that would be Mortimer :-)

  • Marcus
    06/23 06:11 PM

    The Busy Bee is working hard to make sure Raleigh is no longer one of the most sober cities in the country.  One drink at a time. 

    Where else can you get a shot of espresso and a shot of petron without moving at all?

  • sasquatch
    06/23 07:08 PM

    me thinks certain management of the yuppie bee need to learn common courtesy of informing people they hire that they changed their mind instead of blowing them off ...rude,rude and more rude,shame on go pee in pond now good good day.

  • bb
    06/23 07:12 PM

    Mediocre food, strong smell of coffee, and so so staff really ruin what is a beautiful space with some nice brew choices.  As for the YouTube seems like they are trying a lil too hard….

  • All around Dtown
    06/23 07:49 PM

    Youtube is just for videos of people crashing grocery carts or cats playing piano? A restaurant taking advantage of multiple media outlets? These people must be crazy, trying to build a business? 

    Maybe they should shut off the lights and wait to be discovered?

  • sarah emily
    06/23 10:46 PM

    the truth is these guys were just bored, it was Father’s Day and Busy Bee was not on ol’ dear dad’s list - i was there when they filmed these and i’m glad that Santogold and The Stokes were picked up on the vids instead of the creepy Stephen Hawkins segment that was playing on the Science channel in the background over the coffee machines

  • paperclip
    06/25 01:09 AM


    Please be warned that Steven has, hopefully, accounted for at least 20% of your applied knowledge since you have been born (at least explained it). And is not just the creepy guy you observe when you feel as though your TV has given you some social effects to be clever about. I’m not a fan but my cosmos how can you be so tarted. Two puns there.

    I guess Cambridge is sooo stupid. I mean gosh how does my car go? I put exxon in it and the little dial tells me when to go back. Why does that car go WHHOOoooish when I am at exxon as it passes by? Must be because it’s a prius car. They use atoms to make that thing. Stuff is so cool. Jesus.

  • sally
    06/25 10:48 AM

    You mean Stephen Hawking?

  • sarah emily
    06/25 12:10 PM

    wow, blog-bullies can really put a gal in her place.  i feel at this moment the same as when a car powered by exxon (which i consciously don’t purchase from) has a driver with road-rage that gets angry at me for braking when they didn’t approve and then they hang out their window and taunt me with profanities, i feel crumby.  but i also feel bad for calling the esteemed Hawkings creepy; his mind has lead to some great discoveries and unviversal understanding, i bet he even has some interesting thoughts on beer which is what this thread is suppose to be about not my misspeak.

  • mandy
    07/02 04:25 PM

    This place is so crowded and the tables are full of people NOT eating, so if you want to eat you are out of luck….and there is no hostess so there is just a bunch of people standing in the doorway ready to race to the first seat that comes available.  It’s cute decor, but I am hesitant to try it again.

  • drools
    07/05 05:32 PM

    goodness! a successful business?! people waiting to grab a table?! atrocity!

  • old social worker
    07/06 05:06 PM

    At BB I had a tasty burger on a charred bun in a lovely space manned by disinterested staff.  I went back the next week for stale coffee and a gummy cupcake.  Enough.

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