The Field with Megafaun’s Brad Cook Granular Synthesis Set Thursday

The Field with Megafaun’s Brad Cook Granular Synthesis Set Thursday

October, 24, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Swedish musician Axel Willner makes kaleidoscopic dance music under the moniker The Field. All of the tracks that Willner creates have deep techno beats as their foundation and he constantly builds on top of this base, adding and subtracting layers to create tracks that are almost untouchable by any other electronic musician producing in the past 10 years. While creating most of these tracks in a studio on a laptop, he performs them live with a full band. Listening to a track by Willner can be an introspective musical journey at one moment and a full out dance party the next.

Willner's latest album Looping State of Mind is just as good as either of the two albums he's put out since 2007. My personal favorite is his first album From Here We Go Sublime and I've waited four long years to see WIllner perform live. I will get that chance on Thursday night at Kings Barcade. 

photo by Abby Nardo

Opening for The Field will be Megafaun's Brad Cook playing a Granular Synthesis set. Confused as to what Granular Synthesis is? You're not alone. Wikipedia can give you a full definition but when we talked to Cook earlier this afternoon, he told us a bit about his history with Granular Synthesis and what to expect on Thursday night. 

Cook was introduced to Granular Synthesis by Tom Wincek (the mastermind behind All Tiny Creatures but also plays with Collection of Colonies of Bees, Volcano Choir and his own similar electronic solo project Emotional Joystick) about 7 years ago. Cook dug into the technique and was inspired by contemporary electonic artists Greg Davis and Keith Fullerton Whitman who both create ambient soundscapes with computers. On stage, he plays with 2 midi controls and a laptop.

The last time Cook performed a Granular Synthesis set was three years ago at the IndyWeek's party in Durham where he played an epic 3 hour set. As we chatted, he told me that after finishing making the sweet potato with gingersnap crust that he was preparing, he planned on sitting down with his laptop for the next few days and create a plan for Thursday's show. But, plan is a very loose term with Cook and Granular Synthesis. "It will all be improvised on Thursday" Cook told me, "but, I have to remember a bunch of number values snice the intervals are all based on math". Don't expect another three hour set this time, as Cook told us "it will be a mellow and pretty 30 minute jam".  

Cook also told us about the last time he saw The Field perform. "Man, we were on tour with The Dodos in the Netherlands and he put on such an amazing show," Cook said.  We don't doubt that Thursday's The Field and Brad Cook Granular Synthesis shows could be one of the best one night performances of the year in Downtown Raleigh in 2011. Then again, M83 and Active Child play the same stage on Satruday night. What a week of great music in downtown.

p.s. Congrats to Mr. Brad Cook who got engaged this morning just before our conversation! We'll have more on this and what Cook is up to lately in an interview later this week.

The Field w/ Brad Cook

Thursday, October 27th

Kings Barcade


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    10/26 09:51 AM

    Wrote some c-sound code for a midi controlled granular and FM synth in Dr. Waschka’s electronic music class at NCSU.  Sounded like a swarm of bee’s.  Essentially its a bunch of tiny snippets of sound playing at once.

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